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Release of Prisoners

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Date January 14, 1794
Author Name Anthony Wayne (primary) Location: Grand Glaize
Recipient Name Indians Northwest of Ohio River (primary)
Summary Speech of Captain Big Tree: His Nephews were too proud last summer but came to their senses and lowered the asking price regarding the release of prisoners.
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Related Persons/Groups Anthony Wayne; Captain Big Tree; Shawanese; Wyandots; Miamis; Indian Nations northwest of the Ohio River; Six Nations; ;
Related Places Grand Glaize;
Keywords release of prisoners; ;
Key Phrases speak a few words to his nephews; you were too proud; I am pleased to find that your price is lowered and that you begin to come to your senses;

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[illegible] be necessary that you give convincing and unequivocal [pro*] of your sincere wish and desire for peace by bringing in and delivering up all and every of the American Prisoners now in your possession, to the Officer commanding at Fort Recovery (ie) on the same ground where the Action of the 4th of November 1791 took place; and that on or before the next full moon, which will be on the 14th of February, ie in the course of thirty days, from and after this day.
And, immediately send of runners to capture and restrain all said all and every of your Warriors from committing any Murder or Murders, Robery's or depredations upon any of the Inhabitants or Citizens of the United States - or upon any Escort party or parties of troops, on their way to or from any of our posts or Garrisons wheresoever or whatsoever. In the meantime, the path shall be kept Open, that you you may have a free communication, between your Towns and Fort Recovery (the late field of battlle) The only path by which you can come, always taking care to show a White Flag which my Warriors are ordered to pay particular respect to and to receive you as friends and to guard you safe from [illegible] or Danger both in coming to that place, and from thence here and in returning to your lowers, the foregoing Conditions being punctually complie with upon your part. I shall then be convinced of your peaceable disposition, and my heart and Arms will be open to receive and meet you at this place on or before the 14th of February the day above mentioned; in order to fix and determine upon a proper time and place for holding a General treaty; In the meantime it is to be well & Perfectly understood, that the progress of this Army is not to be impeaded or molested in its advance, but shall be Permitted to move peaceably and quietly with all its Aparatus Provision & Stores and every Article and thing necessary for holding the treaty. Thus will the door be opened for Establishing a Permanent and lasting peace, founded upon former treaties, and on the solid basis of Honour equity and justice, & to the Mutual satisfaction of all parties, and thus with them Our Hatchet be buried so deep that it can never again be found.
Given at Head Quarters [Green?] 14th January 1794.
(Signed) By Anthony Wayne
Major General & Commander in Chief of the Legion of the United States of America
The principal Warrior then rose and presented another string of white Wampum saying, this is a Pledge sent to you by the Chiefs of the Delawares, Shawanese and Miamies that they will now call in all their Warriors.
A Senaca Chief
Capt Big Tree being present on the 14th January, after hearing the Message from the Hostile Indians and the Answer thereto, Requested permission to speak a few words to his Nephews - which being granted he rose and addressed the three Warriors, or Messengers.
I call you Nephews, because you have [illegible] acknowledged
Us the six Nations as your Union.
I am pleased to find that your pride is lowered and that you begin to come to your reason - You were too proud and mad last summer to listen to the Commissioners, of the Fifteen fires or to your Uncles.
I will only just inform you, that the voice of the Fifteen fires is the voice of the Six Nations. Therefore tell all your Chiefs and Warriors to listen to the Voice of the great Chief - tell them to comply immediately with his demand and to deliver up all their Prisoners within the course of Thirty Days - and not neglect - If they wish to see their Children grown up to be men and Warriors.

To the Delawares, Shawanese, Miamies & Wyandots, &ca. to each & every of them; and to all Other nations of Indians northwest of the Ohio whosoever it may concern
I Anthony Wayne, Major General and Commander in Chief of the Federal Army, now at Grand Glaize; and Commissioner plenipotentiary of the United States of America for settleing the terms upon which a permanent and lasting peace shall be made between the United States, and each and every of the Hostile Tribes or nations of Indians northwest of the Ohio, Actuated by the purest principles of humanity & urged by pity for the errors into which bad and designing men have led you; from the head of my Army, now in possession of your abandoned villages and settlements, do hereby, once more extend the friendly hand of peace towards you and invite each & every of the Hostile tribes of Indians to appoint deputies to meet me & my Army without delay between this place & Roche de Bout, in order to settle the preliminaries of a lasting peace, which may eventually & soon restore to you the Delawares, Miamies, Shawanese and all other tribes & Nations lately settled at this place and on the margins of the Miamie & Auglaize Rivers to your late grounds & possessions; and to preserve You & Your distressed & helpless women & Children from danger & famines during the present fall and ensuing winter.
The arm of the United States is strong & powerful; but they love mercy & kindness, more than war and desolation.
And to remove any doubts or aprehensions of danger to the persons of the deputies whom you may appoint to meet this Army, I hereby pledge my sacred honour for their safety and return, and send Christopher Miller an adopted Shawanee, and a Shawanee Warriour, whom I took prisoner two days ago, as a flag who will advance in their front to meet me. Mr. Miller was taken prisoner by a party of my Warriors, six moons since and can testify to you, the kindness I have shewn to your people, my prisoners, that is five warriors & too women, who are now all safe and well at Greenville.
But should this invitation be disregarded & my flag Mr. Miller be detained or injured, I will immediately order all those prisoners to be put to death without distinction; and some of them are known to belong to the first families of you Nation. BROTHERS, be no longer led astray or deceived by the false promises & language of the bad white men at the foot of the Rapids, they have neither the power nor inclination to protect you. No longer shut your eyes to your true interest & happiness; use your ears to this last overture of peace. But in pity to your innocent women & Children come and prevent the further effusion of your blood; let them experience the kindness & friendship of the United States of America; and the invaluable
Blessing of peace and tranquility.
(Signed) Anthony Wayne
Grand Glaize
August 13th, 1794.

To all the Sachems & Warriors belonging to the Chippawas, Delawares, Shawanese, Wyandots, Miamies, Tawas, Potawatimies & all other tribes or nations of Indians whom it may concern.
BROTHERS, The President of the United States General Washington, the great Chief of Americe, Once more speaks to you throu me his Principal Warrior Major General and commander in chief of the Federal Army & Commissioner, Plenipotentiary for settling a permanent fair & Honourable peace with all and every tribe or tribes nations or nations of Indians North of the Ohio.
