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List of the Officers in the U.S. Army; Regulations for Recruitment

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CollectionMassachusetts Historical Society: John Adams Papers view image
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Date 1796
Author Name War Department (primary)
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Summary A copy of the roster of all U.S. Army officers, divided into categories of general officers, dragoons, artillerists & engineers, 4 regiments of infantry, and unattached surgeons' mates. Followed by a form & regulation sheet concerning rules for the recruiting service -- describing how men may be recruited, specifications for recruits, oath to be sworn, payment, etc.
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Document Notes No tif image. DEII Candidacy: as a roster of all U.S. Army officers in 1796, this is a very useful document. However, it seems that DEII Conversion would largely consist of entering all the officers into the People/Groups field, which would be rather time-consuming. Left to discretion.
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Related Persons/Groups Infantry officers; artillerists; surgeons; dragoons; artificers; wheelwrights; blacksmiths; armorers; armourers; carpenters; recruits; deserters; Brigadier General James Wilkinson; Quatermaster General John Wilkins Jr.; Caleb Swan, Paymaster General; Captain Solomon Van Rensselaer; Captain James Taylor; Lieutenant William K. Blue; Lieutenant Matthias Slough, Jr.; Lieutenant James V. Ball; Lieutenant Paul McDermot; Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Stephen Rochefontaine; Major Henry Burbek; Major Lewis Toufard; Major John Jacob Ulrich Rivardi; Major Constant Freeman Jr.; Captain Mahlon Ford; Captain John Peirce; Captain Moses Porter; Captain George Ingersoll; Captain Griffith I. McRee; Captain Richard Scott Blackburn; Captain James Bruff; Captain Alexander Thompson; Captain William Littlefield; Captain Frederick Frye; Captain Michael Kalteifen; Captain Donald Grant Mitchell; Captain Abimael Youngs Nicoll; Captain Staats Morris; Captain George Demlar; Captain Joseph Elliott; Charles Brown, Surgeon; John Gotham Coffin, Surgeon's Mate; John Lynch, Surgeon's Mate; Samuel Osborne, Surgeon's Mate; William Steele, Surgeon's Mate; Lieutenant Piercy Pope; Lieutenant Ebenezer Massey; Lieutenant John McClallen; Lieutenant Nehemiah Freeman; Lieutenant James Sterrett; Lieutenant George Izard; Lieutenant Robert Rowan; Lieutenant Jonathan Robeson; Lieutenant Henry Muhlenberg; Lieutenant David Hale; Lieutenant Theophilus Elmer; Lieutenant William Wilson; Lieutenant Horatio Dayton; Lieutenant William Morris; Lieutenant John M. Lovell; Lieutenant Peter Tallman; Lieutenant Joseph Guimpe; Lieutenant John Saunders; Lieutenant Thomas Underwood; Lieutenant Peter A. Dransy; Lieutenant Andrew Marschalk; Lieutenant Howell Cobb; Lieutenant Joseph Campbell; Lieutenant Richard Whiley; Lieutenant Philip Landais; Lieutenant Philip Rodrigue; Lieutenant James Triplett; Lieutenant Thomas Vandyke; Lieutenant Samuel T. Dyson; Lieutenant George Ross; Lieutenant James Rand; Lieutenant Robert Parkison; Lieutenant Colonel Commandant John F. Hamtramck; Major Thomas Hunt; Major Thomas H. Cushing; Captain Jacob Kingsbury; Captain Thomas Martin; Captain Thomas Pasteur; Captain Abner Prior; Captain Daniel Britt; Captain Samuel Tinsley; Captain Hamilton Armstrong; Captain Bernard Gaines; Lieutenant William H. Harrison; Lieutenant John Whistler; Lieutenant Jacob Kreemer; Lieutenant Daniel Bissell; Lieutenant Charles Hyde; Lieutenant John Michael; Lieutenant Ferdinand L. Claiborne; Lieutenant Elijah Strong; Ensign Nicholas Rosencrantz; Ensign Robert Semple; Ensign Daniel McIntosh; Ensign Robert Torrans; Ensign Yelverton Peyton; Ensign John W. Thompson; Ensign Merriwether Lewis; John Elliott, Surgeon; Elijah Tisdale, Surgeon's Mate; Charles Watrous, Surgeon's Mate; Lieutenant Colonel Commandant David Strong; Major John H. Buell; Major Joseph Shayler; Captain Cornelius Lyman; Captain Richard H. Greaton; Captain Russell Bissell; Captain Edward Miller; Captain Edward D. Turner; Captain Theodore Sedgwick; Captain Bartholomew Shamburg; Captain Andrew McClary; Lieutenant Peter Shoemaker; Lieutenant Jesse Lukens; Lieutenant Nanning I. Visscher; Lieutenant Archibald Gray; Lieutenant Robert Lee; Lieutenant Rezin Weber; Lieutenant Richard Butler; Lieutenant Charles Martin; Ensign Benjamin Rand; Ensign James Richmond; Ensign David Thompson; Ensign John McClary; Ensign Samuel Allison; Ensign George Callender; George Gillasspy, Surgeon; William McCoskry, Surgeon's Mate; Thomas Farley, Surgeon's Mate; Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Henry Gaither; Major Jonathan Cass; Major William Kersey; Captain Zebulon Pike; Captain Issac Guion; Captain John Heth; Captain Richard Sparks; Captain Howell Lewis; Captain Thomas Lewis; Captain William Rickard; Captain John Wade; Lieutenant Samuel Vance; Lieutenant John Bowyer; Lieutenant Aaron Gregg; Lieutenant John Steele; Lieutenant Peter Marks; Lieutenant Charles Wright; Lieutenant Andrew Shanklin; Lieutenant Samuel Davidson; Ensign William P. Smith; Ensign Hugh McCall; Ensign David Fero; Ensign George Strother; Ensign Henry Sterling; Ensign Samuel Speak; Ensign William Scott; Joseph Phillips, Surgeon; George Balfour, Surgeon's Mate; John C. Wallace, Surgeon's Mate; Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Thomas Butler; Major William Peters; Major Daniel Bradley; Captain Edward Butler; Captain Joseph Brock; Captain Alexander Gibson; Captain William Preston; Captain William Eaton; Captain Henry De Butts; Captain Robert Thompson; Captain Ross Bird; Lieutenant Benjamin Lockwood; Lieutenant Benjamin Strother; Lieutenant William Diven; Lieutenant Peter Greyson; Lieutenant Johnathan Taylor; Lieutenant Robert Purdy; Lieutenant Campbell Smith; Lieutenant Hartman Leitheiser; Ensign John Wellington; Ensign Francis Johnston; Ensign Thomas Swaine; Ensign Henry Bowyer; Ensign Samuel Dold; Ensign Richard Chandler; Ensign George Salmon; Ensign Larkin J. Dickinson; John F. Carmichael, Surgeon; John Hamill, Surgeon's Mate; David Davis, Surgeon's Mate; Cyrus Dart, Surgeon's Mate; Frederick Dalcho, Surgeon's Mate; George Pfeiffer, Surgeon's Mate; William A. McCrea, Surgeon's Mate; Thomas Augustine Claiborne, Surgeon's Mate; David Patterson, Surgeon's Mate; ;
Related Places Philadelphia; ;
Keywords rules and regulations; enlist; shoes; private clothing; bounty; recruiting book; rations; supplies; ;
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