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Provisions and Transportation

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Date November 13, 1795
Author Name Isaac Craig (primary) Location: Pittsburgh
Recipient Name Timothy Pickering (primary) Location: Philadelphia
Summary Sent beef cattle to Presque Isle, noted boats should be built to transport provisions. Saw mill neglected at Buffalo Creek and could not be repaired in time for winter. Noted the poor treatment of horses and circumstances for their death/injury. Noted that he should appeal to the Legislature of Pennsylvania for better conditions on the roads.
Document Format Autograph Letter Signed
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Related Persons/Groups Timothy Pickering; Isaac Craig; garrison; escorts; dragoon; Legislature of Pennsylvania; Colonel Butler; ;
Related Places Philadelphia; Pittsburgh; Presque Isle; Presque'isle; Le Boeuf; Cataragaries; Cataragarus; Buffalo Creek; Buffaloe Creek; saw mill; Cassawaga; Cossawaga; French Creek; Headquarters; road; ;
Keywords beef cattle; supplies; provisions; forage; boat; plank; baggage; hospital stores; medicine; oxen; corn; transportation; saw mill race and dam; plank; horses; general return of stores; opening a road; ;
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Pittsburg 15 November 1795
I have received your letter of the 7th inst on the fourth [undecipherable] 10th instant. I sent forward to Presqu'isle forty beef cattle these when added to Provision previously sent forward will form a supply for the intended Garrison of Presqu'isle & Le Bœuf up to first of April 1796 except the Article of forage for the working Oxen Viz. Corn -- a boat load of which I am now endeavouring to send forward
I presume it will be necessary to have a proper boat or boats built at Presqu'isle for transportation of forage &ca from Cataragarus & Buffalo Creek from when I have no doubt of a sufficient quantity being obtained at a reasonable rate -- But it is an unfortunate Circumstance that the Saw Mill race & dam at that place was neglected until it became too late to complete it before the Winter as otherwise Plant &ca for the above purpose as well as for the buildings might have been provided in due season
Several of the Militia dragoon horses were occasionally taken to carry the baggage &ca of of parties on their March to Presqu'isle and also frequently to carry the baggage of escorts of Provision & stores &ca, by which several of them by excessive fatigue & want of a full supply of forage have been so far reduced as not to be able to return & therefore have died, others have had their limbs broken in the almost impassable road from Cossawaga to Presqu'isle and there unavoidably perished but previously these horses being employed on the above service I had them appraised by competent Judges -- as I was then apprehensive that some of them might be killed or fall
into [undecipherable] hands. I shall communicate that part of your letter respecting the dragoon horses to Colo Butler & be guided by his opinion.
I have enclosed herewith a General return of stores at this post up to the first of October since which all the hospital stores & Medicines have been received & those destined for Head Quarters sent forward
I am pursuaded that an application ought to be made to the Legislature of Pennsylvania for opening a road from Fort Franklin to Presqu'isle & for improving the navigation of French Creek. a A Road from Pittsburg to Fort Franklin would also be of great utility
I am
with great respect
your very obedient
Humble Servant
Isaac Craig
Timothy Pickering
Seretary of War