BROTHERS, Summons your intent powers of attention & listen to the voice of truth & Peace, It is now one moon since I addressed you by a flag from this place" inviting you to appoint deputies to meet me and my Army without delay between this place and Roche de Bout, in order to settle the preliminaries of a lasting peace". I also informed you "that the United States loved mercy & kindness, more than War and desolation" I likewise requested you to be no longer deceived or led astray by the false promises & language of the bad white men at the foot of the rapids, But you were deaf to this request and to the voice of peace - you again took the advise of these bad white men - and in place of meeting me as friends, you prefer'd war, & instead of the [?] of peace you suddenly, presented from your secret coverts the Scalping knife & tomahawk - but in return for the few drops of blood we lost upon that Occasion we caused Rivers of yours to flow. "I told you that the army of the United States was strong" [illegible] you only felt the weight of its little finger; I informed you "that the British had neither the power or inclination to protect you" you have severally experience the truth of that assertion - be therefore no longer blind to your own true interest and Happiness, but listen to the voice of peace and permit me now to [discuss a visit?] over the late transactions; and to bring in [?] Oblivion and to obliterate from the mind all remembrance of past injuries.
BROTHERS, Eight moons are now passed since you sent Stephen Young, George White Eyes and another warrior with a pledge flag to Greeneville accompanied by a Mr. Robert Wilson as your interpreter, in order to know upon what terms I would consent to a general peace, with the Delawares, Shawanese, Miamies &c. I returned for answers," that the Ears & heart of the President of the United States, General Washington were ever open to the voice of peace, and that he had instructed me his chief warrior to listen to that welcome voice from whatever Quarter is came provided it was from proper authority & from the Heart," the terms mentioned were equitable, clear & Explicit.
BROTHERS, If you now wish for peace and to be restored to the possession of your cultivated Lands and hunting ground carrie forward with all the American Prisoners now in your hands and in exchange you shall receive all such prisoners as I have belonging to your Nations. Appoint a number of your Indians and Chief Warriors to attend them, bring with you some of your most confidential Interpreters & Thereby pledge my sacred Honour for your safe return & for your kind treatment whilst with me. Open your minds freely to me, and let us try to agree upon such fair and equitible terms of peace, as shall be for the true interest and Happiness of boath the White and red people and that you may in future plant your Corn and Hunt in peace and safety - and that by an interchange of kindness and good Offices towards each other, We may cement that brotherly love and affection which shall endure to the end of time.
The Commanding Officer at this place has orders to receive and treat you with kindess and to send with you one of his Officers to conduct you safe to head Quarters, where you shall receive a sincere welcome from your friend and Brother
Signed Anthony Wayne
Grand Glaize
12th September 1794
Answer of the Hostile Indians to the Speach of Major General Wayne 13th, August 1794.
The Warriors of all our Nations were here on our [feet?] to meet you when we heard you were comeing against us - There we received your Speach by a man who had been with us before & a Shawanoe man you had taken prisoner a few days ago - Brothers you cant imagine how glad we were to find you had still some pity for our Women & Children. Brothers dont be in too great a hurry - you know very well we are not like you white people who do not consult in the the manner we do - You have only to write and your business is done, but we Indians must do all our business with every Nation of the Confederacy which takes up a great deal of time. Brothers if you are sincere in your hearts, you will sit down Hill where you are & not build Forts in our Village - And in the space of ten days you shall see us comeing with the Flag before us as you have mentioned. The flag which is now sent to you in return. It is the wish of the Warriors that this shall be a continual communications of our Speaches to each other - And when you have read our Speach which is greatly moved by sincere tokens of your, Friendship & your pity to our Women & Children - then we further expect that we shall have likewise an answer to our Speaches. We will also sit down again here with our warriors 'til that time.
15th August 1794.
Speech and Letters from the Wayandots, & Mr. Isaac Williams
27th September 1794
Sandusky 27th September 1794.
BROTHERS, to all the United States of America -
I request of you to allow me the honour of Communicating you a few words, upon the subject of the Greatest importance to the thirteen United States and us Brown skin people, it is now better than five years Since the commencement of this war - I think it is most time that we should take our rest and enjoy the remainder of our lives the blessings of peace.
It has been always my Hearts desire to live in this state of Bliss. The regret I feel for my Countryman is inexpressible, they are now in the utmost distress, and the appearance of a total Elimination from our Nation Soil, Most alarming Circumstance, for a human being to condole upon, Who have we to blame for our present, Misfortunes, The World knows I have exerted myself to shew my abillites to the Chiefs and Warriors of this place, to Inculcate in them the same Ideas as I possess ie if they go wrong the charge of their Ignorance cannot be upon me, I am determined to let my brothers know, the United States of America, the abuse and imposition we have Received from a People who calls themselves Christians; I demand redress from the United States; by sending an Army to this place without delay for I wish to save my People of Sandusky -- I have always acted the part of a faithful and true Subject to them. I hope to see the day wherein I shall have the pleasure of convincing my Country men how far they are wrong - I am now determined as I said before to disclose my heart & Sentiments, I will do every thing that lays in my power to save my people as I am an off spring of theirs and I have a right to support their cause and conduct them the right way. Can there by any honour in any civilised nation to advise us to a thing that would ruin us. O fie upon them that are guilty, they had much better shew us the Right and Wrong. You see Brothers how we are imposed upon, you may rely on what I say to be truth, for I speak from the true Principles of mans Loyalty to his Country; We want nothing but Justice, and I know the United States will grant it - The cause of my doing this now, is; I have been twice Disappointed in attempting to have peace. The first was last March 1794, and the latter lately; Now my Blood has got warm and I will have satisfaction; I hope the United States will cast their Eyes upon me and see the Beliefs I am in form my relations.
(Signed) Jn Williams Junr
Anthony Wayne
Major General, Commander in Chief of the Army of the United States of America
Extract of A Speach
An Extract of A Speach to the Chiefs and Warriors of Sandusky
Listen Chiefs & Warriors - of Sandusky, I told you when I returned from Detroit and Found you all in such Distress, that I had something to say to you all of importance. I can now come forward to speak.
Listen Chiefs & Warriors,
I will now make known to you all my sentiments from my Heart Respecting our present Melancholy Situation, I do acknowledge that to be our case, The most alarming circumstance this ever happened to us and our Country. It appears to me as if we were going to be {ex?] from our Native Soil", A few all seem to be entirely lost and that you are not able to speak for yourselves any now, that you are not able to plan our affairs for our future Advantage.
For this reason I now come forward to speak a few words, how we ought to act for our safety, in Order that we may a while longer enjoy our lands. You know my right and Duty and the trust you have reposed in me by by the first Chiefs of the Wayandots. We are now arrived at a Period which demands justice and tells us to look around and see the most distressing appearance, What an Object it is for us to contemplate on, "how unhappy I am to see you all in this state," to think we are so near abandoning our Lands," what will become of us, Surely we will be in the greatest distress Imaginable" The only plan I can see for our future happiness, is to demand a hearing from the United States once more. I think they would certainly hear our voice; for they are a Humane People" I am now from this day forward Resolved to send in a few days some of our Warriors to demand Proposals from the United States, concerning our lands. Be expeditious & let me know your sentiments upon this head, that I may communicate it to them all, that I have to request of you in particular, is - you must not Advise your father any more fore he has deceived you too Often, is it not a great shame that you will not believe your own flesh & Blood, you ought certainly to know that your ill conduct would be as Equally hurtful to me as it would be to yourselves. I have now reminded you of the Trust & Confidence you have placed in me - that I was to see justice done you and Prohibit wrong - I am now determined as I said before to execute my Office by some means or other --- Here is four Thousand of white wampum which I deliver you, Chiefs & Warriors as a token of my resolution to bring you all to your Senses, that you be [enabled] to see what Right is, When I bring it forward to you.
