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Talk of Old Tassel with Governor of Georgia

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CollectionGeorgia Historical Society: #71- Joseph Bevan Papers view image
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Date February 24, 1786
Author Name Chief Tosell (primary)
Recipient Name Governor Edward Telfair (primary)
Summary Talk of the Cherokee Chief "Old Tossell" (Old Tassel) to the Governor of Georgia asking that he keep John Sevier and his "bad men" from raiding the Cherokee towns. Fear of disturbance from white settlers, who frightened their women and children into the woods and plundered their homes. They seek peace.
Document Format Autograph Document Signed
Document Notes Talk from the Old Tassel Chief of the Cherokee to the Governor of Georgia
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Related Persons/Groups Edward Telfair; Old Tossell (Old Tassel); Chief of the Cherokees; White People; brothers; John Sevier; Warriors; men; women; children; Creeks; Chickasaws; Choctaws; nations; bad men; friends and brothers; chiefs; Governor of Georgia; Runners;
Related Places Georgia; Sinecer; Muscle Shoals;
Keywords peace and friendship; towns; woods; doors; houses; spring; hunting land; settle; runners; hunting ground; war; talks; ;
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Talk from the Old Tossell cheif of the
Cherokees to the Governor of Georgia —
Dated C = 24th February 1786
Friend and Brother,
I am informed and am very sure it
is true that the White people are coming to disturb us next
spring so contrary to the Talks we had at Sinecer —
the Talks we hear, we hold fast, and want to live in
peace and friendship with our oldest Brothers the White
people. But when we were at Sinecer, the Governer
John Seveer and several more Warriors came with him &
brought with a great many men with them; they came through
our Towns and so frightened our women and children
as to cause them to run and perish in the woods — they brok
down our doors and robed our houses, and Say they will
be here in the spring to take our hunting Land from us
and Settle at the Musohle Shoals. Now that land
belongs to the Creeks, Chickasaws, & Choctaws as much
as it does to us, therefore we have sent Runners off to
all of those nations, that they may meet at the Said
hunting ground in the Spring. We dont want
any war if the White people will let us live in peace
we desire that you may try and put a stop to their
coming: — We think you can Stop those bad men
from coming to trouble us. ═ Friends and Brother, we
beg that you will send us an answer as soon as
possible, as we may know whether we can live in
peace or not.

From, your Friend & Brother,
Old Tossell Chief
of the Cherokas &
the rest of the Chiefs
Governor of