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General Return of Quartermaster's Stores

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Source Name Image(s)
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Post Revolutionary War Papers, RG94 view image
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Post Revolutionary War Papers, RG94 view image
Document Information
Date May 1795
Author Name George Fleming (primary) Location: West Point
Recipient Name Samuel Hodgdon (primary) Location: Philadelphia
Summary Return of all the Public Property belonging to the Quarter Master's Department at West Point taken for May 1795.
Document Format Copy of Signed Document
Document Notes Based on content, recipient is believed to be Samuel Hodgdon.
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Related Persons/Groups Major George Fleming; Quarter Masters Department; Samuel Hodgdon; Ensign Daniel Bissell; Frederick Sprig; ;
Related Places West Point; ;
Keywords return; public property; wanting repairs; riding saddles; Hungarian saddles; wagon and cart saddles; saddle trees; pairs of holsters; blind bridles; bridle bits; bridle rings; collars; Hames; back bands; belly bands; breech bands; iron back bands; breast bands; cruppers; tack; pack saddle harness; rope belly band; snaffle bridles; spurs; collar rings; colar hooks; pack saddles; pack saddle straps; stirrups; stirrup irons; curry combs; saddle rings; harness rings; brass saddle buckles; metal saddle buckles; bridle bosses; painted canvas saddle cloths; artillery trace chains; trace chains; breast chains; tongue chains; lock chains; stay chains; streech chains; lug chains; halter chains; ox chains; old chains; double whipple trees; single whipple trees; whipple tree books; carriage spokes; marking irons; dovetail hinges; chest hinges; sheep shears; currier knives; washers; door locks; trunk and chest locks; calipers; callipers; marlinspikes; chalk lines; small gimbletts; gimlets; brass nails; large fish hooks; shoemakers knives; shoemakers tacks; pegging awls; sail needles; palms; girt web; ink powder; hooks; eyes; blank books; sandpaper; quires; blank returns; large writing paper; hair knapsacks; linen knapsacks; linen knapsacks of inferior quality; linen haversacks; linen haversacks of inferior quality; sandbags; wooden bowls; wooden plates; lignum vitae; gridirons; melting pots; melting ladles; plates for gin blocks; cast iron stoves; stove plates; cannon stoves; cast andirons; hammers; mauls; masons trowels; whet stones; rag stones; grind stones; grind stone cranks; painters tone muller; spanish brown; yellow ocher; yellow ocher; hand saws; wood saws; keyhole saws; frows; grubbing hoes; picks; spades; shovels; spoke sheaves; spoke sheave irons; hollow sheaves; breast bit irons; coopers axes; coopers adzes; coopers crows; coopers truss hoops; pincers; blacksmiths tools; tinmans tools; turners tools; saddlers tools; nailors stakes; bellows; tongs; blacksmith sledges; hand hammers; floats; anvils; vices; vises; beek irons; mandrills; bellows plates; buttresses; shoeing hammers; caulking irons; ship scrapers; cutting boxes; cutting knives; face irons; keys; bolts; pitchforks; sickles; gauges; squares; bevels; bung boxes; tap boxes; sand rifels; brimstone; spikes; nails; boat nails; staples; wire; apothecary mortar; block hooks and thimbles; clevesses; brill hooks; iron dogs; scales; steelyards; scale beams; scale bottoms; miners augers; miners hammers; miners priming wires; miners scrapers; iron pots; lanthorns; lanterns; speaking trumpes; spyglasses; spy glasses; pump boxes; flag staffs; wooden canteens; camp kettle; leather portmanteaus; loops; rods; iron crancks for chimneys; hinges; hooks; crowbars; shovel handles; hand spikes; sole leather; soal leather; grain riddles; lathering hammers; coat hooks; corks; blocks; bar iron; traveling forge plates; tackle rope; twine; weights; ox shoes; ox yokes; staples; goosenecks; sleighs; ox carts; wooden axletrees; linchpins; jack screws; tar buckets; fetters; horses; cart wagons; gun carriage boxes; clouts; hub hoops; casks of tin; broad axes; narrow aces; falling aces; scythes; heel rings; sneads; nibs; drawing knives; steels; flesh forks; marques; horsemens tents; wall tents; common tents; hospital tents; tents; marque poles; marque pole balls; marque pole hooks; marque pole rings; marque buttons; tent poles; tent pole rings; screw taps; screw plates; wood screws; chisels gouges; augers; planes; plains; plain irons; jointer stockers; flour; whip saws; crosscut saws; handles; iron weights; lead weights; brass weights; metal buttons; hay rakes; medicine chests; barges; boats; scows; oars; water engine; buildings; nailors bellows; ;
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