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The Draft of an Act to Regulate the Medical Establishment

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Date 1798
Author Name Unknown Author (primary)
Recipient Name James McHenry (primary) Location: Philadelphia
Summary The document proposes the creation of the office of Physician General for the military. It describes his responsibilities, and the staff and duties accompanying this position.
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Keywords Medical Establishment; superintendence; military hospitals; chiurgical practice; medical practice; garrisons; hospitals; medicines; stores; powers and duties; under the direction; supplies; appointed; authority; compensation; accommodation of the sick; temporary hospitals; rules and regulations; ;
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James McHenry Esq. Secretary at War Philadelphia
Draught for a medical bill
An Act to regulate the Medical Establishent
Be it enacted &c -- That in the Medical Establishment of the United States there shall be the following principal Officers. A Physician General who shall be charged with the superintendance and direction of all military Hospitals and generally of all medical and Chirurgical practice or service concerning the Army or Navy of the United States and of all persons who shall be employed in and about the same in Camps, Garrisons, and Hospitals. A Purveyor who shall be charged with providing Medicines Stores and whatsoever else may be necessary in relation to the said practice or service. An Apothecary who shall receive and issue all medicines and stores for the same service.
And be it further enacted & That to each separate Army there shall be a Deputy to the Physician General who shall execute therein under his orders all such powers and duties as he shall have been charged to perform and exercise. Also a Deputy to the Apothecary who shall execute under his orders all such powers and duties as he shall have been charged to exercise and perform and that each Military Hospital shall be under the immediate direction of a Physician to be aided by as many Surgeons and Mates as may be necessary and shall have a Steward with a competent number of nurses and other attendants, which Steward shall be charged with the procuring of such supplies as may ot otherwise be furnished and with the safe keeping and issuing of all supplies.
And be it further enacted That the said Physician General, Surveyor, and Apothecary, deputies of the said Physician General and Apothecary Physicians and Surgeons shall be appointed as other Officers of the United States, that the said Mates and Steward shall be appointed by the authority and at the discretion of the said Physician General subject to the the eventual approbation and controul of the President of the United States, and shall be removeable by the sole authority of the said Physician General and that the Physician and surgeon of each Hospital shall appoint employ and [fire?] the compensations of the Nurses and other attendants of such Hospital subject to the controul of the said Physician General or his Deputy with a separate
Army or in a separate district.
And be it further enacted That the compensations of the said several Officers shall be as follows Of the Physician General, Of each of his Deputies, Of the Purveyor, of the Apothecary, Of each of his Deputies, Of each Physician and Surgeon, Of each Mate, Of each Steward [compensation not listed in the draft]
And be if further enacted, That for the accommodation of the Sick of the Army and Navy of the United States the Physician General and each of his deputies with the approbation of the General Commanding the Army within the District where he shall be shall have power to provide temporary Hospitals and the Physician General with the approbation of the President of the United States shall have power to provide and establish permanent Hospitals.
And be it further enacted, That all the said Officers and others shall as touching their several Offices and Duties be liable to the Rules and Regulations for the Government and Discipline of the Army and shall be bound to obey in conformity with law and the usages and customs of armies the orders and directions of the Chief Military Officers of the respective Armies and within the respective Districts, in which they shall respectively serve and be [illegible]