(Signed) J. Williams Junr Agent to the Chiefs & Warriors of Sandusky
Sandusky 27th Septemr 1794
An Extract of a Speach Delivered by the Wayandots at Sandusky
BROTHERS - Of the thirteen United States of American Listen to us Chiefs & Warriors of Sandusky, it is now arrived to this period since we had Entercourse with each other - When in Counsel at Muskingum we settled all matters and Linked our chain of Friendship Strong this is what you and I did - When I returned home the evil things were set in operation against our good works, we had just finished, and in a short time all things were in such a confusion that nothing but a rupture must take place between the thirteen United States of America and us Indian which affair still remains undecided.
BROTHERS, you told us when the Path was made from the Counsil Fire to our towns at Sandusky that this should be the way for you and I to communicate our Affairs of Importance to each other, and moreover you said that nothing should happen to any of us if this path was followed, that we was to let each other know if in case any thing bad Threatened either of us.
BROTHERS I say this is the promise we made to each other, But we have never heard a word from you, nor your from us. I must acknowledge that we have sometimes hear from you through Divers Channels, and these are such a manner we could not tell the right end of it - We now speak and send forward this speach to you by one of our best and wisest man. Whom we Esteem to be the dearest of our Blood; and from him you will receive this, or any thing What he may have to say will stand Valid - Our reason for sending him was that you might believe in us". BROTHERS, We request of you to bring forth from the bottom of your Hearts your Sentiments Respecting to Makeing a Definitive Treaty of Peace and repair what terms - We shall deliver our Prayers Daily to the Great Spirit above, our maker that you will open your Hearts & Sentiments to our beloved Warrior Mr. Williams.
For the Chiefs & Warriors of Sandusky
Signed) Tarke, Sachem Chief
Geo Williams, Junr
Sandusky 27th Septemr, 1794
Williams [letter?] 27th Septr
A Speach to the Wayandots & the other Hostile Tribes - To Tarke & to all the other Chiefs and Warriors of the Wayandot Nation living at Sandusky and in its Vicinity and to all and every other Tribe and Nation of Indians whom it may concern.
BROTHERS I have listened with attention to the Message sent by Sewe Coone, Enos Coone, Mr. Abraham Williams and Isaac Leane junr & am rejoiced that the great spirit, has at last opened your hearts and Ears to the Voice of Peace = but am sorry that the evil spirit has been busy in attempting to prevent you from accomplishing that desireable object - yet I hope and trust that your eyes are now opened, and that you will no longer suffer yourselves to be imposed upon by the bad advice of those interested white men, who have so often deceived and betrayed you into error - by fair and plausible, But false promises of assisting you to fight against the fifteen fires of the United States; I have already told you, that those people had neither the power or inclination to protect you - the truth of which you have dearly experienced.
BROTHERS You requested me to bring forth from the bottom of my breast, any sentiments respecting a Definitive treaty of peace, & upon what terms. The inclosed Copies of my Speaches addressed to you and to all the other Hostile tribes of Indians will best demonstrate the sincerity and sentiments of my heart & Shew the pains I have when to bring about a happy peace, and to prevent the further Effusion of Human blood.
BROTHERS, I now call upon you to open your Hearts & ears, & to exert every power of attention to what I shall say, It is close upon six years since the Sachams & Warriours of the Wayandots, Delawares, Miamies, Chippewa, Pattawattamie, & Sac nations concluded a treaty at the mouth of Muskingum with Governor St. Clair.

Rather than make peace. That the Indians by this time have heard the proposials of the Brittish & Six Nations, with regard to assistance and Support - and will determine either for peace or war - according to the certainty or uncertainty - of effectual support from the British - after recieving the propositions now sent them.
Extract of a letter from Mr. Isaac Williams to Majr Genl Wayne
Sandusky 4th Decemr 1794
BROTHERS When I received your Speeches I made no delay in dispatching the messenger back to you, that you might be informed how matters go on, but unluckily there fell a great quantity of Rain which caused Rivers to over flow, I now make a second trial which I hope will not fail. I have now the Honour to communicate your Excellency that Tarke the chief of this place is returned, he did not go as far as the Big Pock - I have delivered him the Speech and explained the others to him at the same, he was much pleased to hear your good will towards us. He now sends for answers to yours, as follows - BROTHERS, I am highly pleased to hear your voice which you have communicated me, I hope that the great Spirit above will incline our hearts to that way of thinking, the Chiefs, would have been there long before now to speak with you, but the Evil Spirit Deprived us of it - but still you must not be out of hopes, Next Spring you may Depend upon we shall settle all matters, to the satisfaction of all parties -- "Our father will or has promised to settle this for us" you must think that this will be managed as it was with the last Council at the Miami River that time when you sent your Commissioners, it was our father that disappointed us boath that time, we are not to be blamed for it - Brothers I must inform you that I will tell all my Warriors to lay down their Hatchets and not strike you any more, upon you & I hope you will do the same with yours, they may be some foolish young men such as those that have no home do mischief to you, for those I cannot answer for. My greatest Thanks to you for your good will towards us, which I hope the Great Spirit above will incline our Hearts to keep this law. I am Brothers Your friend
I Williams, Agent for the Chiefs & Warriors of Sandusky
P.S let all my people return}
His Excellency Anthony Wayne
Major General & Commander in Chief
of the Federal Army of the United States of America &c, &c, &c
Headquarters Greeneville}

Tarke the principal Chief of the Wyandots of Sandusky sent the following verbal information by Enos Khun a confidential warrior - & which he did not think prudent to commit to wrighting for fear of accident and desires that it may be considered as Supplimentary & explanatory to the sketch of the proceedings of the Counsil at the Big Rock about the 10th of October 1794 Viz
Governer Simcoe insisted that the Indians should not listen to any terms of peace from America but to propose a truce or Suspension of Hostilities until Spring, when a Grand Council and assemblage of all the Warriors and tribes of Indians should take [place] for the purpose of compelling the Americans to cross to the East side of the Ohio, & in the interim every Nation to sign a Deed or Conveyance of these lands on the West side of the Ohio to the
14. King in trust for the Indians, so as to give the Brittish a pretext or colour for assisting them in case the Americans refused to abandon all their posts and possessions on the West side of that River, and which the Indians should warn them to do - immediately after they the Indians were assembled in force in the Spring - and to call upon the Brittish to guarantee the Lands thus ceeded in trust and to make a General attack upon the frontiers at the same time.
