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Federal Appointment

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CollectionPierpont Morgan Library: Henry Knox Papers view image
Document Information
Date May 11, 1789
Author Name Samuel Barrett (primary)
Recipient Name Henry Knox (primary)
Summary Samuel Barrett solicits information regarding federal appointments from Knox. Mentioned losing his property to misfortune, and argues that he must provide for his family.
Document Format Autograph Letter Signed
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Related Persons/Groups Henry Knox; Samuel Barrett; Secretary at War; subaltern; family; Federal Government; ;
Related Places Boston; New York; ;
Keywords subsistence; ;
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honorableMajor General KnoxNew York
from Saml BarrettEsqr Boston24 May 1789
Samuel Barrett Boston 11, May 1789
Honored & dear Sir,
While Establishments are in Contemplation
& perhaps actually forming for (5287) carrying into Effect the
great & good Purposes of the Federal Government in the
different States there will necessarily be a Multitude
of Seekers, who in Person & by their Friends will be following
Places in the various Departments.
Every Man owes that Duty to his Family
& Dependants to make the best possible Provision for
them; it will therefore be excusable in me who has
a numerous Young Family to support & educate & have
lost all my Property by Misfortune, if I ask the Attention
of my Friends to my unhappy Situation & ask
their Interest & Exertions to make it better.
The Offices which I sustain with incessant
Labour & the most [undecipherable] Ecconomy do not produce me
the Necessaries of Subsistence & unless I have some
Addition to my Support I shall be reduced to
such a Situation & State of Life as must degrade
me exceedingly, wound any Feelings & effect my
Friends beyond Expression.
Having Food & Raiment & having it on
my Person to give my Children that Education,
which wont enable them by personal Exertion,
to make their Way through Life. I could be contented &
happy ; but some Consideration is due to personal &
& official Character, which I am ambitious to maintain.
[parts in between missing]
To accomblish the latter & even the former May
instant necessary Demand of so large a Family it
children & the Scantiness & total uncertainty of my
income render impracticable.
I must therefore trouble you my Friend with this
Representation, that I may justifiably ask your friendly
Advice & Assistance in availing myself of some Appoint
ment under the Federal Government which may furnish
me with a more certain, decent & comfortable tho' it be
but a moderate Support.
You can inform me in Season what Estab
lishments will be formed & in what Way & by whom Ap
pointments will be made, that I may not for Want of
such Information & good Offices as seasonably improv
ed would accomplish my Wishes; while your early
personal Recommendation may prevent a prior Engagement.
I am
honored & dear Sir,
Your very humbl Servant
Samuel Barrett
The honorable Major General Knox