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Report on Ohio Company Proceedings

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Date August 29, 1787
Author Name Winthrop Sargent (primary)
Recipient Name John Pierce
Summary Report from Reverend Manasseh Cutler on the proceedings of the Ohio Company, referencing the land purchased from Congress, the plan of settlement, layout of towns, and plans for improvements such as mills, schools, and religious institutions.
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Related Persons/Groups Winthrop Sergeant; John Pierce; William Knox; Jonathan Burrall; Charles Burrall; Caleb Swan; Directors and agents of the Ohio Company; Ohio Company; Reverend Manasseh Cutler; Board of Treasury; Congress; military associations; geographer; secretary; settlers; treasurer; subscribers; General James M Varnum; Colonel Richard Platt; ;
Related Places Boston; Ohio; Bunch of Grapes Tavern; western boundary; seventh range of townships; Ohio River; meridian line; western cape of the Great Kenhawe River; Great Kanawha River; townships; Mr. Bracketts Tavern; ;
Keywords report; contract; tract of land; funds; subscriptions; expense; surveying; religion; schools; university; bounty lands; house lots; stockade; sawmills; corn mills; ;
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August 29, 1787
At a meeting of the Directors and agents of the Ohio Company held at the Bunch of grapes Tavern in Boston, The following report was received from the reverend Manassah Cutler.
That in consequence of resolves of Congress, of the 23 and 27 July last he agreed on the conditions of a contract with the Board of Treasury of the United States for a particular tract of Land, containing in the whole as much as the Companys funds will pay for. Should the Subscriptions amount to one million of dollars, agreeably to the articles of association, at one dollar per acre,--from which [undecipherable, price?] is to be deducted One third of a dollar for bad lands, and defraying the expense of Surveying [symbol for etc.]
That their lands be bounded on the east, by the western boundary of the seventh range of Townships; South, by the Ohio, West by the a meridian line drawn to the Western Cape of the great Kenhawa River And extending so far North, that a due east and west line, from the Seventh range of Townships, to the said meridian lines, Shall include the whole.
This tract is to be extended so far northerly as to comprehend [undecipherable, wither?] its limits exclusively of the above purchase, one lot of Six Hundred [symbol for and] forty acres in each Township, for the purposes of Religion--an equal quantity for the support of Schools, and two Townships of Twenty three thousand [symbol for and] forty acres each, for an university, to be as near the Centre of the whole tract as may be, which lots and Townships are given by Congress and appropriated to the above uses forever. Also three lots of 640 acres each, in every Township, reserved for the future
future disposition of Congress; and the bounty lands of the military associators to be comprised within the whole tract: provided they do not exceed one seventh part thereof.
That 500,000 dollars be paid to the Board of Treasury upon closing the contract. -- In consideration of which a right of entry and occupancy for a quantity of land equal to this sum at the price stipulated, be given. -- And that as soon as the Geographer or some proper officer of the United States, Shall have Surveyed and ascertained the quantity of the whole, the sum of 500,000 dollars more be paid. amounting in the total to 1,000,000 dollars, for which the company are to be put in possession of the other [undecipherable] of the lands above described and receive a deed of the whole from the said Board of Treasury. Whereupon, Resolved that the above Report be received and the proceedings of Mr. Cutler be fully approved ratified and confirmed
in an oblong form of 10 Squares in front [symbol for and]b in depth with Streets of 100 feet in width through each range. ---
That 4 of the said squares be reserved for public uses, & the remaining 56 divided into house lots That each square contain 12 house lots of 60 feet front and 100 feet depth & Six lots of 53 3/10th feet by 180 feet amounting in the total to one thousand & Eight lots. and that this plan be pursued as nearly as the Situation of the ground will admit; and When the same is completed a plat thereof with the lots numbered thereon be transmitted to the Secretary who shall notify a meeting of the agents for the purpose of drawing the said city lots. One of which shall be annexed to each proprietary share, and drawn for in the same manner, and that a compleat survey and [undecipherable-return?] of these lots, be made by the first of March next to the [undecipherable, Secretary?] office-------
That for the reception and protection of Settlers 100 houses of 36 by 16 feet, be erected in the course of the ensuing autumn and winter, On 3 Sides of the before mentioned oblong Square, and connected by a Stockade.
That in order to carry into execution the above purposes, it is absolutely necessary that the subscribers pay into the hands of their several Agents, the monies Subscribed, that the same may be paid into the hands of the Treasurer by the 4th of Oct. next, which payment the agents are to make to the Treasurer accordingly.---
That as Sawmills and Corn Mills will be necessary in forwarding the Settlement, proposals from any of the Subscribers, for erecting or
One or more of each kind, without expense to the to the proprietors will be received by either of the Directors, the Treasurer, or at the Secretarys office and Such proposals will be decided upon, as Soon as may be, after the completion of the Contract with the Board of Treasury And.
That the manner of removing the first Settlers and Superintending their operations, will be agreed upon as soon as practicable.
Resolved that General James M. Varnum be one of the directors of the Ohio Company and that Colonel Richard Platt be the Treasurer.
A true Copy from the Journals
Winthrop Sergeant [undecipherable notation]
Notation on the flap:
Proceedings from the Ohio Company Sept. 1, 1787
Jon. A. Burrall
[undecipherable] Burrall
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