That the Brittish would be prepared to attack the Americans also in every quarter would compel them to cross the Ohio and to give up the lands to the Indians, Capt Brant, also told them to keep a good heart & be strong - to do as their father advised them that he would return home for the present with his warriors - and come again early in the Spring with an additional number - so as to have the summer before them to fight kill and pursue the Americans - who could not possibly stand against the force and numbers - that would be opposed to them - that he had always been successful & would insure them victory. But that he would not attack the Americans at this Instant as it would only put them upon this their guard & bring them upon the Indians in this quarter during the Winter - Therefore he advised them to amuse the Americans with a prospect of Peace until they should collect in forse to fall upon them early in the Spring and when least expected. That agreeable to this plan or advise - the real Hostile tribes will be sending flags frequently during the Winter with propositions of peace - but this is all fraud and art to put the Americans off their guard.
The Brittish made large presents to the Indians at the late Counsil and continue to furnish them with Provisions from Col McKees new Stores near the Mouth of the Miamies on Lake Erie - where all the Indians are hutted or in tents, whose towns and property were destroyed last summer & who will sign away their lands, and do exactly what the Brittish requests them - this was the General prevailing opinion at the breaking up of the treaty Council Since which the message & propositions of the 5th November addressed to the Diffrent tribes of Indians proposing the treaty of the 9th January 1789 held at the mouth of Muskingum as a preliminary upon which a permanent pease be Established has been communicated to them - upon which a Considerable number of the Chiefs of Several of the Tribes assembled - again & were determined to come forward - to treat say about the first of this moon. But Colo. McKee was informed of it, & advised them against the measure & to be faithful to their father as they had promised, he then made them Additional presents far beyond anything that they had ever heretofore received - which inclined a majority to adher to Governer Simcoe's propositions & they returned home accordingly.
That notwithstanding this - the Chiefs and Nations are much Divided - some for peace, and some for war - the Wyandots of Sandusky are for peace those near Detroit for war, the Delawares are Equally divided - so are the Miamies - but are dependant upon the Brittish for provisions - The Shawanoes & Tawas are for War - the Putawatimies & Chippawees are gone home sore from the late action. That such of the Chiefs & Warriors as are inclined to peace will call a Counsel and endeavour to bring it about if possible upon the terms proposed as they wish to hold their lands under the Americans - and not under the Brittish whose title they don't like.
That Colo McKee has spies upon all their movements - & that the Indians of Sandusky are in a very disagreeable situation - and are apprehensive that they will be compelled to remove under the protection of the Americans - or to take a part with the bad Indians - Unless they can obtain a Majority for peace, during the Winter which they do not dispair of
10. Of In that case, the Signal will be a Crimson flag with a white corner at the extreame upper point - when that comes rest assured its peace, but dont believe the other Flags.
Head Quarters
Greeneville 4th January 1795
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letters of the 18th of November & [11th?] Ultimo with the enclosures which fully demonstrate your faithful endeavours to promote peace between the United States of America and the Hostile tribes of Indians, & which would appear to have had good [illegible] I purposely detained your people for these four days past in Order to see the Chiefs of the five nations mentioned in my Speech of the 1st Instant, but apprehend that the present fall of Snow may prevent those Chiefs from arriving at this place for some days yet.
I must request you to explain my Speech fully to all the Sachems Chiefs & Warriors of Sandusky, as well as Lord Dorchesters letter [same?] of the 6th of October last possibly were the Chiefs of the Wayandots at Detroit River, the Delawares & Shawaneses perfectly informed of, and well acquainted with the present Speech, and Lord Dorchesters letter, they will be convinced of the weak and idle folly for them to contend with the United States any longer - for as certain as there is a great Spirit above - they will be totally destroyed in the course of the ensuing spring and summer if they do not embrace the peace now offered.
Your Brother Abraham has charge of a private token of any friendship and regard for you with assurance of other and further proofs of it upon Establishing a permanent peace between the United States and the Indian tribes Northwest of the Ohio, perhaps you may find it safe, convenient and proper, to come forward immediately with the other Chiefs of Sandusky.
Wishing you a speedy arrival, I am your Sincere friend
(signed) Anthony Wayne
NB as soon as Wampum can be procured from Philladelphia that which you have lent shall be replaced with Interest
Mr. Isaac Williams Agent to the Indians of Sandusky
16. To Tarke & all the Sachems & War Chiefs of Sandusky
I have received your letters and verbal message by Enos Klum, and a young Wayandot warrior, and thank the Great Spirit for opening your eyes and changeing the inclination of your Hearts from War to peace, and which other wise would have terminated in your total extirpation.
The pleasure you express upon hearing my voice, and the promis you make "that you make that you will tell all your Warriors to lay down their Hatchets & not to strike us any more" is very pleasing to me.
I will now on my part order my Warriors not to strike any of your peacible people but to receive them with friendship & to treat them with kindness, and as a pledge of my peaceable disposition towards you & your people I send you a string of white Wampum.
You say "there may be some foolish young men - such as have no home may do mischief to you for these I cannot answer" There may also be some foolish young men among us - "Who /like yours/ have no home may also do mischief: nor can I answer for their conduct: But let you and me join heart & hand and know and use every possibly endeavour to prevent any mischief from being done, to either of us by those such people, agreeably to our mutual premisses to each other - at the treaty held at the mouth of Muskingum on the 9th Day of January 1789, as particularly in Article 8th Viz.
Should any Nation of Indians mediate a War against the United States, or either of them & the same shall come to the Knowledge of this before mentioned Nation or either of them /ie the Wayandots, Delawares, Ottaws, Chippeweas, Patawatamies and Sac Nations/ they do hereby engage to give notes thereof to the Governer or in his absence to the Officer commanding the troops of the United States at the nearest post, and should any Nation with Hostile Intentions against the United States or either of them attempt to pass thro' this Country, they will endeavour to prevent hte same, now in like manner give information of such attempt to the said Governer or Commanding Officer as soon as possible, that all causes of mistrust and suspicion may be avoided between them and the United States" In like manner the United States shall give notes to the said Indian Nations of any harm that may be mediated against them that shall come to their Knowledge, and do all in their power to hinder and prevent the same, that the friendship between them may be uninterrupted.
It is the Duty and interest of all of us to observe this article inviolate upon all occasions and particularly hours - because should you permit the bad Indians to pass through your Country to strike at any of our warriors, or any of our Settlements, or to steal Horses or other property from the Inhabitants, they will

17. will naturally be pursued and possibly some of your innocent people may suffer on account of the Conduct of those bad Indians who you ought immediately to drive from among you in order to prevent mistakes;
You express some apprehension of injury from some of the Hostile tribes on account of the front you have lately taken. Your father General Washington the President of the Fifteen great Fires of America will take you under his protection - & has ordered me to defend his dutiful Children from any injury that may be attempted against them, on account of their peaceable disposition towards the United States and for which purpose he will order a Fort or Fortification to be built at the foot of the rapids of Sandusky, on the nearestreserved lands, as soon as the season and circumstances will permit.
