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Regulations for Delivery and Distribution of Certain Supplies

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CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Estimate Book, Saml. Hodgdon, RG45 view image
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Author Name Samuel Hodgdon
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Summary Regulations for the delivery and distribution of fuel, straw, forage, and stationery, describing the amount of each item which various ranks of the military are to receive.
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Related Persons/Groups lieutenant colonel; major; commanding officer; officer; recruiting party; musicians; non-commissioned officers; privates; sick; surgeon; servants; batmen; washer women; company; adjutants; Quarter Master; surgeon's mate; Judge Advocates; president; ;
Related Places barracks; hospital; garrison; ;
Keywords delivery; distribution; fuel; forage; stationery; straw; wood; climate; bunk; palliass; bedding; oats; corn; subsistence; quire of paper; wafers; quills; courts martial; requisitions; orderly books; forms; ;
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The following regulations are to be strictly ob

served in the delivery and distribution of Fuel, Straw

Forage & Stationary.


1st. To every Lieutenant Colonel, and Major, is allowed one

cord, and an half cords of wood, per month, from the first

of October, to the first day of April in every year.

2d. To every Commanding Officer of a Garrison, one Cord, and an

half cords, per month during the said period.

3d. To every officer, commanding a recruiting party, one Cord

of wood, per month, during the same period.

4th To every other commissioned officer, one Cords per month

during the same period.

5th To every eight, non-commissioned Officers, Musicians,

and privates, in Barracks, or otherwise, one Cord of wood

per month, during the same period.

6th. To a Garrison Barracks Guard, the allowance of wood

is to be regulated by the requisitions of the Commandant

of the Garrison.

7th. To Officers, and Soldiers, half the aforesaid allowance

of woods, from the first day of April to the first day of

October, in every year.

8th. To the sick in Hospital, the allowance of woods is
be regulated by the Surgeon.

9th. As a smaller quantity of Fuel may suffice for the

Garrisons and Recruiting parties, to the Southward, than

is ordered by these regulations, their commandants are

enjoined to regulate the demands for tis article by the



One tray of straw, weighing 36 lbs. is allowed for each [undecipherable]

[undecipherable], or Bunk for two men. At the expiration of eighteen

days, each [undecipherable but ends with ias] is to be refreshed with eight pounds.

At the expiration of thirtytwo days, the whole shall be

removed, and a fresh bedding of one tray to be fur

-nished, and so on every succeeding period of sixteen

or thirtytwo days.

2d. The same quantity of Straw, is allowed for servants, or

Batmen, not Soldiers, and for Washer-Women, attached to

each Company in the proportion of one Washer-Woman

to every Seventeen non Commissioned Officers and privates.

3d. The Straw is to be changed for the Sick in the

Hospital as often as may be deemed necessary; this

necessity to be determined by the Surgeon or Surgeons

mate in the absence of the Surgeon.


The rations of Hay to be regulated by the facility

or practicability of obtaining it, and not to be less than

fourteen pounds, nor more than eighteen pounds; In the former case

twelve quarts of oats, or seven quarts of corn to be allowed.

In the latter, nine quarts of oats, or six quarts of corn per

day: If no Hay, Corn blades, or other substitute can be

[processed], then the allowance of grain to be increased.


1st. To each Company one quire of paper per month.

To each Adjutant one quire per month

To each Quarter Master, one quire per month

To the Commander in chief, and General officers, as

occasion may require.

To every two quires of paper delivered as aforesaid, one box

of Wafers, and ten quills.

To the Hospitals, according to their respective wants,

to be drawn for,, by the Surgeon General, or Surgeon, of

each Hospital.

2d. Allowances for Courts Martial, to be issued on the

returns of the Judge Advocates, signed by the President.

3d. Requisitions for Company, and Orderly Books, forms of

returns [undecipherable] for the use of Regiments, or Garrisons to be

signed by Quarter Masters of Regiments, or Garrison Quarter

masters, and countersigned by he Commandants of the respective Regiments, or Garrisons.

4th Requisitions for Wood or Straux must state the sum, [undecipherable] and

Rank of the Officers__ the number of non Commissioned

officers and privates, servants, and Batmen

not soldiers, and of Washer-Women for whom demand

and be certified by the Commandant of the Regiment

Garrison or Recruiting party.

5th. No Wood, or Straw, shall be drawn for either

officers, or Soldiers who are absent on furlough, nor any

allowance made for the same.

Add. Fuel

To every surgeon of a Regiment one Cord of wood per month,

during the above period

To every Surgeons Mate, one half Cord of wood per

month, during the above period.

Add. Stationary

To the officers of each Company one quire per month

To each Surgeon, one quire of paper per month

To each Surgeons Mate, half a quire per month.

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