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Articles of a Treaty with the Choctaw Nation

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CollectionState Historical Society of Wisconsin: Draper Mss-Tennessee view image
Document Information
Date January 3, 1786
Author Name Treaty (primary)
Recipient Name Treaty (primary)
Summary Treaty Concluded at Hopewell on the Keowee River near Seneca Old Town between the commissioners plenipotentiary of the Choctaw Nation and the U.S. 11 Articles
Document Format Document
Document Notes Signed by the Commissioners Plenipotentiary of the Choctaw Nation and the U.S.
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Related Persons/Groups Benjamin Hawkins; Andrew Pickens; Joseph Martin; commissioners plenipotentiary; William Blount; John Woods; Samuel Taylor; Robert Anderson; Benjamin Lawrence; witnesses; John Pitchlynn; James Cole; interpreters; United States; Choctaw Nation; Yockenahoma; great medal chief of soonacoha; Yockehoopoie; leading chief of bugtoogoloo; Mingohoopoie; leading chief of Haskooqua; Tobocoh; great medal chief of Congetoo; Pooshemastubie; gorget captain of Senayazo; pooshahooma; Tuscoonoohoopoie; Shinshemastuby; Yoopakooma; Stoonokoohoopoie; Tehakuhbay; Pooshemastuby; Tuskkahoomoch; tushkahoomoch; Yoostenochha; Tootehooma; Toohenohoomoch; Cshecoopoohoomoch; Stonakoohoopoie; Tushkoheegohta; Teshuhenochloch; Pooshonaltla; Okanconnooba; Utoonachubaa; Pangekooloch; Steabee; Tenctehenna; Tushkementahock; Tushtallay; Cshnaangchabba; Cunnopoie; small medal chiefs of the first class; medal and gorget captains; prisoners; citizens; allies; negroes; Indians; King of Great Britain; Congress; traders; ;
Related Places Hopewell; Keowee River; Seneca Old Town; Natches district;
Keywords property; Revolutionary war; tribes and towns; lands; boundary; hunt; trading posts; government; refuge; robbery; murder; capial crime; tribe; ordinances; treaty; trade; hatchet; peace;
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