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[Copy of James Davidson's talk to John McKee delivered by runner]

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CollectionTennessee State Library and Archives: James Robertson Papers view image
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Date February 1, 1795
Author Name [not available]
Recipient Name [not available]
Summary Scalp taken reasons for Indian warfare and killing. Requests opinion of United States on his actions. Noted council being held by Indian chiefs and warriors. Assured recipient (possibly Gov. Blount) of loyalty to United States.
Document Format Copy of Signed Document
Document Notes Partially illegible.
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Related Persons/Groups John McKee; James Davidson; runner; chief; warriors; Stallion; Creek; Tuckaboaties; Tuckabatches; Governor William Blount; Turkey; Dinsmoor; Dinsmore; Dinsmor; ;
Related Places Tellico Block House; Georgia; South Carolina; Ellijoy; frontiers; Tuckaboaties; Tuckabatches; Willistown; Lower Twons; ;
Keywords scalp; ammunition; white wampum; council; talk; ;
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Copy of James
Davidson's Talk
to John McKee
delivered by a
Runner. - .
James Davidson
is a principal
Chief of the Valley
Settlements -

Tellico Block House February 1st 1793


[undecipherable] to John M.Kee. I have [undecipherable] from [undecipherable] by request of the warriors of that quarter as a Runner from James Davidson to you. this is his talk. I want to know what you think of my People if the Stallion [undecipherable] who have been to see you. I want to Know whether you approve of what they have done in behalf of the United States. It is sometimes since the scalp came forward, it was taken by my [undecipherable] and I am glad to hear that my oldest brothers [undecipherable] it with joy. I wish by the return of my Runners to Know what you & the people of your Country think of my conduct in this affair. The People who did this bussiness are my People, the Stallion is my male, and started from my Town, and others of the party were raised with me, what we did was done in defense of the United States: The Creek whom my people Killed was the Son of a beloved man in his own nation, and was then on his way to the Frontiers of Georgia for his chief. The beloved man of the Tuckabatches and two other [?] & a warrior from each are now holding a Council I send you this Talk & I ope you will send it to Governor Blount that he may let us Know if any thing can be done for us. I remember your talks that the friends of the United States
would never [undecipherable] If you want [undecipherable] you can be [undecipherable] ammunition [undecipherable] will be in a war at the Creeks [undecipherable] soon by less [undecipherable] heard from at a distance where you were [undecipherable] Carolinia also heard from you where you come round to territory. I have [undecipherable] hear your [undecipherable] like them I will hold them [forth?] it shall be said of me as it is of the head [undecipherable] of the [undecipherable] that I came forward & took the white [undecipherable] by the hand & then turned round & [undecipherable] would rather strike their enemies. I hear that the Creeks have come on to the Turkeys [undecipherable] and held their talk there from then they have come on to Will's [undecipherable] I suppose they [undecipherable] finish the talks & from that in company will Chiefs of the Lower Towns proceed to the talk to be held at Ellijoy in about twenty four [undecipherable] by M.r Dinsmoor, to demand & receive satisfaction. I shall be there it was by my directions the Station proceeded & I shall give him up I [undecipherable] will the injuries [undecipherable] of the Nation but offered on [undecipherable] of the bad conduct of the Creeks & Lower Towns. I had once a good brother but he is [no] more. They shall hear my sentiment fully. I tell you my situation & I wish to Know whether I am to stand alone and bleed for the United States or not. Am I to be with[out?]
ammunition or will it be allowed?

A string of white wampum.

John McKee. I shall immediately forward Davidson's talk & Governor Blount by a speedy messenger and you will receive his answer in two days.