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Discussion of Algerian Affairs, Algerian Frigate, Frigate United States, & Assorted Frigate Equipment

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CollectionPeabody Essex Museum: Josiah Fox Papers view image
MicrofilmPeabody Essex Museum: Josiah Fox Papers (no image)
Document Information
Date April 14, 1797
Author Name Captain Thomas Thompson (primary) Location: Portsmouth
Recipient Name Josiah Fox (primary)
Summary Letter, describes masting of Algerine Frigate; discusses Algerian customs and sailing; mentions former captive; describes provisions aboard Algerian vessels; discusses oars for Frigate; mentions Frigate United States; discusses coppering Frigate.
Document Format Autograph Letter Signed
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Related Persons/Groups Josiah Fox; Thomas Thompson; [James] Hackett; Francis; Captain Turniss; naval constructor; Algerines; Dey of Algiers; ;
Related Places Algeria; Portsmouth; New Hampshire; ;
Keywords Frigate U.S.; probable cost of labor for a guide in our small thing; not much acquainted with that kind of business; nail holes; nails in the middle of the sheets; keel; bowsprit; things the builder was to do at his expense; weather is very much against us; make the tops; those two things he refuses to do except he is paid for them extra; row ports he expects will be allowed for; launching according to contract; coppering will naturally delay the launching; particular instructions from the board of war; what mode she is to be coppered; questions which I fave forwarded to the Secretary; doubtless be consulted in answering; space aft is so very small; beams; plank; waterways; knees; gun & quarter decks; top timbers; Hackett was to find square yards and topmasts; ordered by mr. Francis to procure 1000 square loom'd oars; longest cruise; boards and plank; quarter must be low and open; might do as they please afterwards; directions from the war office on those heads which shall strictly follow in every respect; dislike her for strength & oversize of timber beams; thought the scantling was small when on paper; appears full large now; quarters entirely open between decks; cobhouse; small bread room; carry no provisions; bread, oil, olives and water; this will suit the Algerines; other things perhaps they will disapprove; traded her with beas, knees and iron; oak; lower deck looks amazing solid & heavy for a small frigate; conversed with captain Turniss, one of the late captives, a very intelligent man about many of their customs; notions and management of ships; mention the masts; give leave to add inches to the foremast; she is so very sharp forward; believe a very heavy foremast would not be so well; do not like the masting altogether; lower yards are very square; frigate United States; ;
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