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Medals for Indians, Request for a Book, Etc.

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CollectionLibrary of Congress: Misc.Mss.Coll. - Rufus King view image
CollectionLibrary of Congress: Papers of John C. Fitzpatrick (no image)
CollectionAmerican Philosophical Society Library: Misc MSS view image
Document Information
Date December 4, 1797
Author Name James McHenry (primary) Location: Philadelphia
Recipient Name Rufus King (primary)
Summary The Secretary at War mentions the following to Rufus King: Indians are asking for medals that have been promised to them; discusses the design of the medals; and McHenry asks King to procure a book in England entitled "Rules and Regulations for the Fortification, Field Exercise, and Movements of His Majesty's Forces;"
Document Format Letterbook
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Related Persons/Groups Rufus King; James McHenry; William Hensley; Indians; John Adams; son; Indian Nation; British; Bend, Savage, and Bend; British army; ;
Related Places Philadelphia; Annapolis; Maryland; England; Great Britain; War Office; London; ;
Keywords medals; plows; newspapers; book; copper; metal; penny; regulations; ;
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Secy War

4 Decr. 1797


War Office 4 Decr. 1797

Dear Sir.

I forwarded your letter to Mr. Wm. Hemsley
whose son had gone to England previous to my receiving
it, and who has no doubt waited upon you. The
young gentleman is well qualified for this station
you contemplated for him. His father is rich
extremely respectable and esteemed.

My poor Indians are very clamorous
for their medals, more so indeed than for their plows.

I have very lately seen a penny
of the new British copper coinage, the edge or rim
of which is considerably thicker that the plate
part that contains the figures or devices. I should
think were the Indian medals to be so formed, it
would add to their strength without requiring
any increase in the quantity of metal. It occurs
also, should the work be still in a state to
admit of alteration that one side of the medal
might exhibit figures of a warlike nature, and
the United States as protectrix of the Indians. I should
wish in this case the legend to be Presidency
John Adams 1797. The medal would then comprehend


both Presidencies.

I have written to Bird Savage & Bird
for a book intitled "Rules & regulations for the forma[=]
=tion, field exercise and movements of his majesty['s]
forces." As this work has been printed and distri=
=buted to the officers of the British army only, and
is not to be purchased it may require a special
application to obtain it from the war department
If so, may I request you to procure it for me[.]
I am engaged in digesting regulations for ou[r]
army and stand in need of such lights as this
compilation must afford. There is also an
abridgement of the regulations which I shoul[d]
like to possess.

I have also desired the Birds to
send me two news-papers and to call upon
you to name them. This is to intrude upon
your time and good nature about a trifle;
but as I do not know those papers some
would denominate the Finne's & Backe's
of London I hope you will excuse this

I have the pleasure to

inform you that you are a very great fa=
=vorite at Annapolis & with the State of

I am truly & sincerely D Sir

your obSr

James McHenry

Rufus King Sqr