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Report of the Committee Appointed to Prepare a Bill for Regulating Grants of Land

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Date January 19, 1801
Author Name Congress of the United States (primary)
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Summary Details of types of relief allocated to Canadian refugees in United States, according to recommendations from the Secretaries of the War and the Treasury and altered by the committee.
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Related Persons/Groups Congressional committee; Canadians; refugees; Congress; committee; Secretary of War; Secretary of the Treasury; Comptroller of the Treasury; refugees from Canada and Nova Scotia; claimants; L F Delesdernier; John Delesdernier; heirs of James Boyd; Martha Walker, widow of Thomas Walker; John Edgar; Seth Harding; Jonathan Eddy; Colonel James Livingston; Parker Clark; John Allan; heirs of John Dodge; Thomas Faulkner; Edward Faulkner; David Gay; Martin Brooks; Lieutenant Colonel Bradford; Noah Miller; Joshua Lamb; Atwood Fales; John Starr; William How; Ebenezer Gardner; John McGown; Jonas C Minot; P Francis Cazeau; heirs of Simon Chester; Jacob Vander Heyden; John Livingston; James Crawford; Isaac Danks; Major B Von Heer; Benjmain Thomson; Joseph Bindon; Joseph Levittre; Lieutenant William Maxwell; Jonathan De Mercier; James Price; Seth Noble; John Halsted; David Jenks; Ambrose Cole; James Cole; Adam Johnson; James Duggan; Daniel Earl Junior; John Paskel; Edward Chinn; Joseph Cone; John Torrey; Samuel Fales; House of Representatives; Colonel JOhn Allan; ;
Related Places Canada; Nova Scotia; River St. Croix; ;
Keywords relief; land grant; provisions of the act; claims; suspended for want of sufficient proofs; losses or sufferings; indigent circumstances; American cause; waited twenty years; alterations; the war; property; deprived of his senses; meritorious and useful officer; bill; report; ;
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Report Mr. New from the Committee appointed on the 28th of November 1800 to prepare and bring in a bill for regulating the grants of land, appropriated for the refugees from the British Provinces of Canada and Nova Scotia.
19th January 1801.
Committed to a committee of the whole House on Wednesday next.
Bill reported same day.
26th January 1801.
Ordered to be engrossed.
[illegible] [illegible]
The Committee to whom was referred the report of the Secretary of War, Secretary and Comptroller of the Treasury, on the subject of the refugees from Canada and Nova Scotia.
That 73 persons have presented claims as entitled to relief under the provisions of the act of April 1798.__That 18 claims have been disallowed, 6 are suspended for want of sufficient proofs, and 49 have been allowed. In four special cases, the Secretaries and Comptroller recommend an allowance of 2,000 acres. The 45 other claimants have been arranged in five classes, allowing to those of the first class, five in number, 1,000 acres each; to those of the second class, fifteen in number, 750 acres each; to those of the third class, fourteen in number, 500 acres each; to those of the fourth class, ten in number, 250 acres each; and to the only claimant of the fifth class 100 acres; making altogether and including the special cases 33,500 acres. The six suspended cases, if allowed, would not increase the quantity of land to 40,000 acres.
The Committee considering that the whole amount of claims falls short of what was generally expected; that
that all the claimants are original holders, that their losses or sufferings have been considerable, that the greater number are now and have been for many years in indigent circumstances, and that not only they have been thus reduced, on account of their having joined the American cause, but have waited twenty years for a compensation, recommend that there should be allowed, to those of the fourth class half a section or 320 acres instead of 250; and to others in the same proportion, which will make a difference of only 4,740 acres.
On the particular cases, to committee propose only two alterations.
The first relates to the case of L.F. Delesdernier, a Nova Scotia refugee, who is placed in the third class, at the rate of 500 acres. The claim for his deceased brother John, who enlisted in the army of the United States, and served to the end of the war, and that of his father and mother have been disallowed. The last is disallowed because "it is not proved that they were obliged to leave Nova Scotia, nor that they came hither with intent to aid the United States." Although it was proper to have rejected the claim for want of that proof, yet as it appears that on account of their having left Nova Scotia, during the war, and joining their son, they lost their property, and have ever since been supported by that son
son, (they being both past 70 and the father having been deprived of his senses for a number of years) this appeared to the committee a sufficient reason for raising the son, who was a meritorious and useful officer during the war, from the third to the second class.
The other case is that of the heirs of James Boyd, whose claim in considered by the Secretaries and Comptroller as one of the specific cases, and to whom they have allowed 2,000 acres. The Secretaries and Comptroller state that "James Boyd, lost 50,000 acres of land, on which were some improvements on the east side of what is now know the River St. Croix." One of the heirs who attends to the business, considering the compensation as altogether inadequate has requested that the claim should not be included among those now reported on, rather choosing that it should be referred with the other suspended cases to the next session of Congress, when there will be time to investigate its merits. The Committee recommend a compliance with his request.
With those alterations, adopting in every other respect the report of the Secretaries and Comptroller, the 3rd section of the bill reported by the Committee, on the subject of the Nova Scotia, and Canada refugees will stand as follows,__
That the following persons be entitled &c. viz. Martha Walker, Widow of Thomas Walker, John Edgar and Seth Harding
Harding respectively, 2.440 acres each, Jonathan Eddy, Colonel James Livingston, Parker Clark, and Jon Allan respectively 1.280 acres each, and the heirs of John Dodge, 1,280 acres.
Thomas Faulkner, Edward Faulkner, David Gay, Martin Brooks, lieut. colonel Bradford, Noah Miller, Joshua Lamb, Atwood Fales, John Starr, William How, Ebenezer Gardner Lewis F. Delesdernier, John McGown, Jonas C. Minot, and P. Francis Cazeau respectively, nine hundred and sixty acres each, and the heirs of Simon Chester, nine hundred and sixty acres.
Jacob Vander Heyden, John Livingston, James Crawford, Isaac Danks, major B. Von Heer, lieut. William Maxwell, Jonathan De Mercier, James Price, Seth Noble, and John Halsted, respectively 640 acres each.
David Jenks, Ambrose Cole, James Cole, Adam Johnson, James Duggan, Daniel Earl Junr. John Paskel, Edward Chinn, Joseph Cone, and John Torrey, respectively 320 acres each.
Samuel Fales, 160 acres,
Which several tracts of land, shall, except the last, be located in half sections by the respective claimants.
The Committee appointed to prepare and bring in a bill, for regulating the grants of land, appropriated for the refugees, from the British provinces of Canada and Nova Scotia,
That in conformity to the order of the House, they have prepared the bill, which they now submit to the consideration of the House.
As that Bill will be found to vary in some degree, from the Report made on that subject, during the last session of Congress, by the Secretary of War, Secretary and Comptroller of the Treasury, the Committee beg leave to refer, for the reasons on which the alterations have been introduced, to the Report, made during that session of Congress by the Committee of this House, appointed on the same subject; to the supplementary report made to this House on the twenty ninth Ultimo, by the Secretaries and Comptroller; and to a letter of the twelfth instant, from the Comptroller to the Chairman of the Committee, on the subject of the claim of Colonel John Allan. All which are annexed to the present report.