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Estimate of Quartermaster Supplies for Army of 20,000 Men

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CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Estimate Book, Saml. Hodgdon, RG45 view image
Document Information
Date May 11, 1798
Author Name Samuel Hodgdon (primary) Location: Philadelphia
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Summary A thorough estimate of the supplies needed for an army of 20,000 men, not counting contingent expenses such as repairs, transportation, etc.
Document Format Letterbook
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Related Persons/Groups Samuel Hodgdon; infantry; cavalry; artillerists; saddler; smiths; ironmongers; ship carpenters; house carpenters; troops; artificers; ;
Related Places Philadelphia; forts; garrison places; barracks; ;
Keywords estimate; quarter masters supplies; shipping; small vessels; boats; timber; lumber; ironmongery; scythes; scythe rifles; scythe stones; rings; spikes; nails; bar iron; nail rods; steel; horse shoes; horse shoe nails; cutting boxes; cutting knives; sickles; scales and weights; chalk; glue; iron wire; twine; frows; crowbars; grindstones; saddlers tools; knives; tacks; hammers; rubbers; pincers; needles; thimbles; creasing irons; bridle wheels; punches; pricking irons; braces; strainers; brushes; saddles; bridles; pack saddles; leather; mail pillions; mail straps; smiths tools; bellows; hand vises; anvils; brickirons; sledges; tongs; cold chisels; paring knives; buttresses; rasps; nail stakes; screw places and bits; traveling forges; files; coal; tools; broad axes; pit saws; augurs; caulking irons; mallets; scrapers; gimlets; sail needles; intrenching tools; spades and shovels; picks; wheel barrows; hand barrows; drilling tools; hoes; mattocks; felling axes; mortising axes; hatchets; adzes; whip saws; cross cut saws; hand saws; wood saws; sawsetts; planes; drawing knives; chisels; gouges; centrebits; bit stocks; iron squares; rules; compasses; chalk lines; gauges; stationery; writing paper; wrapping paper; ink powder; quills; sealing wax; sealing wafers; inkstands; penknives; pencils; ledgers; journals; wastebooks; blank books; orderly books; camp equipage; marquees; poles; horsemens tents; wall tents; common tents; camp kettles; iron cups; iron spoons; tin measures; funnels; wooden bowls; buckets; canteens; knapsacks; bags; leather portmanteaux; valises; canvas valises; spelter solder; borax; tin; turkey oil stones; rub stones; rosin; white lead; Spanish whiting; window glass; masons trowels; tent lines; sewing thread; ticklenburgh; bunting; lamp black; prussian blue; paint brushes; silk; sheet iron; wagon screws; topsail duck; canvas; tar; lanterns; transportation; expenses; pay; repairs; building; horses; extra supplies of forage; naval equipment; medicines; ;
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