I have received information from Colo Hamtramck, one of my principal Warriors commanding at the Miamie Villages, that the Chiefs of the Chipiwas, Ottawas, Sacks, Putawatimies & Miamies, arrived at that place three days since and may be hourly expected at Greeneville, the Miamies say that the Chiefs of the remaining Hostile tribes had acceeded to the prevailing opinion and wish for peace, & that those Chiefs are now on their way to this place & may be expected in the course of a few days after the arrival of the Chiefs of the five nations before mentioned.
In order to convince you that you have long been impo[sed] upon by Governer Simcoe, Colo McKee, and others at the foot of the Rapids of the Miami of the lake, I herebywith transmit you a Copy of a letter from Lord Dorchester, the Brittish Governer General of all Canada, dated Quebec 6th of October 1794, which I received a few days since, by this letter you will see that what Governer Simcoe, Colo McKee and Capt Brant told you on or about the 10th of the same month at the big Rock at the mouth of Detroit River was not true.
You therefore cannot come forward to soon, in Order to agree with the Chiefs of the other Nations upon the time for holding a General Treaty for the purpose of holding of removeing all causes of Controversy, & for establishing a permanent peace between the United States of America, and the Indian Nations North West of the Ohio.
(Signed) Anthony Wayne
Major General & Commander in Chief of the Legion, & Commissioner Plenipotentiary of the Untied States of America for Settling a permanent peace with all the Indian Nations Northwest of the Ohio
18. Answer To a circular letter from General Wayne to all the Indians sent by the Chippawas, the Ottawas, Potawatamies, and the Sackies, to the Colonel commanding the Fort at the Miamie Villages.
In consideration of the long time that our eyes have been closed, and that we have always found ourselves surrounded by a Darkness resembling the night: be not angry with us for not sooner accepting of the Invitation; we are no ways to be blamed for it, for at none: as we had seen our Friends, the Traders, who carried the letter and had learned the contents of it we received it as from thy own hand; our Ears was then opened, and the dark cloud that hung over our eyes vanished, and we saw clear
Rest assured at present, that as soon as the Frenchmen our Traders, had opened our eyes and our Ears in shewing us thy word, and in explaining the equity of thy sentiments towards us, we felt an inexpressible joy; ie We the four Nations which appear before you this day being the Chippawas, the Ottawas, Potawatamies, and the Sackies, it has given us so much pleasure, that we seemed to see you whilst at our Towns; and we did not hesitate one moment to follow our friends to this place - We assure then that the word has had more then one Effect, for it has not only opened Eyes & Ears, but what is more, it has replaced our hearts, where we long since wished them to be furthermore it has taught us not to listen any more to those that we have listened to heretofore who always prevented our Warriors minds, and it has determined us to come and take you by the hand.
Having learnt from your letter, what your desire was. We the War and Village Chiefs, that live the nearest to you, and some young man who would not [lease?] so good an opertunity, that we might lose no time assembled in haste, and the desire we had to let you know our sentiments did not permit us to us rest any longer; in the mean time be assured that thou will soon see all our Warriors and Sachems, whom in our return and the good words we shall spred all around, will induce to come and take the by the hand; Be not surprized to see us in Company with Frenchmen, we are allways with them, and are United in body and minde; and the good sentiments they have inspired, dictate what we now say
Thou hast always said that thous hadst never seen the Ottawas nor the Chippawas, thy Brothers: but thou shall see numbers of them, But four of us are come at this time, with [illegible] Brothers, the Potowattimies and Sackies, who are our next Neighbours, the reason is because our War and Village Chiefs could not join us in time, but we represent them, and be assured that we are all of one mind.
We believe it to be with the will and pleasure of the father Land to [illegible] all things, and who rules and governs the minds of men, for before [illegible] us, with their good advise, and put us in the right way; The Sky, the Rain, the Snow, the Hail and the Winds [illegible]
19. But since we have hear thy words, we see the Cloud vanisht, the Sky is clear and with pleasure we clearly behold the Sun and constant fair weather which confirms us in our opinion, that you tell us the truth, and that the great Spirit promotes, all good intensions
ELDER BROTHER, There you have seen your Brothers the Putawataies several times, but notwithstanding you never saw your Brothers, the Chippewas and Ottawas; I am one of them who stands before you, I am from Michilimachinac and I speak in their name, and be assured you see in me, the whole of them, with minds fair and while free from Malice or deceit; and we all flatter ourselves that yours is like ours, that you will keep your word, and that you will accept of our hand with as good a heart as that with which we offer it have the pleasure to offer it.
ELDER BROTHER, Since my Ears as well as those of all you see this day, are opened; we hope you will also open yours, and listen with attention to what we have to say.
Since your good sentiments towards us have induced you to offer us your hand, we receive it with joy and pleasure and we immediately came to a resolution of bringing our hand to you, determined to take so strong a hold that it shall never give way, or to explain ourselves more fully, that it shall ever remain fresh in our memory.
The Speech will shew you, the real sentiments of all those that appear before you this day, and who in this moment looke upon themselves as one and the same Nation, The Ottawas and the Chipaways, are proud to say that they never had but one work, and they would blush not be faithful to it. "We all fear the good Rules above, and his anger, and you yourself must fear him as you have no knowledge of what he daily does for us, then we have ourselves.
ELDER BROTHER, We think that you must be fully senceable of the great pleasure and satisfaction which the Alliance your propose did afford us, Our Chiefs that remain be indo* are the sentiments with ourselves, and we are emboldened to say, that we came heare with upright intentions. We meet thee with hearts full of candourand sincerity: We all wish this constant health and the Accomplishments of all desires do not conceive that we forget him, who sent the in Order he unite us - we greet him with hearts full of Affection which these will tell him from us.
ELDER BROTHER Believe when we tell you that we were very glad to hear that that Chiefs of the Putawatamies had been to see you at Ft. Vincennes, and that they had heard thy word. We thank thee for thee good and friendly treatment towards them this induced us the Ottawas and Chippiways, to follow the young Potawatamie Chief, in order to hear thy word with our own Ears, and to know the further intentions.
Take courage, and entertain allways [illegible] sentiments towards us, you have already exercised for us, for believe that for a [illegible] and particularly, since thy word has come to our Ears, the desire [illegible] increased, we are confident of success, and that in a little time, we [illegible] togeather, in Brotherly Harmony at the same table - and in a
20. Of your [serenity?], and good intentions towards us, every moment seems to bring glad tidings towards our Ears, - ELDER BROTHER, It is me who speaks to you in the name of all the Ottawas, and Chippewas from Michigan as also in the name of on the part of all our Brothers, the Potawatmies: you will perhaps be able to conceive in our joy in part, when you behold women with us; who from a desire to see and hear your speak, have been induced to follow us, Perhaps in the fond hope, that their great desire to see their Elder Brother will induce him to look with eyes of compassion on their poverty and nakedness, and that in gratitude to their affection he will assist them with some trifles In short, every thing must prove how sincear and ardently we wish to from with thee a lasting and permanent Alliance.
