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Examination into the Claim of John Morrill

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Date December 22, 1786
Author Name John Pierce (primary)
Recipient Name Unknown Recipient (primary)
Summary Examination into the claim of John Morrill for the pay of the non-commissioned officers and privates raised in the state of Georgia. States that payments were issued but not accounted for properly.
Document Format Autograph Letter
Document Notes This document was endorsed by John Pierce on 12/22/1784.
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Related Persons/Groups John Pierce; John Morrill; officers; non-commissioned officers; privates; Auditor of Georgia; John Peter wagoner; Seth J Cullbert; Treasurer; ;
Related Places Georgia; ;
Keywords pay; continental service; discharged; war; pay rolls; accounted for deliveries; return of the commanding officer; certificates; claims; voucher; receipts; transaction; ;
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No John Morrells claims [undecipherable] [undecipherable] 22d [undecipherable] to for native Georgia.
Jn Morrell Secr.
No 52 No 192
Examination into the claim of Jn Morrell Esquire for the pay of the non-commissioned officials privates of these companies of new ? in the state of Georgia in the year 1782, for the continental service & discharged at the end of the war.
[undepherable] was in Georgia was made it at approved time that the creditors of that state had [HiSuperscript text] received the pay rolls of there companies from the commanding officer and jad issued the pay of the men and delivered the same to John Peter waganor who had not accounted for his deliveries.
Since my return I have received copies of the original returns of the commanding officer, and a Letter from Mr. John Morrell desiring that the certificate for the amount of there mean paid about to made out for ? and delivered to his order, because, "we had paid to the Goldin certificate to the amount of pounds 2400 sterling" which is about 10,286 Doles/71 as would approvian from "a certificate from Seth J. Cullobert Treasurer of State. It appeared to me opontial prior to the grant of this claim,
First-that the original returns of the commanding officers
should be provided as a voucher to the Office, it being
proper also that the claimant should on being paid, abound
give up the vouchers, no longer necessary to him, by
which the same was athenticated
Secondly. That the receipts of the Men should be produced
evidenciary as payment of them & of theair discharge
[?] the State ought to be repaid no more than
the sums advanced and [?] the discharges at
the Soldier, can alone [?], as Lines, another pay
Thirdley _ That the order of the executives of the State, be produced authorizing
some persons to clear accounts & receive the certificates
for I am of opinion that the one Mr. Morrill proposes to
produce is insufficient, his [?] that it appears to be
if it [undecipherable], the transfer ot the State to [?], which
is a subsequent transaction with which the United
States are unconcerned. and it would appear he irregular[?]
as well as unprecendented to admit [undecipherable]
of Congress, a State, to transfer of an advynce of its own to an
individual, to be produced by him against the [?] as a
private debt. but the certificate of the [?] (if rightly described) is very
indefinite _ it does not appear what kind of certificates
were paid to the men - whether his own or those of others [undecipherbale] by the States on
what they [undecipherable] some proved by him or [undecipherable] any other final settlement,
nor does it appeat what evidence was produced to
the Treasurer of payment. the amount paid being
by then the [?] to the men would lend to a
and the persons who are yet unpaid not ascertained
would also create confusion in (?] of application from
them_ _ least in but deamed Mr. Morrill have paid the
Men himself and now [?] as an original claimant
the transaction is unexplained how, he would [?]
with [?] after the State had made the payment
and now [?] considered as unconnected
with the State, if he has refunded to the Treasurer
the amount of them the States apears to the Men.
It is ordered inexplicable of he is now the proprietor
of these men's pay, that it is still considered necessary
for the States at [?] the original vouchers on [?]
the [?] is [?]. that he is obbed to produce
the Treasurers certificate to authenticate his payment
when he ought to be posesed with the voucher from the
Men - Individuals.