Petitions of Several Oneida and Tuscarora Indians

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PublicationLowrie, Walter and St. Clair Clarke, Matthew, eds. American State Papers: Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States. 38 Vols. Washington, DC: Gales and Seaton, 1832. (no image)
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Date February 26, 1791
Author Name Henry Knox (primary) Location: War Office
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Summary List of names of Indian Chiefs loyal/sincere to United States, followed by a denial of half pay for Indians, with reasoning.
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Related Persons/Groups Henry Knox; Indians; chiefs; Indian Nation; Oneida; Tuscarora; Cornelius VanSlyck; Commissioners for Indian Affairs; Hansjurie Tewahongrahkon; Teaghtahkette; James Wakaronsharane; John Olaawighton; Christian Thonigwenghsohawe; John Sagoharasie; Joseph Banaghsatirhou; Cornelius Okenyota; Cornelis Kakhktoton; Hansjoost Thasagwat; Sotyaneahoane; Totyaneahane; Nickolas Haghnassto; Louis Atayalawnghta; Captain Hangerry Tewahangahtan; attorney; widow; Margaret Oginghtronte; Elizabeth Shiutijo; Edward Johnson; General Sullivan; Captain Michael Connolly; British; House of Representatives; ;
Related Places War Office; New York; ;
Keywords petition; blank commissions; following named chiefs; returns; pay; account; killed; western expedition; deserted; commutation; half-pay; land; ;
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No. 18
Oneida and Tuscarora pages [undecipherable]
The Secretary for the department of War to whom were referred the petitions of several Oneida and Tuscarora Indians, by their attorney Cornelius Vanslyck
That on the 3d of April 1779, Congress: Resolved, That twelve blank Commissions be transmitted to the Commissioner of Indian affairs for the Northern department and that they or any two of them be empowered to fill them up with the names of faithful Chiefs of the Oneida's and Tuscarora's giving them such Ranks as the said Commissioners shall judge they merit the names and Ranks to be by the Commissioners reported to the Board of War."
That in pursuance of the said resolve the following named Chiefs, or Indians of said Nations were commissioned, and returns transmitted to the Board of War, Viz.
Hans jurie Tewahongrak hon Captain
Tewag htah kotte Captain
James Wakaron tharane Captain
John Olaawig hton Captain
Christian Tho nigweng hso harie Lieutenant
John Sagohashsia Lieutenant
Joseph Banag nsatie kon Lieutenant
Cornelius Okenyota Lieutenant
Cornelius Kakch toton Lieutenant
Kansjoost Thaosag wat Lieutenant
Toty anea honi Lieutenant
Nicholas Hag h nat sto Lieutenant
That the Commissions granted as aforesaid appear in the usual form of Commissions granted to Officers of the line of the Army, and specified that the individual before mentioned should take rank from the 6th June 1779
That on the 5th of June 1779 Congress resolved, "that one more blank Commission to sent to the Commissioners of Indian Affairs in the Northern department, to be filled up with the name of such faithful Chief, as they shall deem worth of that honor."
In pursuance of this act it appears a like Commission of Lieutenant Colonel in the Army of the United States was granted to Louis Atyalaronghta, giving the said Louis rank from the 15th June 1779.
That, on the 11th of February 1785, Congress resolved "That it be, and it is hereby, recommended to the state of New York, to settle with Captains Hanguey, Tewahangahtan, John Otaawighton, James Wakarantharaw, and Lieutenants Nicholas Hayhnatsho, Cornelius Hakiktotow, Cornelius Okniota, Indians of the Oneida and Tuscarora Nations, late officers in the service of the United States, and pay their accounts in like manner as the officers in the Line of that State."
In consequence of said act, the State of New York made good the depreciation of pay of the said Indians to the 1st August, 1780, and settled with them for their pay to the 1st January, 1782.
That of the Indians who were commissioned by the Acts of Congress of the 2r April and 5th June 1779, the following now appear by their Attorney, to claim the benefits arising from the said Commissions, Viz:
Louis Atayataronghta Lt. Colonel
Hansjusie Tewahongrahkon Captain
James Wakarontharan Captain
John Otaawighton Captain
John Sagoharasie by his widow Margaret Oginghtronte Lieutenant
Cornelius Hakiktotow Lieutenant
Hansjost Thaosagwat by his widow Elizabeth Shentigo Lieutenant
It appears by the evidence of Edward Johnson, that Henjost Thaosagwat, was killed on the western expedition under General Sullivan, and from verbal information obtained from Captain Michael Connolly, of the late New York line, it appears that John Sagoharasie, died sometime in 1781, and that Lieutenants Christian Thonigwenghsoharie, Joseph Banaghsatirhon, and Totyaneahani, deserted to, and exchanged their Commissions with, the British.
That Lieutenant Colonel Louis Atayaronghta, has been settled with by the United States for his Commutation, and for pay, to the same period that the State of New York settled with those under the Act aforesaid.
On this statement, the secretary of War remarks, that, however it may be supposed to have been the intention of Congress that the aforesaid Indians should receive the half-pay and the same rewards as the officers of the late Army, that the claim is now precluded by the Resolves of Limitation, excepting as to the lands to which it appears they are entitled, and which is conceived they may receive without any Act of Congress.
All which is humbly submitted to the House of Representatives,
War Office, February 26th, 1791
H. Knox, Secretary of War