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Pessimism over Public Affairs

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CollectionPierpont Morgan Library: American Autographs view image
Document Information
Date July 14, 1797
Author Name William Vans Murray (primary) Location: Philadelphia
Recipient Name James McHenry (primary)
Summary Letter, discusses foreign affairs; discusses French military.
Document Format Autograph Letter Signed
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Related Persons/Groups James McHenry; William Vans Murray; Callier; Wolcott; Louisa Johnson; McHenry; Van Scappurt; Mountflorence; Adams; Maj. Rutledge; Hory; Lord Malmsbury; Daucain; Hocke; Anthony Davenport; Ferguson; Henderson; Gibson; Rutgers; Ogden; Wm. Coffer; CaptWilliams; Girard; Gen. Smith; Sitgreaves; Marshall; Judge Dana; Bonaparte; Friali; Pinckney; ;
Related Places Philadelphia; Holland; Philadelphia; London; Elbe; Hanover; Prussia; Portugal; Rome; Asia; Africa; Rotterdam; Newberry; New York; Bordeaux; N.P, Rhode Island [New Port]; Charlestown, S.C. [South Carolina]; Mineral Springs; Boston; House of Salomons, Amsterdam; Spain; Batavia; Belgium; North of Italy; Italian States; Venice; America; West Indies; West Indian Islands; England; Europe; France; U.S. [United States]; G.B. [Great Brtiain]; Paris; ;
Keywords distinguished order of Carlos; windows were rotten; roof; prevent its absolute decay; tenement; subject of sale; Secretary of State; American Hotel; lodgings; cession; squadron; sailors in an engagement; efficient men employ'd to work the business; republics; monarchies; vast change in human affairs is not far distant; authority is stripped of its weight by reasoning skepticism; ignorance & superstition; dispersion of books; real & wholesome knowledge; morals; convulsions or habitual strokes of that violence; men of speculation are lost in the magnitude of that crisis; christian religion; tide of insubordination; various directions of self; new Theory of republicanism; king; prince; duke; constitution; indians; royalists; party hatred; dutch fleet; british ships at anchor; secret; diplomatic corps; Jacobianical Philosophers; clerks, servants; defend & protect her conquered or influenced allies; what the real philanthropists imagined; civil liberty; greater portion of civil liberty to Europe will tend even more than the Feudal System to enslave mankind; military despotism; Feudal times; troops to join in her meditated attack; conquest; subjugation; Roman Republic; Roman maxims; corruptions & lavishments of Europe; values of Roman alliance; Role D'Equipage; bricking part of the crew; bribery; scheme to distract; attachment in some general dread of their power; tyranny; law of Nations; Rome-like dominion, but a species of universal police and armed; military spirit; force all independent governments to be more or less military in their character; Catherine; Boisies; L'Orient; Romulus; Commissary of the Navy; discretionary power; vessels captured; exhibiting lists of captures; American traitors; vessels from our ports; French ports; Dutch ports; list of contraband; pretence; cursed note takers spoil everything; sacrifice of our domestic honor; existing engagements; the dispute on this side will assume the air of wounded sensibility; expect a flood of sentiment to heal the wound; concessions that thwart our true sovereignty; principle of Neutral Justice; corps of generals; pitched battle; skillful in the use of argument; fed; clothed & elegantly clad; generously & excessively paid; secret bonuses; expence of the unhappy country; million sterling is daily paying; ransom; mode & article of life; hypocrisy of France; Tyger has ravaged the the liberties & wealth of every nation that has been fool enough to trust; monarchy; republic; moderates or Jacobians; unequal contact of friendship or confidence; independence wil fall; terrible consequence of admitting them into confidence; permitting their approach; rock of right; united language of support; President; vindication; assertion; good lawyer; sister on her marriage; ducats; command; militia; maintain the French army; ships of the line; Hordes of St. Marc's order during a time of neutrality to the senate; original senate; maintenance of an army; plundered the pockets; quartered & shipped about from town to town; small bodies of men; plundered of immense value in silver, gold and jewels; sold to the emperor; aggrandisement; government under the nation impotent; crowned head; interests; Venetian dalmation; new commission; break your treaty or dissolve the Union; war or the abandonmentof British treaty; proposal; absolute evil; sovereignty over us; succeeds amply in her diabolical scheme; maritime possessions; act of grace; ground of war; true policy; show so handsome a conduct; rival in our opinions at the peace; present state of things being friendly; negociation ofhearts consider us as proper for ally'd dependents & under eternal obligatioins to them; great mass of people; peace; vicinity of the islands; helpless state; manifested some marks of esteem; undefined injuries; Treaty; owed our national existence; through the passions of such men who would do right; no language of concession is held by congress; indignation; parade; friendly intercourse; during the revolution & since; defeat; directory; public get an ungarbled edition; line of conduct which a profound wd dictate to the directory; accustomed vigilance; sent a copy (manuscript); cordial to me; evinced a friendship of which I never doubted & consoled my jaded mind; prospect of better opinions in my own country; better state of public affairs; speech; kindness of the bankers who always get intelligence very early; views of these exceedingly money loving politicians; private wealth; conveyance of ministers and dispatches; ;
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