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Knox speaks of trade and foreign affairs with Wayne

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Date June 1789
Author Name Henry Knox (primary)
Recipient Name Anthony Wayne (primary)
Summary Letter, discusses trade and foreign affairs.
Document Format Contemporary Copy of Letter
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Related Persons/Groups Anthony Wayne; Henry Knox; ;
Related Places Europe; America; England; Russia; France; Holland; Great Britain; ;
Keywords report that you fear; render an expedition indispensable; body of troops enlisted specially for the object; efficient; government; militia; head of a corps; disciplined under your own your direction; detachments of militia; arrangements; indian department; Congress; northern or southern district; America requires peace; hazard herself among the ambitious conflicting powers; resources; disturbances; great anxiety; indicate peace; President laid before the two hands of Congress; letter; mercantile; owing to the prodigious number of manufacturers; unless we have a war; hands employed; goods; profitable market; sales; cost; materials; war occasions so much bloodshed; offered to make trade flourish; whatever the fate of Europe; some power; general seale of justice or policy; benefit of trade; euipping fleets; opinion of the mercantile part of England; formed an alliance; Swedes; object os which is to counteract the real alliance; Empress of Russia; emperor; kind favor; sincere satisfaction; reciprocate your congratulations on the establishment of the federal government; unanimous choice of our truly illustrous Cincinnatus; idea of the constant mutation; perfectly just; supported by experience; reflects the people; ;
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Copy of a letter to Genl
Anthony Wayne.
Genl Ant Wayne XXIV-73.505
June 1789 117

Dear Sir
I thank you for your kind favor of the 15th of June which I received a few days past.
It is with sincere satisfaction I reciprocate your congratulations on the establishment of the federal government and upon the unanimous choice of our truly illustrous Cincinnatus to be head thereof
Your idea of the (change of Strike-through text)(change of must Strike-through text)(Strike-through text) mutation of mankind, is perfectly just, and supported by the experience - As is reflects the people of great Britain, it appearing on the point of verification -
The have formed an alliance with Britian ( Denk ???Strike-through text) the Swedes and the United Netherlands - The object of which is to counteract the real alliance between the Empress of Russia Denmark the Emperor and France
Holland and Great Britain are equipping fleets- The opinion of the mercantile (Strike-through text) part of England is for war with force power, not on a general seale of Justice or policy, but for the benefit of trade- I have just seen a letter from a merchantile stating the great losses they have sustained by (speculation?) in the cotton undecipherable owing to the prodigious number of manufacturers have been set up with time- It appears undecipherable has that are undecipherable be undone unless we have a war
To take off undecipherable undecipherable of hands employed in our manufacturing undecipherable would then be redirected to undecipherable undecipherable, as in undecipherable goods be manufacturd that (Strike-through text) a profitable market, where as no our sales are fewer unless than undecipherable cost of manufactoring undecipherable of the materials- It is however adds undecipherable confidence undecipherable occupies so much bloodshed and the undecipherablet he thinks (Strike-through text) this (Strike-through text) peace must be offered to make trade flourish-

But whatever be the fate of Europe America requires peace - the
is not consolidated suffincently for her to (Strike-through text) to hazard herself among the ambitious conflicting powers _ She requires time (Strike-through text) to create and arrange her reform.

(Strike-through text)
The disturbinstances which have which have exsisted for some time pafs on the frontier of Georgia have undecipherable me with great anxiety-But the recent report from the comission seem to indicate peace, whichever undecipherable so or not undecipherable will undecipherable All of the undecipherable undecipherable (Strike-through text)

undecipherable been by the President laid before the two hands of Congress so that I am
(nine words undecipherable) this business
June XXIV-73 (J

buiness Strike-through text an immediate and proper issue

The report which you fear was left undecipherable while at the bussiness Strike-through text should undecipherable undecipherable as to render an expedition indispensable, undecipherable undecipherable that a body of troops undecipherable Strike-through text undecipherable undecipherable undecipherable efficient, and more undecipherable undecipherable undecipherable government than undecipherable of undecipherable militia- I am (two lines undecipherable)
more satisfactory and undecipherable undecipherable

Were you at the head of a corps reserve for undecipherable, well officered, and disciplined under your own direction, your satisfaction and confidence (if Strike-through text)undecipherable would be infinitely greater than undecipherable the head of detachment of undecipherable
The Spanish claims at which (Three lines in this paragraph undecipherable)
I do not know what arrangements will be made respecting the indian department as the subject undecipherable
undergone a definite undecipherable but at present all the former ordinaces seem to be superceded and no arrangements made in the northern or southern district. (blankStrike-through text) If the the arrangements should besuch as you should think (Strike-through text) agreeable, I (willStrike-through text) shall be very happy to promote you undecipherable therein_

I shall esteem it upon to receive your commentary Strike-through text