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Cash Advanced to Recruits for the Frigate "Constitution"

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CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Subject File, Nav Records Coll, RG45 view image
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Subject File, Nav Records Coll, RG45 view image
Document Information
Date 1798
Author Name John B. Cordis (primary)
Recipient Name [not available]
Summary Cash advanced sundry seamen recruited for the United States Frigate "Constitution."
Document Format Copy of Signed Document
Document Notes An attached note declares that there is a considerable difference between this account and the one previously submitted to the Accountant's Office due to the fact that part of the original account was lost.
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Related Persons/Groups John B. Cordis, Recruiting Officer; James Hoyt; Williams Salisbury; James Carter; James Wall; William Botsford; Richard Walter; Andrew Wellings; John Lewis; William Osborne; John Hunt; Samuel Oakes, Carpenter's Mate; Henry Dillaway, Steward; Isaac Hoston; Nathan Crooker; William Jones; Roger Bainard; John Robinson; Dennis Carney; William Smith; William Brooks; Joseph Baker, Quartermaster; John Sawyer; Anthony Josephus; William Armstrong; John Holston; Henry Kirk; Thomas Evans; Peter Pero; Ezekial Davis; Edward Sidans; James Patersons; Daniel Davis; Robert Kemble; David Knitmyer; John Pollack, Midshipman; John Copeland, Boatswain's Mate; John Caruth; Daniel Spriggs; Henry Collins; George Jenkins; Levi Dodge; John Smith; Peter Swan; John Marshall; John Gay; Samuel Cavileen; Henry Burnett; William McCullock; William Morris; John Cendall; John Hancock; Matthew Wake; Richard Williams; Edward West; Thomas Bumford; Andrew Robb; Thomas Cole; Cornelius Howard; James Norris; Archibald Thompson; Jacob Libby, Carpenter; John Robson; John Pearce; William Ray; William Taylor; Thomas Hall; Richard B. Law; John Shepherd; William Grant; Joseph Fort; John Hardy; Samuel Harvey; James Moore; Charles Major; William Felt, Sailmaker; Joseph Bland, Armorer's Mate; Phileman Noble; Richard Nickells; John Elsenburgh; John Doyle; Joseph Torrey, Gunmen; William Grimes; John Hendrickson; Thomas Williams; Adam Nutt; Josiah Chase; William Coolidge; William Faulkes; Moses Burchard; John Smith; Simeon Wyman, Steward; John Lavins; Isaac Windale; Richard Collins; Peter Crosby, Master's Mate; Benjamin Davis; Isaac Stevens; Michael Cosgrave; Gideon Hunt; John Landon; Archibald McDougal, Quartermaster; Jacob Phelps; Benjamin Butler; David Fry; William Pearce; James Hincks; John Lewis; James Neale; George Murray; Edmund Flinn; Francis Tassure; Johniel Earle; Charles Hodge; James Connell, Boatswain; John Abbott; Alexander McCabe; John Foster; George Brown; William Coxe; Charles Sand; Henry Phelps; Thomas Pitts; James McLaughlin; Ezekial Davis; Rufus Norton; John Wilson; William Mahaney; Francis McKinsey; William Schofield; Thomas Smith; Oliver Algers; Henry Barns; Robert Corbett; Christopher Kerling; Joseph Hemmingway; John Philbrook, Carpenter's Mate; Thomas Webb; James Cary; John Haley; Hugh Burns; Beth Hamilton; John Strain; John Masquerade; William Hamilton; John Green; Joseph Cutts; Patrick Reed; John Donolly; George Horn; Hugh Birch; Clark Cushman; Joseph Jeffries; Benjamin Hazer; John Thompson; John Welling; James Featherstone; Philip Solomon; William Hall; John Marsden; James Perkins, Sailmaker,s Mate; Samuel Bailey, Cook; John Brown; William Hutchins; James Drowne; John Osmant; Edward Durnant, Master's Mate; John Dade, Master's Mate; Robert Hilman; William Collins; John N. Smith; Thomas Welsh; David Armstrong; John McDonald; Thomas Nelson; Caleb Hodge, Acting Midshipman; Tom Woodman, Seaman; Rufus Blanden; James Bates; Charles Caton; William Shaw; John Swinney, Quartermaster; James Watson; James Walter; John Aldbro; Philip Sutton; Sharp Gardiner, Cook; Henry Brown; Amos Larcom; William Holland; Anthonia Francisco; Robert Sharkey; Will Coffin, Quartermaster; Peter Lanoree; Thomas April; James Jackson; John Samson, Captain's Clerk; Joseph Copeland; Artemas Harrington; Valentine Hickey; William McMacklin, Cooper; Thomas Moody; John Mahany; Joseph Norris; Samuel Phillips; Thomas Spells; Bernard Truman; Samuel Wilson; Henry Johnson; ;
Related Places [not available]
Keywords Seaman; Ordinary Seaman; Deserters; money advanced; ;
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