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Deposition regarding Blair, Shaffer, etc

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CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Post Revolutionary War Papers, RG94 view image
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Post Revolutionary War Papers, RG94 view image
Document Information
Date December 2, 1796
Author Name Alexander Power (primary)
Recipient Name Unknown Recipient (primary)
Summary In a statement made under oath to Alderman Howell, Power reveals all that he recollects about Blair, Shaffer, and Israel and offers his assurance that the love of his gain was never his object.
Document Format Autograph Letter Signed
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Related Persons/Groups Alexander Power; Blair; Shafer; Shaffer; Isreal; Iserol; E Drakley; Judge Howell; Iserloan; Odibert; Captain Thomas Wylie; Jones; clerk; William Simmons; Lewis; Isaac Howell; alderman; ;
Related Places War Office; Moores Tavern; Pennsylvania Land Office; ;
Keywords papers; powers of attorney; power of substitution; warrants; office; commissions; land warrants; letter of advice; ;
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I have endeavored to recollect everything that I
know respecting Blair, Shaffer and Isroal -
Blairs business I know nothing off
Mr. Shaffer introduced a Man by the Name of
E. Drakley with sundry Papers or powers of
attorney and a Power of Substution from him to
me acknowledged before Judge Howell for to
draw Warrant The papers appeared to Judge
Howell, myself and to the war office to be good
ones; The Warrants was delivered to Shaffer who
paid me what Drakely agreed to pay; The two
Warrants of Iserols was by his order delivered
to Shaffer - I saw Shaffer pay him something
saying that was the Balance due -
As for any meeting, I dont remember t0 see
any; only Shaffer and Isrol some Times at
Moores Tavern Their connections or mode of
doing or obtaining these powers or any other
of their business I never knew anything off
Neither from my own knowledge or by
Information. Its possible; the Judge my
self and the office have been Imposed on but
not to my knowledge - Respect to advising
me not to mention their Names in the office I
dont remember except Mr. Shaffer mentioning
that he had a quarrell with Mr. Odibert
and did not like to do business in the office
as he made use of bad Language to the old
Man then in office - As for large -
commissions considering the Number of
Times to attend
at the office was not more than I often had
from different People for the same business both
in Pennsylvanias Land Office and in the War office
To convince you that the love of Gain was not my
object I refused to buy Capt. Thomas Wylie and
other officers Land warrants;Knowing Suspecting them to
be Illegally taken from the War office and had
them returned out of the Hand of the Broker,
Hands back into the Land office - Please to ask
Mr. Jones clerk about this matter; I could
bought them under the market price but
rejected to buy; and had them all returned to the
War office. The bundle of powers I gave into the
Hands of Mr. Simmons I dont fully remember
who presented them to the War office; but Mr.
Lewis no doubt may remember as he has made
remarks on them with red ink - They were
left Inclosed by some Person with a [undecipherable] of
advice; all are in your Hands I believe
there was not any Warrants delivered of that
parcell - This is all I know or can think off
respecting these matters
December the 2nd 1796 came before me the Subscriber
Alexander Power and made oath according to
Law that the fore going Statement of things -
respecting the war office is the truth according
to the best of his knowledge and belief
Subscriber and made oath before
one of the aldermen Isaac Howell
Alex. Power