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Request for Issue of Assorted Military Stores, Tools & Materials to Fort Johnson, SC

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Source Name Image(s)
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Consolidated Correspondence File, RG217 view image
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Consolidated Correspondence File, RG217 view image
Document Information
Date November 27, 1800
Author Name Samuel Hodgdon (primary) Location: Philadelphia
Recipient Name John Harris (primary) Location: Philadelphia
Summary Directs issue of various military stores to Fort Johnson and its subsidiaries in South Carolina, including cannon ammunition, barrels, cannon implements, tools, camp equipment, cloth, sieves, hand bellows, hides, raw minerals & metals, rope, etc.
Document Format Document Signed
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Related Persons/Groups John Harris; Samuel Hodgdon; John Wilkins; Major Constant Freeman; ;
Related Places Philadelphia; Fort Johnson; South Carolina; ;
Keywords articles; transportation; cannon ball twenty four pounders; cannon ball eighteen pounders; reams of cannon cartridge paper; reams of rocket and portfire paper; flannel; cotton wick; spirits of wine; white wine vinegar; dressed sheep skins; spunge tacks; copper nails; budge barrels with copper hoops; copper powder measures; copper scales with weights; powder horns with belts; gunners gimblets; gunners punches; gunners priming wires; bass quadrants with plumets; gunters scales; callibre compasses; caliber compasses; cooper's copper adzes and drives; hammers; drawing knives; pinchers; rasps; black sheaves; laboratory or shoemakers knives; oil stone; scissors; needles; skeins of hamburg line; skeins of tanned marline; salt or drudging boxes; flax and tow; tin or copper funnels for shells; iron kettles for kit; iron ladles; bolts of duck; copper kettles; copper mealing pans; brass wire sieves very fine; common brass wire sieves; gauze sieves with leather bottoms; brass mortars with pestles; rocket mould with drift and former; portfire mould with drift and former; mold; set of bullet moulds; hand bellows; tinmans tools; oil cloth; tanned hides; salt petre; saltpeter; sulphur; sulfur; antimony; rosin; pitch; beeswax; borax; pewter solder; brushes; tin; brass and iron wire; sheets of copper; junk for wads; olive oil; linseed oil; white lead; lamp black; sheet lead; whetstones; quires of sandpaper; coil of rope; slow match; ;
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