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Request for pay for Captain James Wilson

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CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Ltrs Sent, J Howell, Comm. Accounts, RG93 view image
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Date December 6, 1776
Author Name Joseph Howell (primary)
Recipient Name General William Irvine (primary)
Summary The author examines the request for pay for Captain James Wilson and, after a thorough examination of the records, finds the request unwarranted. Indeed, Wilson may have been given more pay than was due him.
Document Format Author's Letterbook Copy
Document Notes Contains Pay Orders from Irvine to Mease and Caldwell 12/06/1776, 02/01/1776, 04/04/1776
Content Notes [not available]
Related Persons/Groups William Irvine; Joseph Howell; Mease Caldwell; Capt. James Willson; General Thompson; 1st, 2d, 4th & 6th Regiment; Officer; Non-Commissioned Officers; Privates of the 6th Regiment; Jos. Trumbull; Mr. Murray, Commissary of Prisoners at Quebec; Colonel Hartly; prisoners commencing 1st May and ending Oct. 1, 1776;
Related Places Quebec;
Keywords the Originals lodged in this office; two months pay; 5 months pay of the officers; 3 months pay of the non-commissioned officers and privates; examination of the accounts; receipts of Colonel Hartley; strict examination; credit given on the abstracts of those officers; the day of his exchange; the foregoing state of facts; Treasury of the United States; Board of Sundry Officers; ;
Key Phrases If Capt. Wilson is only to pay to the day of his exchange the foregoing state of facts clearly proves that more money has been drawn from the Treasury of the United States than was due him for pay

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Carlisle December 6th 1776
Please to pay Captain James Willson two months pay for me from the 1 of October to the first of December [Undecipherable]
Col 2 months _ 37.10
Your Humble Serv
Capt 2 d[Undecipherable]...20
Wm Irvine Col. 6. Pen a. Reg.
Mefs. Mease & Caldwell,
Philadelphia December 10th 1776, Received from Mease & Caldwell fify seven pounds ten shillings in part pay of Colonel Irvine Hmyself.
James A Willson [Undecipherable]
[Inclosed] 6th. P.B -
Indorsed This is to certify that General Thompson received from Mease and Caldwell the pay due to, Colonel William Irvine & Captain James Willson of the 6th. Pennsylvania Battalion to the first day of October last for Mease & Caldwell
Dec. 9th 1776, Voucher No 4587
Robert M Knight
Gentlemen Please to pay Captain James Willsonthree hundred
and six dollars and 2/3 on account of his and my own pay as yet unsettled and you'll oblige.
Gentlemen your humble servant
Wm Irvine Coll
7. P.B
[undecipherable] Mease V Caldivell
February 8 1777
Received from Mease V Caldivell payment of the above voucher no 4588 by James Willson.
I will be much obliged to you if you will draw my pay from the first of February last till the time you leave Philadelphia - I am Sir yr humble serv
Wm Irvine Col
7. P Ry
To Capt James Willson
voucher no 4508 Carlisle April 4th 1777
Philadelphia April 16th 1777
Received from Mease V Caldivell two hundred and thirty Dollars in part of pay due Col Irvine and myself - both of the 7th Pen Ry l
James A Willson
[All the rest of the document is undecipherable]
I have subjoined three orders given by you on Mease Haldwell in favor of Captain James Willson with the receipts [undecipherable] taken from the originals lodged in this office by the first it appears by a note on the original that Captain Willson received two months pay. The two latter does not [undecipherable] what part was received as his proportion of pay. General Thompson received of Mease Haldwell the sum of 1344,17.6 for pay of the officers non commissioned and privates of the 1st,2nd, 4th and 6th Regiment who had been prisoners commencing 1st May and ending [undecipherable] 1. 1776 of this sum he paid into your hands 825.5 for 5 months pay of the officers and 3 months pay of the non commissioned Officers and Privates of the 6th Reg. I find on examination of the accounts of Jon A Turnbull P. Mr G of the [undecipherable] army that the pay of the officers from the 1 May to 1 October has been twice drawn from the United States it appearing by receipts of Colonel Hartle bearing date the 7th November following he recd of Mr Turnbull pay of the Regiment for that period and on a strict examination I do not find any credit given on the abstracts for those officers
who were prisoners if Capt Willson is only entitled to pay to the day of his exhange the foregoing state of facts clearly proves that more money has been drawn from the treasury of the United States than was due him for paying Mr Murray commissary of prisoners at Quebec makes a charge for the board of sundry officers but as he does not particularies their names I cannot ascertain whether Capt Willson was of the number (undecipherable).
You will please to observe that your own pay has also been twice drawn from this [undecipherable] May to the 10th October 1776 a question arises whether the officers have received their pay of Colonel Hartly it will be thankfully received.
Having a much larger number of papers to examine than I had reason to expect will I flatter mysef apologise for my not giving you information yesterday as was promised by [undecipherable] Your &c

J E Howell Jr

General Wm Irvine