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Foster request to Henley to forward letter he has written to the Secretary of War

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CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Post Revolutionary War Papers, RG94 view image
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Post Revolutionary War Papers, RG94 view image
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Date July 2, 1797
Author Name Anthony Foster (primary) Location: Nashville
Recipient Name David Henley (primary) Location: Knoxville
Summary Foster asks Henley to forward the letter he has written to the Secretary of War on the subject of his contract with the government to provide supplies for the Indians. Foster worries that, if supplies are not available, the Indians will think that the government has forsaken them. He assures Henley of the sincerity of his concern in this matter.
Document Format Autograph Letter Signed
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Related Persons/Groups Anthony Foster: Col. David Henley; Secretary of War; Indians; Colonel Hawkins; Gen. Robertson;
Related Places Nashville; Knoxville;
Keywords my contract with government for furnishing the Indians supplies; your province; any business public or private; ;
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Colonel David Henley
Mr Maclin

July 2nd 1787
Anthony Foster
Nashville July 2nd, 1787
I have wrote to the Secretary of War
on the Subject of my contract, with Government
for furnishing, the Indians (supplies), who resort
to this place of which I inclose you a copy
I received a letter a few days ago from
Colonel Hawkins, advising me to adress the
Secretary on that head — I Should be much
oblige to you to forward, as early as possible
said letter — I feel consious, if it comes within
your province, that you will accommodate me.
Genl. Robertson being discontinued, would place
the Indians, in an awkward situation, provided
they were to come here on, any business public of
private, no person to hear theym, or were give them
provisions — it would induce them to believe
we were about to forsake them — you may
laugh, & think I have an intreast, by being so
warm towards them, though it is a fact what I
have stated above relative to them —
I hope to hear from you shortly
Your very Huml Svt,
A Foster
July 1st 1797.
Anthony Foster
Nash—Ville July 1st 1797

Colo. Hawkins having lately
annull'd Genl. Robertsons appointment as superindendant
of Indian affairs for the District of
Mero, on account of an act of Congress making
in necessary that Agents should reside in the
Nation, it becomes necessary that I should
address you on a subject, in which it must appear I am
By Contract with the late Secretary
of war, Mr Pickering, I engaged to furnish
the Indians with such supplies as the superintendant
might think necessary.
The Contract (a copy of which is enclos'd)
Specifies that the Contract shall continue in
force untill I shall on the one part of the Secretary
of the Treasury of of war on the other shall give notice
one to the other that the same is to be discontinued —
The intention of this clause was understood by me
as a safety to the Contractor with regard to laying in
such supplies as might be wanting for the Indians —
Many of those Goods are not usually wanted by the
Country people, the consequence of which it would be if
the Contract were disolv'd with out some notice, that the
Goods would lye on my hands without being able to
sell — Upon the faith of the Contract Sir I laid
in a quantity of Goods for the Indians last winter a
great part of which how remain on hand without a
probability of selling them — No Goods can issue without
an order and since there is no superintendant
all business must stop — supposing Colo. Hawkins
not to have been acquainted with the tenor of my
Contract with Government— I have written him
upon the subject, In answer he advised me to address
the secretary of war upon the occasion — As it
would be difficult to prevent the Indians from
coming here and passing through this place, on
public business it is more than probable some supplies
will still be wanting untill an Agent and Store
Keeper is appointed in the Nation — This circumstance
together with the confidence I have in the Contract
induces me to hope that the Government will not see
suffer — but will now take the Goods I now have
on hand —
Suffer me to request Sir that you
will do me the honor to give me information on
the subject —
I am sir with the most
profound respect yr Obet
Anthy: Foster
The Honble
James McHenry
Secretary of War