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Dimensions and Sizes of Materials for Building a Frigate of 44 guns.

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CollectionPeabody Essex Museum: Josiah Fox (1763 - 1847) Letterbook Papers (no image)
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Summary Document, describes material dimensions for a 44 Gun Frigate.
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Keywords great number of knives and forks; yard; clerk; urgency of the business; all applications to be made in the afternoon; flour; inspected agreeable to the laws of the country; meal; kiln dry'e; standards knees; gun deck lodging knees; hanging knees; spirkiting; filling in plank; mast comings; long cornings; Stemson; apron; leaden scuppers; counter timbers; gallery door; lower part of the window; red cedar; freenails; best heart locust; dimensions and sizes of materials for building a frigate of 44 guns; mast comings; long comings; cable bitts; cathead; trunails; length of the gun deck from the rabit of the stern to port; length of keel for tonage allowing 3/5 of beam; rabit of the stern from the breadth line; strikes on the keel to the rabit of the port; moulded breadth of beam in the extream part of the ship; upper edge of the second wale; inches; length of the wing transom above the rabbit of the keel; lower deck; top side tumbles home amidships at the under part of the midship's plankshear; covering board; plank or lower deck beams; gun deck plank; upper deck plank; waist amidships; plank shear; lower edge of the wale; depth in the hold taken from the streak next the limber streak; heigth of pontcills on the quarter deck and forecastle; ports on the gun deck; up and down; fore and aft; distance between the ports; bridle or bow port; square line above the rabbit of the keel; stern; dead raising; beam for the breadth of floor; room and space; breadth line amidships; quarter deck and forecastle drifts; flush drifts; strings or first moulding streak above the ports; good sound white oak; clear of the main and fore steps; midships; scarphs all to be tabled; bolted with five bolts; floor and keelson bolts are drove and riveted; main or foremast steps; hooked and jogled into the lower one; bolts through every timber and one in every cross chock; stem; stem post; piece will work below; aft side at the keel to be fitted for a crooked headed rudder; inner post; Night heads; knightheads; run down below the lower deck breast hook; bow timbers; heel well secured into the deadwood; Hause holes; wing transom; lower deck transom moulded as broad as conveniently can be had for the better securing the ends of the deck plank; fashion pieces; dead wood; secure the scarph of the stem and keel together; garboard streaks; dead wood to be tarred and papered with good thick substantial barred sheathing paper in order to prevent the ship from sinking if she should lose her keel; floor and raising timbers; bottled through the keel; give room on the other side for the keelson bolts; starboard side; mizenmast; foremast; timbers-framed; fathooks; main wales; black streake; metered down to a level in order to carry the water out of the seam; running plank in the bottom; great care must be taken to level both edges of the plank; caulk; bilge streaks; running ceiling plank; lower deck clamps; steps of masts; foresteps to be placed between 2 breast hooks; mizen steps to be two crotchets, the arms of which ought to run up as high as possible; pillars or stantions; Bacast hooks; transom riders; diagonal riders; shorter ones to complete the pair; iron bolts; copper bolts; best heart pitch pine; lodging knees; dagger knees; joggle down; lower deck transom knees; carlings; ledges; mast carlings; mizen carlings; kneed in the same manner; gun deck carlings; spur beam; main hatch; solid waterways; streaks on each side fitted as above; ;
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