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Treaty of Greenville

Sources & Images
Source Name Image(s)
CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: Senate, Treaties, RG46 view image
CollectionHuntington Library: American Indian File (no image)
CollectionKent State University Libraries: Anthony Wayne Papers (no image)
PublicationCarter, Clarence Edwin, ed. The Territorial Papers of the United States. Volume 2, The Territory Northwest of the River Ohio, 1787-1803. 26 Vols. Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 1934. (no image)
Document Information
Date August 3, 1795
Author Name Timothy Pickering (primary) Location: Head Quarters, Greenville
Recipient Name [not available]
Summary Certified copy of official Treaty of Greenville that secures peace between the United States and the Wyandots, Delawares, Shawnees, Shawanoes, Ottawas, Chippewas, Potawatimes, Miamis, Eel River, Weeds, Kickapoos, Piankashaws, and Kaskaskias. Outlines boundaries, trade, agriculture, and civil rights.
Document Format Copy of Signed Document
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Related Persons/Groups Timothy Pickering; George Washington; Anthony Wayne; Henry De Butts; William Henry Harrison; T. Lewis; James O'Hara; John Mills; Caleb Swan; George Demler; Francis Vigo; Francis LaFontaine; Antoine LaCelle; Jean Beau Bien; David Jones, Chaplain; Lewis Beufiat; R. Lachambre; Francis Pepin; Baties Coutien; Francois Navarre; Sworn Interpreters; William Wells; Jacques Lasselle; M. Morins; Jean Baptise Romain; Christopher Miller; Robert Wilson; Abraham X. Williams; Isaac X. Zane; General Clark; Wyandots; Delawares; Shawanese; Ottawas; Chipewas; Potowatames; Miamis; Eel River; Weeas; Kickapoos; :Piankashaws; Kaskaskias; sachems, chiefs, and warriors; Moses; Mis-qua-coo-na-caw, or red pole; Cut-the-we-ka-saw, or black hoof; Kay-se-wa-e-se-kah-; Wey-tha-pa-mat-tha-; Nia-nym-se-ka; Way-the-ah, or long Shanks; Wey-a-pier-sen-waw, or blue Jacket; Bu-kon-ge-he-las; Pee-kee-lund; Welle-baw-kee-lund; Pee-kee-tele-mund, or Thomas Adams; Kish-ko-pe-kund, or Captain Buffaloe; Ame-na-he-han, or Captain Crow; Que-Shawk-sey, or George Washington; Wey-win-quis, or Billy Siscomb; Sha-tey-ya-ron-yah, or leather lips; Daugh-Shut-tay-ah; Sha-aw-run-the; Teta-boksh-ke, or Grand Glaize King; Le-man-tan-quis, or black King; Wa-bat-thoe; Magh-pi-way, or red feather; Kik-tha-we-nund, or Anderson; Tar-he, or Crane; I Williams Jr.; Tey-yagh-taw; Ha-ro-en-you, or half Kings son; Te-haaw-to-rens; Aw-me-yee-ray; Staye-tah; Pee-jee-wa, or Richardville; Coch-ke-pogh-togh, or Eel river tribe; Sha-me-kun-ne-sa, or Soldier; Wa-pa-man-gwa, or the white loon; A-ma-cun-sa, or little beaver; A-coo-la-tha, or little fox; Francis; Kee-aw-hah; Ne-migh-ka, or Jose Renard; Pai kee-ka-nogh; Haw-kin-pum-is-ka; Pey-a-mawk-sey; Reyn-tue-co; Me-she-ge-the-nogh; Hin-go-swash; A-ne-wa-saw; Naw-budgh; Mis-se-no-go-maw; Wa-we-eg-she; Thaw-me, or Le Blanc; Gee-que; O-kia-a; Cha-mung; Se-ga-ge-wan; Na-naw-me; Mar-chand; We-na-me-ac; Na-goh-quah-gogh, Le Gris; Me-She-kun-nogh-quoh, or little Turtle; Mee-ne-doh-gee-sogh; Pee-wan-she-me-nogh; Wey-me-gwas; Gob-mo-a-tick; Che-go-nick-ska; Thu-pe-ne-bu; Naw-ac; Ne-nan-se-ka; Kee-sass, or Sun; Ka-ba-ma-saw; Sug-ga-nunk; Wap-me-me, white pigeon; Wa-che-ness; Wab-shi-caw-naw; La-Chasse; Ne-que-taugh-aw; Hah-goo-see-kaw, or Captain Reed; Au-goosh-away; Kee-no-sha-meek; La Malice; Ma-chi-we-tah; Tho-wo-na-wa; Se-caw; Mash-i-pi-nash-i-wish, or bad bird; Nah-sho-ga-she; Ka-tha-wa-sung; ",Ma-sass; Ne-me-kass, or little Thunder; Pe-shaw-kay, or young ox; Nan-guey; French people; ;
Related Places Greenville; Head Quarters; Philadelphia; Fort Wayne; Fort Defiance; Cayahoga River; Muskingum; Fort Lawrence; the Ohio; Loromies store; St. Marys River; Fort Recovery; Wabash; Cuttawa River; Au Glaize River; St. Josephs; British fort; Sandusky Lake; post of Detroit; River Rosine; Lake Erie; Michillimackinac; St. Vincennes; Fort Massac; ;
Keywords treaty; advice and consent of the Senate; peace and friendship; destructive war; controversies; harmony; hostilities; friendly intercourse; prisoners; boundary; useful goods; navigable water; French or English governments; Lake Huron; Lake Michigan; Illinois River; the Mississippi; Peoria Fort; free passage by land and water; peace; cessions of land; claims to Indian lands; annuity; protection of the United States; trade with tribes; hunting camps; license; revenge or retaliation; mistrust and suspicion; ;
Key Phrases If any Citizen of the United States or any other white person or persons shall presume to settle upon the lands now relinquished by the United States, such Citizen or other person shall be out of the protection of the United States, and the Indian tribe...may drive off the Settler, or punish him in such manner as they shall think fit...

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