As we have a number of Women and young men along with us, we pray that on our arrival, there may be no ceremony, nor too great a concourse of people, because not being accustomed to such interviews they would find themselves disheartened and disconserted, the Extent of our wishes is to be received in the Heart - ELDER BROTHER This is no more then an answer to the message though hast sent us, therefore we have no more to say, except in reply to what thou mayest say, and propose on our arrival at thy Fort.
We are in number Thirty men, and five women, and among the Thirty men, there is one great village Chief of the Ottawas nation whose name is Kinouchameck - likewise another War and Village Chief of the Ottawas and Chippiwas nations names Matchipanasawish another who represents a Chief in his village, by the name of Onanguisous or Wabemini, his people are Pottawatamies, two other War Chiefs are one named Odsaik and the other Chabacocke - and another named Cagehois, also one war chief of the Sakies called Machang - all the rest are young men - - - ELDER BROTHERS, To convince us that our visit is not disagreeable to you, we request that on the arrivial, our deputies, you will send one or two of your Officers, and a party of soldiers to meet us and our Frenchmen, a little advanced of your Fort, it will be a happy presage of your esteem, and we shall come without fear or suspicion.
Head Quarters
Greeneville 19th January 1795
To the Sachams, Chiefs & Warriors of the Chippawas, Ottawas, Putawatomies, & Sackies.
I have listened with attention to your Speech delivered upon your arrivial at this place, and am happy to find that your eyes are now opened & that your hearts are inclined to peace. It has been my [illegible] endeavour and anxious wish to prevent the further effusion of human blood, [illegible] induced to employ the traders to explain fully and clearly to you and to all [illegible] nations Northwest of the Ohio, my Speeches of the 13th
21. Of August 1794 from Grand Glaize, seven days before the Action in the vicinity of the Brittish [Fort?] at the foot of the rapids of the Miamies; and 12th of September from the same place twenty days after that Action. I am pleased to finde that they have produced the desired effect.
You say that your eyes have been closed for a long time and that you have allways found yourselves surrounded by darkness resembling the night. Your appearances upon this ground at this period convinces me that it has pleased the great Spirit the giver of light, to dispel that darkness and to open your eyes so as to behold the beauties of the morn, and to shew to you the repulgent glory of the mid day sun that will restore peace to all Nations, where the din of War shall be heard no more. View those splender Heavenly beams see with what lustre they shine upon the Path which was so lately so mirey dark and bloody; Observe how fine, white, and smooth is has instantly become, inviteing your people to advance and receive the embraces with the hands and hearts of your Elder Brothers, from whom you have been so long estranged and who now calls you to participate of the blessings of peace, health and happiness. It will be your own fault if you ever suffer the Evil Spirit to invelope your eyes again in darkness, or to occasion that smooth and fair path, to become [mi?ey] and stained with human blood.
Your father General Washington the great Chief of the Fifteen fires of the grand Council of America now speaks to you by me his principal Warrior and Commissioner plenipotentiary for settling all matters of Controversy, and for establishing a permanent peace between the United States and all the Indians Tribes & Nations, Northwest of the Ohio -
I now call upon you to open your Ears, to expand your hearts and to summons every power of attention to what I shall now say, Six years are past and gone since the Sachams and Warriors of the Wayandots, Delawares, Ottawas, Chippewas, Putawatamies & Sac nations concluded a treaty at the mouth of Muskingum with Governer St. Clair. "For removeing all causes of controversy and settling boundaries between the aforesaid tribes of Indians and the United States of America. That treaty appeared to be founded upon principles of Justice & Equity and to have been clearly and fairly understood and satisfactory to all parties concerned at that period, and was agreed to and signed by your respective nations accordingly." I therefore propose that treaty as a preliminary foundation upon which a permanent Peace should be established between the United States of America, and each & every of your Nations.
The same proposition has been made to the Wayandots and to all the Indians of Sandusky which appears to be pleasing to them.
Its allways best to speak our minds freely so that we may be clearly and fairly understood, and in Order to prevent mistakes for any message to you on the 12th of September last from Grand Glaize,, "I requested you to come forward with all the American Prisoners now in your possession, and in exchange you were to receive all such Prisoners as I have in my possession belonging to your Nations you
22. You have been silent upon this Subject, in your reply to that message or proposition. I wish to remind you of it & to assure you when you send or bring all my people to me now in your possession. That all your people now in my possession shall be immediately delivered to you well cloathed.
Reject not this prefer'd peace remember that the Arm of the United States of America is strong and powerful, but they love mercy and kindness far better than war and desolation.
It now remains with you to open your hearts and minds feely, fully and honestly as I have allways done when speaking to you. We will then fix upon the most convenient time for holding a treaty for the purpose of establishing a permanent peace that shall continue as long as the wood grows & the water runs.
In the mean time every think shall be prepared for your safe return to your own Towns and Villages - I will also order some articles of cloathing and necessaries for yourselves and the women who accompanied you for it is the pride of their Brother to be kind to his Sisters who have come so great a distance to see him. examined.
Massapanashiwishe*(or the Bad Birds) reply to the Commander in Chiefs Speech.
I have heard your Speech and am very well pleased with what you have said you shall hear from the bottom of our hearts, all our minds who are here present.

A Chippiway Chief

We are very glad to hear your Speech all of us here now are well pleased with it the Chiefs of the Four Nations from Michillimackanac & lake Michigan, we speak from our hearts we wish you to listen to us.
Now we speak from our hearts, we join them together and from the time are all one: your heart shall be mine and mine yours. I think the great Spirit that he has inclined our hearts to this way of thinking, the day is clear and all wind is fair.
We now begin to open eyes and ears & I hope yours & ours will always remain open, that we may understand each other, the day is clear & bright.
I now take the president by the hand, when I take you by the hand as his representative, I will never let go this strong hould of Friendship. There may be some bad Birds that may whisper bad words to your ears & mine but dont believe them nor will we believe any thing these bad Birds may say against you. I hope what I have said pleases you, you shall hear me speak again tomorrow.
a large bunch of Wampum
20th January Massapanashawishe in Continuation
It is one who now speaks to you, the day is fair and we feel as happy in this house in speaking to you, as if it was our own. I speak for the Tawas and Chippiwas, you say you never saw our two Nations, you now see us, I have seen you, all these people here see you. I speak for them all.
You may conceive what great pleasure we experienced when we heard your voice by Mr. Lassell, it will still give us greater pleasure when we go dome & Communicate those good works which we now hear our selves, to our other great Chiefs and Warriors,"I could not bring more agreeable News home than to inform our Chiefs and Warriors, that our Elder Brother is inclined to do us good, it will give them pleasure to find that the path is clear and that the Weather is fine, so that they can always come to see their Elder Brother and speak their minds freely.
(a String of blue Wampum)
I come to agree upon the preliminaries of peace in the Spring, we will all meet together at the Miamie villages and agree upon a peace that shall last for ever. I am the man that carries the key that opens the door of peace. I carry the key in behalf of the Village & War Chiefs of all the young Warriors belonging to [insert ^] all [/insert] that nations now present.
