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Questionable Power of Attorney

Sources & Images
Source Name Image(s)
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Post Revolutionary War Papers, RG94 view image
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Post Revolutionary War Papers, RG94 view image
Document Information
Date December 1797
Author Name Casper Iserloan (primary)
Recipient Name William Simmons (primary)
Summary Debtor Casper Iserloan questions the authenticity of the Power of Attorney that Alexander Power presented to Simmons as representing him.
Document Format Autograph Letter fragment signed
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Related Persons/Groups William Simmons; Casper Iserloan;
Related Places Debtor's Apartment;
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Debtors apartment Decemb [torn off]
I am taking the liberty in addressing my [torn off]
This morning Mr Alexander powers called to [torn off]
asks him Emededly how cold he Prusom in [torn off]
that hea recived the powers of attorny of me that [torn off]
Hea presented to Simons Esq. his replay was [torn off]
Brought him hear, to Se was not them [torn off]
from me I informed him that I never [torn off]
Them there Mr Simons presinted them to [torn off]
Last Evning, after a shorte paws he paid [torn off]
He now recolicted the wair left by a [torn off]
Bay on his Counter and did I not [torn off]
Mr Drakly I informed him I know [torn off]
Man by that name but often heard [torn off]
speke of him but I was pretty shure [torn off]
was man by that name now [torn off]
Man shold apear before you by [torn off]
Name and you aprehend him [torn off]
find now man by that name and [torn off]
Sure find out the deseption I am willin [torn off]
and determing to inform the States of [torn off]
I am aquanted with against my silf [torn off]
well as others and the
[torn] be made acquanted that I chant mention
[torn] but the truth I wold not wish that any
[torn]hold suffer that I know nothing about
[torn] not be gilty in so bossay act thold
[torn]nvicktion be my hone fate wich I hope
will not be my fate now more only bye
Leaf to subcribe my silf your
Most old Hum - &
Devoted Srvt
Casper Iserloan

Simons Esq.
Ware Offris