Request for the Wyandot Nation to Join the U.S. in War Against the Shawnee

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Date September 19, 1790
Author Name Arthur St. Clair (primary)
Recipient Name Chiefs of the Wyandots (primary)
Summary Refers to an earlier meeting between the U.S. and several Indian tribes at Muskingum Falls [Ohio region], which apparently aimed at peace between the Indian tribes. Now St. Clair accuses the Shawnees & Miamis of being "set to do evil;" he calls upon the Wyandot to honor their alliance with the U.S. and declare war on the Shawnee. Informs them that the bearer of the message has a letter to the commander at Detroit, and asks them to see that he gets there.
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Related Persons/Groups Arthur St. Clair; Chiefs and Warriors of the Wyandot; Wyandot; Shawanesse; Miami; armies; Commanding Officer; ;
Related Places Muskingham; Detroit; North West Territory; ;
Keywords mischief; friendship; safe guard; letter; string of whole wampum; ;
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To the Chiefs & Warriors of the Wyandot Nation.
To the Chiefs and Warriors of the Wyandot Nation
When we parted last at Muskongham you promised to send to the Shawanese and Misamies and advise them to Peace, and told us of they would not hearkin to you that we must whip them.
Brothers Ever since I saw you I have been trying to accomplish the good Work of Peace with all Nations, but the Shawanese and Miamies are entirely foolish and fully set to do Evil.
Brothers We declared to each other that we would have but one Heart and one Mind, and would inform each other of every thing that was going forward-- The United States my Brothers have not changed their sentiments toward the Wyandots-- They love them because like themselves they love Peace and are not afraid of War.
Brothers The Shawanese must be whipped-- They have at last carried their Mischiefs so far that the United States can bear them no longer-- Be not you afraid then when you hear of Armies marching not suppose that they are designed to do you any Injury-- They are not. -- They will do no harm to
any that hold fast the Chain of Freindship--one end of that chain is in the hands of the Wyandots and the other in those of the United States--keep fast hold your End and they will not let go theirs, and between us we will keep it bright and clean, and it will be a safe Guard and a defence to you, by Night and by day against every harm.
Remember that I told you my Brothers if we were obliged to whip the Shawanese it would come upon them like a consuming Fire and the sparks might burn yourselves if you were not careful to prevent them--take care then and keep your young Men at Home let them not go near the Shawanese least Each come upon both: trust to what I say to you, I do not speak with a double tongue, but tell you the truth from the bottom of my Heart-- If you hold fast the Chain of Freinship in truth and love sincerity, the United States will keep Mischief far from your Borders.
BrothersThe Gentleman who will deliver you this Message corries a token from me to the [undecipherable} commanding officer at Detroit--make the Path straight before him, and bring him on his way
I am Brothersyour assured FreindAr. St. Clair Governor of the Territory of the United States north west of the Ohio
[probably the token mentioned] a thong of whole Wampum
from Muskingham Septr 19th 1790