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Ownership of Negros

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CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Manning Collection, RG217 view image
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Manning Collection, RG217 view image
Document Information
Date June 30, 1800
Author Name Zebulon M. Pike (primary) Location: Fort Pickering, Chickasaw Bluff
Recipient Name David Henley (primary) Location: Knoxville
Summary Request assistance in determining ownership of Negros who were taken prisoner after their master was killed and then owned by a Cherokee named White Man Killer. Pike will shortly leave for Natchez and does not know who will succeed him.
Document Format Autograph Letter Signed
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Related Persons/Groups David Henley; Zebulon Pike Jr; Negros; blacks; Cherokee; Indian Nation; Indians; King of Spain; John Pettigrew; White Man Killer; whites; ;
Related Places Knoxville; Fort Pickering, Chickasaw Bluff; Cherokee Nation; Cherokee Village; St. Francis River; Mussel Shoals; Musele Shoals; Natchez; ;
Keywords peace; imprisonment; cruelty; settlement; treaty; death sentence; demand; circumstances; capture; orders; ;
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Fort Pickering Chickasaw Bluff
June 3rd. 1800
On the 18th Ulto six Negroes from the Cherokee Village on the St Francis in his Catholic Majestys Domminions Arrived at this place; They inform me they were the property of the late John Pettigrew, that their Master was killed since, on About the time the Peace was concluded with that Nation at the Musele Shoals and they taken Prisioners; that the Nation agreed they should be delivered up, to the Proprietors; In order to evade said agreement the man who Claimed them; A Cherokee by name of White Man Killer, left that Country and with Three of his Nation descended the Rivers, and Settled at aforesaid place, The said White Man Killer is lately dead, The Negroes was Cruelly treated, and ran from them to this place with a Confidence of being protected.
The old woman and two eldest Children who is quite Intelligable appears Confident they will be immediately put to Death. on being delivered to the Cherokees & I am informed by persons Accquainted with their Customs, that more than probable it will be the case; As well that the property was not legally seized; or if so either by purchase or Agreement at the Treaty.
They was to be delivered to the whites,
Humanity pleads
loudly in favor of the Unfortunate Blacks and I have found difficulty to Determine on a Mode of Procedure, provided the Cherokees followed and made a demand of them which more than probable they will.----
I will thank you to make Your self Accquainted with the Circumstances of their being Captured [undecipherable; poss "&c."?] and give the Commanding Officer at this place your opinion i e Instructions for his Government.
In Conformity to orders I take my Departure for Natchez in two or three days.~
I do not as yet know, the person who sends me in the Command of this place.
In very great haste I conclude; after requesting You will please to Accept of my sincere thanks for Your Attention to Letters you have been pleased to forward Adressed to
Your Very Ob.t Hum.l Serv.t
Ze Pike
David Henley Esqr
Knoxville August 1800, A true Copy of the Original filed in the Office of the Agt of War~
[signature: poss "H. Schwartz"]