Recommendations of Cook & Grant

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Date April 25, 1785
Author Name Henry Knox (primary) Location: War Office
Recipient Name Richard Henry Lee (primary)
Summary Henry Knox, Secretary at War, writes to Richard Henry Lee, President of Congress with his recommendations regarding Captains Jesse Cook and Jesse Grant of the Connecticut Line.
Document Format Autograph Signed Draft
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Related Persons/Groups Henry Knox; president of congress; jesse cook; Jesse Grant; congress; connecticut line;
Related Places War Office; Fort Washington;
Keywords captivity; deranged; depreciation of pay; rank service; suffering; gratuity; settlement; resolutions; pay; subsistence; exchanged prisoners;
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1786 March 14
[editor's note: the above is a handwritten note at the top of the page; the remainder of the document is in typeface]
War-Office, April, 25, 1785
On the memorial of captain Jesse Grant and captain Jesse Cook referred to me from congress I beg leave to report, -
That captain Jesse Grant and captain Jesse Cook, late officers in the Connecticut line, were take prisoners at Fort-Washington in November, 1776 and deranged whilst in captivity, in the beginning of the year 1779. - That as officers retiring from service under the resuolution of Congress of the 24th November, 1778, they are entitled to one years pay as a gratuity and to a full settlement of their pay and subsistence to the time they were exchanged, but to no other allowance either for half pay or depreciation of pay,
Should Congress however be of opinion that the peculiar situation of those officers, added to their long sufferings in captivity, entitle them to the favourable notice of the honourable house; they will be pleased to resolve, -
That it be recommended to the state of Connecticut to settle with Jesse Grant and Jesse Cook, late officers in the service of the United States, the depreciaiton of pay according to their respective ranks from the time they entered into service, the the 25th day of October, 1780, when they returned from captivity.
I have the honor to be, with the highest respect,
Your Excellency's most obedient humble servant,
His Excellency,
The President of Congress

The Committee consisting of Mr. Dane, Mr. Lee and Mr. St. Clair, to whom was referred the represnentaiton of J. Pierce Esq commissioner of army accounts, of the 2d March, 1786, stating that several officers of the continental line of the army who were made prisoners in the years 1776, and 1777, and continued in captiviity until the exchanges were made after the month of October 1780, found themselves, on their release, out of service, their corps having during their captivity differently organized, and their names omitted in the list of officers, and that said officers claim the benefits and emoluments of the resolves of October 3d and 21st 1780 thereby granted to deranged and certain other officers;- report;
That they have carefully exameined, considered and compared the several resolves of Congress relative to this subject of January 19, May 15, and November 24, 1778; May 22, 1779, October 3 and 21, and November 28, 1780; January 1, May 25, and December 31 1781; January 26, and February 11, 1784, and March 8 1785, and are of opinion, on a true construction of the said resolves, that the benefits and emoluments of those resolves of October 3 and 21, 1780; cannot be extended to officers in captivity, exchanged, their names omitted in the list of officers, and their corps differently organized as aforesaid, for it appears to have been the uniform intention of Congress to extend these benefits and emoluments to three descriptions only, of officers in the line, within neither of which are the officers referred to, by the commissioner : to wit, to officers who should continue in service during the war; to officers who should be hostages to, and liable to be called for by the enemy, and to officers deranged by the two arrangements of the army in the years 1780 and 1781. But that the said officers so referred to, are entitled to the one years pay, granted by the resolve of November 24, 1778, and extended by the resolve of May 22d, 1779.