We will return and spread the word of peace all round as soon as possible, we live a great distance from each other. It will take time to give notes to all but it shall be done as soon as possible.
(The Key & blue bunch of Wampum)
Rest assured that in the Spring you shall see all our Warriors and Village Chiefs at the MIamie Villages where they will shake hands with you.
(Cashkoa: a Putawatamie Chief arose & spoke)
From a war Chief is is fair weather, you spoke to us yesterday, I speak to you today, believe what I say
We thank you that thy now released our Brother Mr. Lassell, he has cleared our Ears and opened our Eyes, as soon as he explained thy words to us we did not hesitate a moment to come to see thee.
Thou mayest be surprised at not seeing more of the Village and War Chiefs now heare, the reason is that we only met Mr. Lassell on the way, but rest assured that you will soon see more of them here.
We the War and Village Chiefs have come with good honest
24. [illegible] hearts to speak to thee. The day is clear and so are our minds. We war Chiefs never make long Speeches we have heard thy Speech and we dont come to make long Speeches to thee.
You may believe that it grieves us to see our flesh in my hands as well as it grieves thee to see thy flesh is ours...We came off so sudden that we had not time to bring thy people that are now our prisoners with us but when we come in the spring we will collect and bring them all ... In the mean time we wish that our people [made?] in thy hands may [have] their Irons taken off and to remain in thy prison untill we bring thy people to thee in the Spring,
Its true that I ought not to be the first to speake, It is the right of the War Chiefs of the Chippewas and Ottawas to speak first, but I have spoken for them and for the Potawatamies, this is all I have now to say.
A String of Wampum
Matchipinashimishe again
ELDER BROTHER, You cannot expect to see all our people who live on the other side of the great Lake in lake Superior, in the spring because they live two far off but you shall see all of us who live upon this side of the great like in the spring - I will take this man (ie the Interpreter) in Order to assist in spreading the good News and wish him to be appointed in Weighting for the purpose, we cant assemble soon than in the first of the fifth Moon from this time; say the 13th of June next.
four Strings of beads with a piece of Sky blue Ribbon
ELDER BROTHER This is a string of Wampum form our Women to the ladies of the great Village of America, they wish them well, and hope they may at some time hence have the pleasure of seeing each other. I have no more to say at Present, I wish to return in two days, If you have no more to say to us.
21st January
(The General)
YOUNGER BROTHERS; I have attended to all your Speeches in reply to mine of the 19th with great pleasures and satisfaction and rejoice to find that the great Spirit has opened your Eyes to discover and your hearts to feel the happy dawn of approaching peace, which like yon glorious sun diffuses Joy; health and happiness to all makers of this world, I therefore in behalf and in the name of the President of the United States of America, take you all by the hand with that strong hold of Friendship, which line cannot be [cut?]
I am a warrior and like you never make long Speeches to Warriors, But what I say comes warm from the Heart, honest, open & free from guise. Your Brother Lassell was liberated from a conviction that he would prove a friend to us all, and that he would open your eyes to your true Interest which
Article First
It is agreed that until Articles for a permanent peace shall be adjusted, agreed to, and signed all Hostilities shall cease. And the aforesaid Sachems, and War Chiefs for and in behalf of the Nations which they represent do agree to meet the above named Plenipotentiary of the United States at Greeneville, on or about the fifteenth day of June next, with all the Sachems and War Chiefs of their Nations, then and there to consult and conclude upon such terms of Amity and Peace, as shall be for the Interest, and to the Satisfaction of both parties.
25. which he has done by bringing you here this day - a day that promises peace and happiness, he [illegible] not go [unreceived?]
Agreeable to your request of yesterday, your people were immediately relieved from there chains in full confidence that you will faithfully comply with your promises in collecting and bringing in all my people in your possession next Spring "when your people shall be delivered up to you agreeable to my promise made to you or this [illegible]
I am pleased to her you say, "That you feel as happy in this house as if it was your own," It is always my pride & study to make my house agreeable to my friends, you and the War Chiefs shall dine with me today.
There must be some mistake in the interpretation respecting the Idea" That I had never seen some of you before, The treaty I now hold in my hand will inform you that I did see you before on the 9th of January 1784, at the mouth of Muskingum, about 9 years since when we mutually entered into the following agreement, one which I shall now propose to Renew, i. e. the 8th Article of the treaty mentioned in my Speech of the 19th.
Should this article be agreeable to you, I will instantly have two fair Copies made out and signed by us all. You shall keep one, I will keep the other, to the end, all Nations and parties concearned may be fully acquainted with the time and place for holding the Treaty and to prevent all mistakes...Younger Brothers I with pleasure receive the Key from your hands which opens the door to all your Nations, and to the Village and War Chiefs which you [illegible], i e , the Chippewas, The Ottawas, the Potwatamies
I now in turn present you with this key which opens the door to the General Treaty to be held at Greenville on the 15th of June next, ie, five moons from this day, and to all the doors of our posts of ourGarrisons. I have nothing nice to say then to to wish you all a safe and speedy arrivial at your respective villages, and to pray that the great Spirit will assist you in spreading the glad tidings of approaching peace to all Nations concerned.
(Signed) Anthony Wayne
PRELIMINARY ARTICLES entered into at Greeneville, between with Excellency Anthony Wayne Esquire Major General & Commander in Chief of the Legion and Commissioner Plenipotentiary of the United States of America, for settling a permanent peace with all the Indian Nations North West of the Ohio, of the One part, and the Sachems War Chiefs of the Chippiwas, Ottawas, Potewatamies, Sackeys, and Miamies on the other part.
Should any of the Nations or tribes of Indians now at war with the United States or any other Nation or tribe mediate or attempt any Hostile measure against any post or Settlement in the Occupancy of the Troops or Citizens of the United States or against the lives or property
26. Property of any individual or individuals of the same; and it shall come to the knowledge of the before mentioned Nations or either of them, they do hereby engage to give immediate notis through to the Commander in Chief, or to the Officer commanding the Troops of the United States at the nearest post, and should any Nation with hostile intentions against any part of The Troops or Citizens of the said United States attempt to pass thro' thier Country they will endeavour to prevent the same, and in like manner give information of such attempt to the ^[insert] Commander in Chief or [/insert] Officer commanding the Troops of the United States at the nearest post as soon as possible that all causes of mistrust and suspicion may be avoided between them and the United States in like manner the Commander in Chief and all Officers acting under his Orders, shall give notis to the said Indian Nations of any harm that may be indicated against them or either or either of them, that shall come to their knowledge and do all in their power to hinder and prevent the same, that the Friendship between them may be uninterrupted.
DONE at GREENEVILLE the Head Quarters of the United States Legion this 21st day of January in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Seven Hundred & Ninety five. In Witness whereof the Parties hereunto interchangeably set their hands and seals.
