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Giving Thanks to General Knox

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Date September 10, 1787
Author Name DuPlesses (primary) Location: Paris
Recipient Name Henry Knox (primary)
Summary DuPlesses gives effusive thanks to Knox for his attentiveness and friendship during his time in America. Outlines the political situation in Europe.
Document Format Translation (Contemporary or Modern) of Letter
Document Notes An enclosure is present but it is in French.
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Related Persons/Groups Henry Knox; Brigadier DuPlessis; Count d'Estaing; G Turner; Mrs. Knox; King of Prussia; Print Stadtholden; Emperor; French Marine; Count de Rochambeau; Society of the Cincinnati; General Assembly; Foreign officers; de la Forest, Consul General of France; ;
Related Places Paris; Georgia; New York; France; Europe; Russia; Holland; Brabant; England; Philadelphia; ;
Keywords attention; proofs of attachment; imminent danger; recovering my health; great troubles; civil war; resolution; ;
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Paris, Sept. 10th. 1787


From Brigadier Du [Plefis]
for his Diploma [in [confiquence
of Admifsion] obtained in Georgia]
_ with some Observations on
Count d’Estaing as the Senior
Officer of both the Land & Navy

Produced in Extra-Meels.
c May 1788.
G. Turner
A. L. G.

[upside down text]
Translation of a letter from
Brigadier Genl. du Plefsis
dated Paris 10th. Sept. 1787

Paris 10th September 1787


I had the honor to return you thanks, on my arsenal here from in Georgia for the headyour obliging attention you found meduring my^stay inwent toNew York-Being^now arrived in France. my first care^is has beento renew a my gratitude for your friendship and to request youto you + to beg to you will command me on all Occasions in which I can be of [undecipherable] Servicable to you in France and aheadI will in France to either you or Mr. Knox; I request to be persuaded that no person will be more happy to give you proofs of attachment then myself.

You know the risques I ran in Georgia from the unhealthiness of the place I inhabited, being in imminent dangers for four months, without the hope of recovery, had I not decided on returning to France, where I find myself in the midst of my family and friends occupying myself in the recovering my health. I already am much better, and the weakness occasioned by to my long illness has already left me.

Europe experiencesat this instant experiences great troubles-The Porte has declared War against Russia-Holland is in a Civil War and it cannot besaid what will be the consequence-The King of Prussia is marching troops to Support his Nephew the Prince Stadtholden- The Emperor is at War with his subjects in Brabarts and there is a probability of much blood being [undecipherable] -England to the present is neuter, as we also are-

and I presume that their conduct will determine ours.

The Count D. Estaing was the Gener is the Dist.Lieutenant Genl. of the land troops , who to ok those whose served in America and as he is Vice Admiral of the French Marine, there cannot be a doubt that he was the oldest Officer of both the Army and Marine. He is Senior by 18^years to Count de Kochambeau. I would inform you at present for your government that you may address to Count DEstaing upon every thing relative to the Society of the Cincinnati or which relates to America.

The ^General Assembly of the States held at Philadelphia in May last, "the proceedings of which I have read , Resolved that there should be delivered to you our hundred and fifty diplomas, for the Foreign Officers who were Members if the Cincinnati.

I pray you dear General to address to me by Mr. dela Forest Consulgeneral of France at N York my brevet of the Society into which I was admitted to the 19th Oct. 1786 in the State of Georgia, you will do me a great favor, im not loosing ^anytime in having it forwarded to me.

Adieu my dear Genl. + receive the assurance of my sincere attachment and profound respect.

(signed)DuPlessess Brigadier Genl. of the Kings Armies,late Govr. of the

Island of St. Vincents.

Rue St. Marc N.o11.

The HonbleGenl Knox Paris