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Application for Refugee Aid

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CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Manning Coll. (Canadian Refugees), RG217 view image
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Manning Coll. (Canadian Refugees), RG217 view image
Document Information
Date February 19, 1800
Author Name Lewis Frederick Delesdernier (primary) Location: Eastport, Massachusetts
Recipient Name Commissioners (primary) Location: Washington County, Massachusetts
Summary Recounts travails of De Lesderniers, and seeks financial assistance for hardships. Petition for relief is on behalf of the author's parents, Gideon and Mary deLesdernier.
Document Format Document Signed
Document Notes Enclosed in Olney to McHenry, 03/18/1800.
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Related Persons/Groups Commissioners; Lewis Frederick Delesdernier; refugees; Gideon De Lesdernier; Mary De Lesdernier; parents; prisoner; American Privateers; French; Admiral DeTerney; de Ternay; Indians; John Allan; ;
Related Places Canada; Nova Scotia; Halifax; Guelph; St. Lawrence; Windsor; Kenebec; Boston; Rhode Island; Massachusetts; Washington County; Easport; ;
Keywords Act of Congress; claims; furniture; bedding; articles; moveables; insanity; losses; memorandum; bounty; ;
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Refugee from NvaScotia
Febr 13th 1800
[editor's note: stamp of 'The National Archives of the United States']
To The Honorbl The commissioners by Act of congress Appbented to Consider and Report on the Claims of Persons applying as Refugees from Canada, and NovaScotia -
The Memorial of Lewis Fred DeLesdernies fonand in Behalf of his parents Gedion and Mary DeLesdernies formerly of the Province of Nova Scotia -
Humbly Sreweth
That the said Gedion and Mary where formerly inhabitants of the Province of NovaScotia from the fine settlement of Halifax the Capital in the year 1750. That in the month of August 1779 learning that their son Lewis Fred DeLesdernies in the Service of the United States was a Prisoner at said Halifax Parental affection prompted them to repair there to attend Reliessicatite the the Liberation of the Captive in Consiquence of tier earnest application they were heated with Severity kewed as Enimical to Governement, suffered manyhexalious afflictions, particularly a Let of Huanity with which the said Gedion was affected thr [undecipherable] Usage. Grey and Desapointment - that Shortly after thier Return to the place of thier Residence (eg. Lotmagouch in the [undecipherable] St. Lawrence) apprehending molutation from American Privateers which csewed on that cost. They embarked then little all consisting of furniture, beding, apperal and other articles on board a pence from Cumberland found to Windion in the Bay of Lunday the kuel was to[undecipherable] as Privateer out of Kenebec, thus they were deprived of every [undecipherable] a great loss being nearly all their movables, these circumstance cased them to remove into the United States, to Teclome thier property and leekworess thro thier Som who had returned from Captivity, An application to the owners of the Privateer, learnt the Prize had never been brot in but had been Guted as itertermed by the Prize master and the former Master Telvok Possession an Ranaway with the Kuel. Thise accidents tendered thier Case irrimedable and deplorable - Having abandoned thier immeable Property improving a Leaded farm, buildings, stock, improvements of considerable ralice to them, this afterward was taken out of the Custody of their person, left in charge by the Agent to the owner of the Land without the Shadow of a Clame or demand - but the original Letter to the Land Nor has it been in thier Power, thre indijance [undecipherable] the afore related misshaps to Reclame the home - at Barton wether they had [undecipherable] they Lubuity Leantily - Entertaining French Boarders - in the Fall of 1780 - a Fuert having been obtained from admiral DeLenney of the French hleed ad Rhode Island distined for the Indians under the Supper intendence of Col. John Allen the said Gedion was appointed Intertneten and Continued as ting as said Priert temained in the Department - some time after as the Close of the War they made a Nite into NovaScotia to see thier Children and Friends and reclame the property abandoned as before observed - recover other claims in there [editor's note: rest of letter not on scan]
has been attached.
Said Gedion with fits of insainity three severe fimis, oceationed by hxation oblig for Losses disapointment and indigence in old age being seventy six and his companion in affliction 79 years of Troules.
Your memoriabit has happented these fome years Presented this thier Clame to the Bounty of congress with Humble Submission Presuming they are elligible to be Classed as in your wisdom after consideration you may think poper -
and as in duty bound, shall ever pray, your memoriable
Lewis Fred DeLerdernies
Gardian to Gedion DeLerdernies
Commonwealth of Massechussetts - County of Washington - Eastport February 19th 1800
These may Certify that the forgoing as far as acquanted, with the circumtain by information and personal knowledge Justly there
Mar Late
[undecipherable] at commader and Cheif of Indians in the Eastern Department