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Return of Invalids of Rhode Island Paid Their Annual Pension

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CollectionRhode Island Historical Society: Jeremiah Olney Papers view image
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Date March 4, 1790
Author Name Jeremiah Olney (primary)
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Summary Return of Invalids of Rhode Island paid.
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Keywords return of invalids; annual pension; first and second moiety; receipts; rank; regiment or corps; last place of residence; previous place of residence; amount of pension; army; navy; ;
Key Phrases return of invalids of Rhode Island who have received their first and second moiety of their annual pension;

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List of 57 invalids of Rhode Island paid their Annual Pension Commencing on the 5th day of March 1789 & ending on the 4th day of March 1790
Return of Invalids of Rhode Island who have Recd of Jereh Olney their First and Second Moiety of their Annual Pension Commencing on the 6 Day of March 1789 and Ending on the 4th day of March 1790 taken from his Receipts, Vizt
[The columns are labelled: No., Name, Rank, Regiment or Corps, Last Place of Residence, No. of years at [undecipherable] last Residence, Previous Place of Residence, Amt. of Pension (Dollr totl), Date of first Payment (1790)]
1, John Anthony, private, J. Olney Regmt, Providence, 8'4, Army, 48, 5th June2, John Armstrong, Do, Collo Wittels Detach, Warwick, 4 1/4, Attleborough, 30, 9.3, Tho's Arnold, Capt., Gl Greene Regmt, [undecipherable] Greenwich, 7, Army, 240., 8.4, Abijah Adams, private, J. Angell Regmt, Taunton, 7 3/4, Army, 54., 5.5, Edward Bennt, Do, Hitchcock Regt, Scituate, 13 1/4, Army, 60., 5.6, Will Burton, Sargt, Shepards Regt, Philadelfa, 1 3/4, Providence, 42., 7.7, Peter [undecipherable], private, Olney Regt, Providence, 1 1/2, No Providence, 28., 7.8, Comfort Bishop, Do., Do, Rehoboth, [undecipherable], Army, 40., 5.9, Danl Box, Brg Major, Varnums Brigd, Providence, 11, Army, 120., 5.10, Geo. Bradford, private, Angell, Regt, Providence, 6 [undecipherable], Gloucester, 24., 7.11, [undecipherable] Britton, Do, [undecipherable] Regt, Hopkinton, [undecipherable], Army, 60., 6.12, Saml Black, [undecipherable], Hitchcock Regt, Providence, 1 [undecipherable], Army, 60. 7.13, Jacob Briggs, private, Angell Regt, Hopkinton, [undecipherable], Westerly, 48., 3rd July14, Levi [undecipherable], Do, Wittels Detachmt, Johnston, 6 1/2, Army, 36., 5th June15, James Chapple, Do, Varnum Regmt, Newport, 4 1/4, New London, 42., 21st July16, Ezra Chase, Do, Elliots Regmt, Barkley, 12 1/6, Army, 60. 7th June17, Comfort Eddy, Do, [undecipherable] Regt, Providence, 7, Army, 60., 7th18, John Ellitt, Do, Angell Regt, Scituate, 12, Army, 30., 5.19, Anthony Paster, Do, Olney Regt, Exeter, 3 1/4, No Kingstown, 48., 11.20, Job Grumman, Do, Richmond Regt, Newport, 10 1/4, Do, 48., 7.21, [undecipherable] Greene, Do, Wittels Detacht, E. Greenwich, 7., Army, 48., 7.22, Richd Grant, Do, Do, Bristol, 7. Do, 36., 5.23, Edward Gavel, Do, Slate Regmt, So Kingstown, 13 1/3, Do, 60., 6.24, Matt. Henly, Do, Olney Regt, No Kingstown, 6 1/4, Do, 48., 7.25, Richd Hopkins, Do, Angell Regt, Killingly, 1 1/4, Trenton, 30., 7.26, John Henry, Do, Olney Regt, Boston, 1, Providence, 30., 10.26, 27, [undecipherable], Do, Wittels Detacht, Providence, 7., Army, 60., 15.28, [undecipherable], Do, [undecipherable], Newport, 5 1/2, [undecipherable], 36., 7.29, Daniel Lavach, Sargt, Olney Regt, Providence, 7., Army, 48., 5.30, [undecipherable] McClanning, private, Wittels Detacht, Do, Do, 6 [undecipherable], [undecipherable], 36., 5.
