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Extract of a talk from the Chief of the Oaksuskies to James Seagrove

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Date May 14, 1795
Author Name Creek Chiefs
Recipient Name James Seagrove
Summary This document is a copy of a talk between White Lieutenant, Chief of the Upper Creeks, and U.S. Indian Commissioner, James Seagrove. The date of the talk is 1 May 1795. The copy of the talk arrived in Savannah on 14 May 1795. Peace agreement.
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Related Persons/Groups Creek Chiefs; White Lieutenant; James Seagrove; Oaksuskies; Creek; Indian Nation; Indians; Agent of Indian Affairs; prisoners; Negroes; Governor William Blount; commissioner; Cherokee; Tim Barnard; Joseph Cornet; Joseph Cornel; Upper Creeks; Lower Creeks; deputy chief; Cornell; interpreter; agent; negros; prisoners; General Robertson; ;
Related Places Cussita town; Cussetah town; Savannah; Georgia; western territory; land; Oaksuskies; Cumberland; Kentucky; ;
Keywords journey; horses; property; sharp weapons; resolution; hatchets; guns; sharp weapon; ;
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Talk of Creek Chiefs
No 3 1795
May 1
Extract of a Talk from the White Lieutenant Great-Chief of the Oaksuskies on behalf of the whole Creek Nation to James Seagrover, Agent of Indian Affairs for the United States dated at the Cussita Town 1d May 1795 received in Savannah by the o Agent on the 14th May.
"Your Talk to our Nation we have received as from our Father, Friend and Brother, & we are now on our way to take you by the hand. Our Nations have unanimously agreed to comply with your demands, they are just & for our good. We have determined at our late meeting of the whole of the Chiefs of our Nation at the Oaksuskies in the beginning of last moon to establish a firm & lasting peace with every part of the United States. We are now collecting the white Prisoners, Negroes & other Property, there is in our Land belonging to the United States. This takes us longer than we expected, but as soon as we have completed it, we shall proceed on our Journey to take you, our Father and Friend by the Hand. When myself and the other Chiefs meet you we will reply to every part of your long & Friendly talk to us. We are determined to live in peace with all white people though we have war with our own Colour."
Oaksuskies Upper Creeks 3 April 9[?]
A Talk from the Chiefs of the upper and Lower Creeks have assembled, to his Excellency Governor Blount Western Territory received by James Seagrove Esqr Agent of Indian Affairs at Savannah 14th May 1795
We the principal Chiefs of the Upper & lower Creek's here may inform his Excellency Gov. Blount and all the People in the Western Territory that we are here met with a full resolution to make a firm and lasting Peace with the whole of the Citizens of the United States and that we are at this time set about the business of collecting the horses, white Prisoners and Negroes and all other property in our land belonging to the Citizens of the United States whether from Cumberland, Kentuckey or any other part of the Western Territory, which is according to the present demands from James Seagrove Esqr Agent of Indian Affairs. We the Chiefs of this Nation mean to set off in a few days with them to Georgia the place appointed to meet our beloved man James Seagrove Esqr and to deliver him all Said Property and white Prisoners at which time we the Chiefs of this Nation have concluded to direct our beloved man James Seagrove Esqr to forward the Property belonging to the Western Territory to
[that quarter?] and at the same time we the Chiefs here met inform Governor Blount and all his officers & Citizens that they may put full confidence in what we say, and that we from this time are determined to bury the Hatchets, Guns and all other Sharp Weapons and talk all white Peoples by the hand like brothers and never to spill each others blood more. We the Chiefs of the Creek Nation therefore inform his Excellency Governor Blount and all the Inhabitants, that they may, on the receipt of this, work on their farms without the least apprehension of danger or molestation. We have to add that we have this day received a Talk from the Agent of Indian Affairs from the United States in the Cherokees, which we take in friendship, and agree one and all to pay attention to. As we have finished all our Talks in favor of peach with the United States this day, therefore Hope the Agent of Indian Affairs in the Cherokees will forward these our Talks with [disp*] to his Excellency Govr. Blount and Brigadier Genl. Robertson and to all other Officers and People o the Western Territory.
Done in presence of
Tim: Barnard, Deputy Agent
Jospeh Cornel, Interpreter