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Secret articles of US/Creek Treaty of 07/04/1790.

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CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Miscellaneous File, RG94 view image
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Miscellaneous File, RG94 view image
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Date August 7, 1790
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Summary This treaty discusses the continuance of U.S. trade with the Creek Nation in the event of war with Spain. McGillivray is appointed U.S. agent to the Creek Nation. U.S. agrees to educate and clothe a number of Creek children not to exceed four.
Document Format Letterbook
Document Notes This large document was scanned in four parts and stitched together electronically.
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Related Persons/Groups Henry Knox; Alexander McGillivary; George Washington; Joseph Allen Smith; Creeks; Semanoles; Seminoles; Indian Nation; agent; Oakfuskee; chief; Tulissee; king; Tuckabutenees; Cowetas; Micafukee; Spanish; commissioner; agent; brigadier general; Senate; ;
Related Places city of New York; New York; Spain; ;
Keywords treaty; clothing; goods; supplies; ;
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George Washington President o[f]
To all to whom these Presents shall come. Greetin[gs]
America and the Creek nation of Indians made and concluded on the Seventh day of the [missing text] words following
Secret Articles of the Treaty of peace and friendship made and concluded on [missing text] or the other part in the City of New York, on this Seventh day of August, one thousand [missing text]
Article 1st - The commerce necessary for the Creek nation shall be carried on through the ports and by the citizens of the United States, if substantial and effectual arrangements shall be made for that purpose by the United States, as or before the first day of August one thousand seven hundred and ninety two - In the mean time, the said commerce may be carried on through its present channels and according to its present regulations.
And whereas the trade of the said Creek nation is now carried on wholly or principally through the territories of Spain and obstructions thereto may happen by war on prohibitions of the Spanish government:
it is therefore agreed between the said parties that in the event of any such obstructions happening it shall be lawful for such persons as the President of the United States shall designate to introduce into and transport through the territories of the United States to the country of the said Creek nation any quantity of goods wares and merchandize not exceeding in value in any one year Sixty thousand dollars, and that free from any duties or impositions whatsoever, but subject to such regulations for guarding against abuse, as the United States shall judge necessary: which privilege shall continue as long as such obstructions shall continue.
Article 2nd - The United States also agree to allow to each of the great medal chiefs herein after named a commission, a great medal with proper ornaments, and each one hundred dollars annually for themselves and the other beloved men of their towns
In Witness of all and every thing herein determ* Alexander McGillivray in behalf of himself [missing text] and their hands and seals, at the place and on the [missing text]
In behalf of the United States
H Knox Secy of War and Sole Commissioner for treaty with the Creek

Done in the presence of
R Morris Chief Justice of the Utd States New York
Marinus Willett
Joseph Allen Smith
Fleury Izard
Now Know ye That I having seen and considered Said Secret articles of the said treaty do by and with the advice and consent of the United States accept ratify and confirm the same, and every article and clause thereof In Testimony whereof I have caused the Seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed and Signed the Same with my hand.
Given at the City of New York the Thirteenth day of August in the year of our lord, One Thousand Seven hundred and ninety, and year of the Sovereignty and independence of the United States
By the Command of the President of the United States of America
By the President
Tho Jeffferson
Secretary for the department of War
Of the United States of America.

ing: Whereas the treaty of peace and friendship, between the United States of [missing text] the present month of August, Contains certain Secret articles, which are in the form and
behalf of the United States of America on the one part, and the Creek nation of Indians
seven hundred and ninety.
respectively - to wit -
Of the Upper Creeks { The Chiefs of Oakfuskers, Tuckabatchees, and the present Talisee King of the half-way house.
Of the lower Creeks { The Chiefs of the Cusitahs and Cowetas - And -
Of the Semanolees { The Chief of Micasukee
Article 3rd - In order to effect a consolidation of the interests of the United States and the Creek nation, it is hereby stipulated that Alexander McGillivray the beloved Chief of the said nation shall also be constituted the Agent of the United States in the said nation with the rank of Brigadier General and the pay of one thousand two hundred dollars per annum on his taking the usual oaths required by law.
Article 4th - And the said Alexander McGillivray hereby stipulates to use his highest exertions to endeavor to cultivate the firmest friendship between the United States and the said Creek nation.
Article 5th - The United States agree to educate and clothe such of the Creek youth as shall be agreed upon, not exceeding four in number at any one time.
Article 6th - These secret articles shall take effect an be obligatory on the contracting parties as soon as the same shall have been ratified by the President of the United States with the advice and consent of the Senate of the United States.
ined between the United States of America and the Creek nation, the parties have hereunto set [missing text] day and year above written
In behalf of himself and the Creek Nation.
Alex. McGillivray