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Minutes taken from General McGillivray respecting the Creeks

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CollectionPierpont Morgan Library: Henry Knox Papers view image
Document Information
Date August 1790
Author Name Henry Knox (primary)
Recipient Name [not available]
Summary Document, minutes taken from McGillivray re Creek nation; discusses Indians and Indian warfare; alludes to Queen Anne's War, War of Spanish Succession; alludes to King William's War, War of the League of Augsburg.
Document Format Copy of document
Document Notes This document is written in the hand of Knox
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Related Persons/Groups Secretary at War; General Oglethorpe; Henry Knox;
Related Places Johns River; Georgia; Chalahouce River; Alabama River; ;
Keywords Upper Creeks were frequently engaged in war with the Choctaws and Chickasaws; Tallisee; Oakfulkies; white lieutenant; went off before the papers were signed; town Creeks had had frequent wars with the Appalachian Indians; judicious measures; in the war what ensued between the Spaniards and the English; essential services; after the destruction of the Taenfahs and the settlement of the Mobile; French made successful entries to the Muscoghies and made treates of friendship with them; [treaties]; under the idea of trade; politic measures gave the french; after the arrival of the English in Georgia; Chehaws; tribe; Taenfahs; taken refuge in their nation; on being refused a war ensued in what the Taenfahs were wasted and greatly reduced in number; Cusstahs and cowetas; Oakmulgees; Muscoghies; [Muskhogea]; near the Muscoghies lived the Alabamas with whom there was a difference; latter being the weakest were compelled to move with all their families; who collected their warriors in considerable number and pursued the Alabamas; after having descended the river a considerable distance; report they gave of the goodness of the treaty; determined to remove thither; enemies should be delivered up; Choctaws; to the westward; numerous nation about 180 miles lower down on the Alabama river; ;
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