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Report from West Point on Quartermaster Affairs, Garrison Affairs, Equipment Upkeep, & Artificers' Work

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CollectionUnited States Military Academy: Letterbook No.1 West Point 1784-86 view image
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Date May 12, 1786
Author Name William Price (primary) Location: West Point
Recipient Name Henry Knox (primary)
Summary Report on Quartermaster affairs and business at the West Point Army garrison; discusses repair of muskets; hiring of a carpenter; manufacture of nails; oiling of arms; reports forwarding inventories of ordnance and military stores; list of equipment forwarded.
Document Format Author's Letterbook Copy, in hand of author
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Related Persons/Groups Major General Henry Knox; William Price; armorer; soldiers; Mr. Manon; James Manon; men; superintendent; carpenter; Connelly; Mr. Jeffords; Lieutenant Willcox; Captain Mercer; Captain Strong; troops; Secretary at War; Captain Hamtramck; ;
Related Places West Point; Ohio;
Keywords contract; French, Hessian, and English arms; stocks; guns; dollars; expense; tools; work; July; nails; boxes; works; nail rods; gallons; oil; returns of ordnance and quartermaster stores; April; powder; salt peter; stores; business; barrels; repairs and transportation; knapsacks; canteens and straps; drum shell; ink stands; axes; orderly books; ink powder; hatchet and slings; portmanteaus; woolen breeches; hats; linen overalls; receipt; large blacksmith; right hand very lame; wafers; steelyards; ;
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West Point 12 May 1786
I believe you misunderstood me in my Letter of 20h March Respecting the Armourers as I did not mean to have a Contract, But that the men should be hired during their good behavior and there was work for them to do ---
I believe there is about five thousand French, Hesian & English arms that is repairable Including them that must be stockd and the old stocks will be wanting to use for splicing some of the others I mean these 9000 will do for soldiers, a Considerable number of the others will make you Guns fit for Armd Vessels, and the Rest will be worth but Little use than to sell, there may be some that will do to help mount the Best Arms ---
Mr. Manon is of the Opinion that it will take at Least Thirty men to repair and stock what is worth doing in the Term of Eighteen Months as you proposed -- he is also of the opinion that all the Arms Mentiond as above may be repaird and stocks Including one with the other at three Dollars each, and offerd to do them and find the stocks for them that wants it ----
I expect in the Course of a few Weeks to be able to determine accurately what is and what is not worth doing and as soon as done Shall Lose no time in transmitting it to you ---
it will be attended with a great expence to fit such a number of men with Tools and Keep them at Work. and there is no one place that will be Long enough for them to work in unless we fit up the Large Blacksmith Shop, or dividing them in their different Branches, and hire a Superindendant to each --- but Instead of Six as I proposed before I think their can be Ten employed to advantage. if not Inconsistent with your Limits to have them Done In eighteen Months ----
As you cannot allow but one Carpenter I should wish to have him before July - and please to inform me wether any thing will be allowed for a soldier if I can find One that will answer the Purpose - if it is only Six hours per day ---
As we shall want a great many Nails for the boxes and other works - and there is Nail-Rods in Store, I think it will be Cheapest to have them made here. I can get them made for Seven pence to pound --
Their is wanting three Gallons of sweet oil to oil the arms Arms that has Stood on the Racks all Winter ---
I have forwarded by Mr Connelly the returns of Ordnance and Military and Quarter Master Stores for the month of April -- the Genl will please to to excuse them not being in sooner but having my right hand Very Lame has Prevented it --
I receivd your Letter of 14t April respecting the powder Salt Peter and other Stores. Mr Jeffords has now gone upon the Business. Their is no Barrels here that will answer the purpose without repairing which can be done at New Windsor. but I think the Repairs & transportation to the place will be near enough to Purchase New Ones on the short ---
I have recevd yours of 6t Instant on 10th and have Now forwarded by Lt. Willcox the following articles to Capt Mercer
110 Knapsacks
110 Canteens & straps
1 Drum shell
2 Pewter Ink Stands
18 Narrow Axes
3 Orderly Books
3 Papers Ink Powder
6 Hatchets & slings
1 Pr Still Yards
6 Portmanteaus & Rods
&40 axes for the Purpose of Common Stock in the Ohio

Turn Over
Wafers I have never recved any - There was but three of Small Steelyards one Capt Strong had, one Capt. Hamtramck, & one I have forwardd one to Capt Mercer [undecipherable] there is but two in the Stores and they both Want repairing. I had but forty axes Left after supplying the Troops for the Purpose of Common [undecipherable] --- as there is none here to use with your Permission I will get some of the old ones New Laid --
I have furnishd Mr Connelly with fifteen hats two pr Woolen Blanket & Eleven pr Linnen Overalls to Compleat his men and taken his Receipt __
I am Sir your [undecipherable]
The Honorable Major Genl Knox
Secretary at War