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Request for Issue of Assorted Military Stores, Tools & Materials to Fort Mifflin

Sources & Images
Source Name Image(s)
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Consolidated Correspondence File, RG217 view image
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Consolidated Correspondence File, RG217 view image
Document Information
Date November 27, 1800
Author Name Samuel Hodgdon (primary) Location: Philadelphia
Recipient Name John Harris (primary) Location: Philadelphia
Summary Directs issue of assorted items for Fort Mifflin, including cannon ammunition, materials for portfires & rockets, components for barrels and sponges, artillery implements, compasses, tools, a "fuze machine," camp equipment, gunpowder components, raw minerals & metals, rope, etc.
Document Format Document Signed
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Related Persons/Groups John Harris; Samuel Hodgdon; John Wilkins; quartermaster general; ;
Related Places Philadelphia; Fort Mifflin; Mud Island; ;
Keywords cannon powder; cannon ball twenty four pounder; cannon ball eighteen pounder; cannon ball nine pounder; sheels; formers; reams of rocket paper; portfire paper; flannel; cotton wick; spirits of wine; white wine vinegar; dressed sheep skins for spunges; spunge tacks; copper nails; copper scales with weights; powder horns with belts; gunners gimblets; gunners punches; gunners priming wires; bass quadrant with plumet; gunters scales; callibre compasses; coopers copper adze and driver; tenant saw; pinchers; rasps; laboratory or shoemakers knives; scissors; needles; skeins of Hamburg line; skeins of tarred marline; twine; thread; salt or drudging boxes; flax and tow; tin or copper funnels for shells; iron kettle for kit; iron ladles; fuze machine; bolt of duck; dark lanterns; common lanterns; copper kettle; copper mealing pan; brass wire sieves; gauze sieves with leather bottoms; brass mortar with pestle; rocket mould with drift and former; mold; portfire mould with drift and former; bullet moulds; hand bellows; tinmans tools; oil cloth; tanned hides; salt petre; salt peter; sulfur; sulphur; antimony; rosin; pitch; beeswax; borax; pewter solder; brushes; box of tin; brass wire; iron wire; sheets of copper; junk for wads; olive oil; linseed oil; white lead; lamp black; sheet lead; whet stones; quires of sand paper; coils of rope; slow match; ;
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