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The United States Require Peace!

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CollectionHistorical Society Of Pennsylvania: Wayne Manuscripts view image
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Date August 9, 1789
Author Name Henry Knox (primary) Location: New York
Recipient Name Anthony Wayne (primary)
Summary Knox explains the foreign policy of the new government of the United States which is to avoid any involvement with the conflicting nations of Europe.
Document Format Autograph Letter Signed
Document Notes Cited in Wayne to Knox, 10/25/1789.
Content Notes [not available]
Related Persons/Groups Anthony Wayne; Henry Knox; the Swedes; united Netherlands; Emperess of Prussia; Emperor of Spain; conflicting sovereigns of Europe; Commissioners; the President [Washington]; Congress; Indian department; ;
Related Places New York; Denmark; France; Holland; Great Britain; London; frontier of Georgia; northern or southern districts; ;
Keywords federal government; office of President; happiness of America; desperate confederacies; horrors of anarchy; alliance; mercantile part of England; war; principles of national justice; manufacturers; market; consumption; state of Europe; desultory militia; Spanish claims; ;
Key Phrases But whatever may be the state of Europe, the United States require peace.

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9th August 1789
Major Genl Know
Sec.y of War.
New York 9th. of August 1789

Dear Sir

I thank you for your kind favor of the 15th of June which I received afew days pass.
It is with sincere satisfaction I reciprocate your congratulations on the establishment of the federal government, and the unamimous choice of our truly illustrious cheif to the office of President- These events have been centered of infinite importance, to the happinefs of America, as without them dwinling on under the old form, we were verging path to desperate confederates and all the horrors of anarchy. Your

Genl Wayne-

Your ideas of the conditions mutating in the conduct of mankind are perfectly just and supported by experience- As they afect the people of great Britain they appear on the point of being verified-That nation have formed an alliance with Russia-The Swedes-and the united Netherlands-The object is to counteract the accord

Between the Empress of Russia Denmark The Emperor Spain and France

Holland and Great Britian are equipping fleets- The opinion of the mercantile part of England is for war with any power, not on the broad principales of national justice of policy
But in order to make undecipherable -undecipherable I have just been reading a letter from a grave citizen of cheapside undecipherable who says the peace undecipherable undecipherable undecipherable unless we have a war- Our manufacturers ae too numerous for the market or consumption- We are obliged to sell for less than the cost of manufacturing independent of preference of the materials-Hence numerous bankruptcies- Were there a war the residual hand undecipherable taken off, and the quanities of goods would be no more than equal to the demand.

"But it is a pity adds he, that war cost to much
much misery and to many lives.

But whatever may be the State of Europe the United States requires peace- Our strength is not sufficiently matured, nor our interests consolidated for us to hazard our infant power among the ambitions and conflicting sovereigns of Europe- We require time to create and arrange (proper Strike-through text) adequate resource for the great objects we ought to have in progress-
The disturbances which have exsisted for some time pass on the frontier of Georgia have been of ofences not impertinate nature-But the recent report from the commissiones seems to indicate
indicate peace-Whether it will be for time will discover

The President has laid before Congress all the transactions and papers relative to the Subject-It will I am persuaded receive immediately the fullest consideration, and some decision will take place in the couple of a few days
The reproach which you face was the best expedient which at that time suggested well to my mind.
But if the business should now assume such an affect as demands an expedition especially necessary. I now presume a body of troops enlisted specially
for the object and well officered, undecipherable more economical, more efficient, and more practicable under the present government, than the weak measure of drafting from desperate undecipherable mere militia

Were you at the head of such corps described under your own direction your satisfaction and confidence of success would be infinetly greater than acting with a deslutory militia
The Spanish claims and conduct which you hint, will this presumed in due season under go a decision
At present it is
uncertain what arrangements Congress will make regarding the indian department on the subject has not yet been discussed- But at present all the former ordinances seem to be superceded and no arrangements of superintendants made either on the northern or southern districts

If you should hereafter think the arrangement such that you cant with propriety accept of any place that may be pointed out-I shall be happy in assessing your view
I shall esteem it upon you to receive your commentary from time to time
I am my undecipherable
Yours very humble
sevt HKnox