[Total] 1610
[The columns are labelled: No., Name, Rank, Regiment or Corps, Last Place of Residence, No. of years at [undecipherable] last Residence, Previous Place of Residence, Amt. of Pension (Dollr totl), Date of first Payment (1790)]
31, [undecipherable], private, [undecipherable], Newport, [undecipherable}, Army, [undecipherable}[undecipherable}32, Hugh [undecipherable}, Do, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}33, John Moony, Do, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}, Boston, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}34, [undecipherable}, Do, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}, Warwick, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}35, [undecipherable}, Sargt, [undecipherable}, Do, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}36, Wm Parker, private, [undecipherable}, Newport, [undecipherable}, Providence, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}37, [undecipherable} Richards, Corporal, Wittels Detachtf, Rehoboth, 7., Army, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable}38, [undecipherable}, private, [undecipherable}, Providence, 1/2, [undecipherable}, [undecipherable},m [undecipherable}39, Thos Richardson, Do, [undecipherable} Detacht, Newport, 10., Army, 30., 10.40, [undecipherable} Barrington, Do, [undecipherable}, Charlestown, 7., Do27., 7.41, [undecipherable}, Do, Do, Providence, 7., Do, 42., 5.42, [undecipherable}, Do, [undecipherable}, Do, [undecipherable}, Portsmouth, 60., 5.43, [undecipherable}, Do, [undecipherable}, No Kingstown, 6, Providence, 60., 5.44, Charles [undecipherable}, Do, [undecipherable}, Cumberland, 4 1/3, Army, 30., [undecipherable}45, [undecipherable], [undecipherable], [undecipherable], Little [undecipherable], 5 1/4, So Kingstown, 60., [undecipherable]46, [undecipherable], [undecipherable], [undecipherable], Do, 11., Navy, 60., 5.47, [undecipherable], [undecipherable], [undecipherable], [undecipherable], [undecipherable], [undecipherable], [undecipherable],[undecipherable]48, Jon [undecipherable], [undecipherable], [undecipherable], [undecipherable], 1/ 1/4, Hopkinton, 42., 6th July49, Wm. Tanner, Do, [undecipherable], State N. York, 1, Do, 32., 6.50, Saml Tallman, Do, Olney Regt, Newport, 6., Providence, 27., 7th June51, Noel Tabor, Corporal, Angell Regt, Tiverton, 8 5/12, Army, 27., 12th July52, [undecipherable] Vaughn, private, Wittels Detacht, No Kingstown, 7, Do, 44. 10th June53, [undecipherable] White, Do, Olney Regt, [undecipherable], 7 1/2, Do, 48. 5th54, [undecipherable], Do, Wittels Detacht, Stonington, 6 1/3, Do, 48., 6th July55, Abial Weaver, Do, Angell Regmt, Warwick, 3 1/4, Providence, 30., 5th June56, Gray Watson, Do, Wittels Detacht, So Kingstown, 7., Army, 30., 7.57, [undecipherable] Johnson, Do, Shepards Regt, Cranston, 7 3/4, Army, 54., 5.
[subtotal] Dollars 1135Amount Brought Over 1610Total 2745
NB. The [undecipherable] following Invalids have not yet and probably never will yet apply for their Annual Pension Vizt
[undecipherable] Champlain supposed to be at Cap. [undecipherable] and [undecipherable][undecipherable] Deceased 24th December 1786Robert [undecipherable] supposed to be in the [undecipherable]Francis Robertson supposed to be at Cap. [undecipherable]John Smith supposed to be in [undecipherable]
[undecipherable] 28 July 17[undecipherable]