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Sundries for the Frigate "United States"

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Source Name Image(s)
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Subject File, Nav Records Coll, RG45 view image
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Subject File, Nav Records Coll, RG45 view image
Document Information
Date July 12, 1798
Author Name John Harris (primary)
Recipient Name Captain John Barry (primary)
Summary A ten-page list of sundries for the Frigate "United States," commanded by Captain John Barry.
Document Format Copy of document
Document Notes Neither the author nor recipient is shown but, based on content, the author is presumed to be John Harris, Keeper of Military Stores, and the recipient, Captain John Barry, Commander of the Frigate "United States."
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Related Persons/Groups John Barry; John Harris;
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Keywords Frigate United States; frigate; military supplies; steelyards; brass seals; brass weights; tin funnels; bass cock; gallon measures; half gallon measures; quart measures; pint measures; half pint measures; gill meaures sealing wax; black ink powder; paper; cartridge paper; pocket ink stand; box of wafers; sand box; slate; pencil; penknife; round ruler; blank book; sand; ink stand; compass; patent lamps; horse shoe magnet; hour glass; hourglass; pocket half hour glass; signal; pilot for the West Indias; books; chart; signal flags; jacks; copper funnel; ensign; chamber pots; basins; punning pans; flower boxes; pepper box; coffee pot; sauce pan; cheese toaster; tea kettle; soup ladle; cullender; tea spoons; candles; musket ball; pistol ball; speaking trumpets; green half thicks; table knives; forks; boarding pikes; powder horns; cutlasses; flannel cartridges; cannon cartridge; slow match; flints; lanthorns; lanters; boarding axes; sheep skins; rope handles; shot; round shot; bar shot; chopping axes; tompions; stools; frames; panes of glass; powder; pistols; muskets; stocks; rammers sponge; rammer heads; sponge heads; ladles; staves; paintbrushes; skeets; nails; book; books; sherry wine; Lisbon wine; port wine; wine; molasses; brandy; oatmeal; raisins; tea; allspice; mustard; pepper; ginger; meal; barley; chocolate; lemon juice; rice; sugar; porter; linseed oil; vinegar; tamarind; sage; tapioca; spruce; pots; cups; camp kettles; spoons; canisters; bed pans; sconces; coopers tools; blocks; oakum; pumps; hides; cordage; yarn; lead; boiled oil; paint; verdigris; vermillion; turpentine; pitch; brooms; brushes; twine; thread; needles; hooks; thimbles; staples; mattresses; knife; hoops; shave; flags; chalk; spermaceti oil; cogs; jackets; hats; trousers; drawers; shirts; shoes; frocks; bandages; blankets; rugs; hammers; beeswax; tallow; hoses; twine; duck; hammocks; sacking bottoms; tarpaulins; awnings; jolly boat; sails; jibs; mizens; ;
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