In presence of John Mills, Adjt. General; H: Burbeck, Majr Comg Artillery; Thos. Lewis - Aid de Camp; William Preston, Captain 4th SubLegion; Edward D Turner, Captain 2nd SubLegion; John F Carmichael Surgeon 4th SubLegion; George [Demler?], Lieutenant Artillery; William Clark, Lieut 4th SubLegion; Ant. Lassall; William Wells; Ltt Sans Gruints.
Anthony Wayne (Seal)
[vertical text] Chippiways and Ottawas [/vertical text] { Malshipinishwish, his + mark } (Seal); Kinonshamak, his + mark} (Seal)
[vertical text] Potawatamies [/vertical text] {Cashkoa, his + mark } Nonquissai, or Wabmimi } his + mark, (Seal)
[vertical text] Sakeys [/vertical text] { Marchand, his + mark } (Seal), Odsaick, his + mark } (Seal)
[vertical text] Miamies [/vertical text] { Richard Ville, his + mark } (Seal); Kakockpakeshaw, his + mark, (Seal); Kaleswa, his + mark} (Seal)
Richard Villes [Richardville's] Speech, A Miamie Chief delivered 22nd January 1795
I have arrived with my own Nation they put confidence in me "we all greet you, we have heard your Speeches of yesterday and it has given us great Satisfaction" as you wish us to bury our Hatchet, we now tell you that it is not our hatchet, it is the Hatchet
27. Hatchet of the White Hilts who put it in our hands! It is our most ardent wish to bury [illegible] The very spot where the fire of War was kindled so that we may kindle the fire of peace in its very [place?]
About the middle of June we will [illegible] at the Miamies in Order to take the by the hand, and to conclude a solid and well cemented peace, which no [illegible] but shall ever interrupt.
We are fully convinced of the equity and sincerity of thy word. I am a Miamie I have but the one word and that you may rely on - I speak in the name of the Miamie Nation who have sent me, we wish that the blood shed between us may be forgot.
(a String of White Wampum)
The Brittish ...They generally wear white feathers in their Hats or Caps -

On the Seventh of February 1795, Blue Jacket and Hyanymsicah, Shawanoe Chiefs, with a party of their Nation, and Tetaboxky (or gran Glaize King) with a party of Delawares arrived at Greeneville
SUMMARY of Speaches delivered by Blue Jacket & Nyanymsecah, two Shawnoe Chiefs and Tetabosky Delaware Chiefs to Major General Wayne on the 8th February 1795 - - Nyamymsecah, rose and said
I thank the great Spirit for bringing us together this day, we have brought with us a Copy of your Speech to the Wyandots of the 1st of January, with a String of Wapmum ... as soon as we received it we set out for this place in order to see you and wish to know whether it is your exact & true speech, it it is we wish to hear it from your own lips (here Nyanimsecah, presented the Speech & Wampum) Which being recognized & recapitulated, as well as that of the 4th of November, 12th of August and 13th of September.
Blue Jacket rose and said, Elder Brother, This Chief (Myanymsicah) The Shawanoes Chief and myself represent the Shawanoes, Delewares, & Miamies (and it is agreed by the Chiefs and Warriors present that I shall now speake to you in behalf of the Whole. We have seen & heard your Speeches to these Wyandots & they are pleaseing to us all.
Now open your Ears and Heart and hear us, and we pray you to open the Ears & heart of General Washington to hear also, Your Speeches have been fully and clearly explained to us . We now perfectly understand you and all so well please [undecipherable] that it has induced those Chiefs and Warriors to appear before you this day.
ELDER BROTHER I thank the great Spirit for bringing us together this day as friends who were yesterday Enemies, we are all happy to hear now that you have [undecipherable] and it is very pleasing to the whole of us. We also thank you for opening our eyes to see the true [Character of ?] our Father (i e, Governer Simcoe) now fully explained to us, and I hope that none of [torn page] ever listen to him any more, our hearts and minds are changed, and we now [torn page] your Friends and Brothers.
We are pleased with the time and place appointed for the General Treaty and will meet you here accordingly, and are ready and willing to sign the preliminary article you propose for the cessation of Hostillaties and the surrender of prisoners and have only to request that [you will] permit our flesh & blood ^[insert]come & stay with us, we have brought five of your flesh & blood [/insert] to exchange for them, This is all that we have left to say to you at present.
Tetabosky an old Delaware Chief commonly called the Grand Glaize King, then rose and said, Elder Brother, I wish to speak with your tomorrow in behalf of myself and my own nation. (presents a String of White Wampum)
Tetaboxhe's Speech of 9th February
ELDER BROTHERS, I am glad to see you in your own house and thanks to the great Spirit for permitting us to come at this time. We the Delawares have come to you in consequence of your Speech to the Wayandots and which you acknowledge and explained to us fully yesterday - I was pleased to hear it from your own lips, it did my heart good and made it glad.
ELDER BROTHERS - We would have come to see your last winter about this time agreeably to your invitation, but were prevented by the Brittish, our Eyes and Ears were closed by their bad advise. They are now opened and Thank the great Spirit for opening them, and as a proof that my heart is honest and good I now present you this string of Wampum, and also surrender to you my two boys and [undecipherable] live white men & a white woman his prisoners).
ELDER BROTHER - Last Fall about four Moons and a half since (10th October) this War belt was delivered to me and my [Matoons?] at the Big Rock by Capt. Brant, in presence of Governer Simcoe. Brant then said we the six Nations made the women of you the Delawares (many years since) and put the petticoat upon you, I have now come to take the Petticoat off you and to make you men, and to cloath you like Warriors; and to arm you with the war Hatchet to strike the Americans in the spring. I will now shew you a Warrior. Capt Brant then called in one of his young warriors highly painted and dressed for War, holding a War Club in his hand, and told us to look at that Warrior, in the spring you shall be dressed and look like him!
ELDER BROTHER - You shall now hear what Capt Brant further told us, he requested us now to think ourselves men again, and to prepare ourselves to strike the Americans in the spring - that he would now go down the Lake in his Canoe and would proceed to Philadelphia and hear what the fifteen fires had to say and discover what they intended to do - that he would return to us again in the spring, and tell us all the designs of the Americans, and shew when and wheare to strike.
ELDER BROTHERS, I now present you with this bad belt, I will not keep it, or look at in anymore Because it is Brants bad Bloody belt. (delivers the belt)
ELDER BROTHER, The great Spirit has placed upon this ground to live together in friendship and love together. This string of Wampum is a pledge from my heart, that I now take you by the hand, & will no longer listen to bad advise; I am now determined to live with you as Brothers should live with Brothers upon all [undecipherable]. (Five Strings of White Wampum) [illegible] request of you to point out a place upon which you will permit us [illegible] Spring.
Warriours, my women & Children to it and place them under your protection
February 11th 1795 - Preliminary articles similar to those entered into in the 21st Ultimo by the Ottawas, Chippawas, Sackeys & Miamies were signed by Waugh-we-ya yessinwa ([illegible]) & Nyangmiska on the part of the Shawanoes & Tetaboxky (or the Grand Glaize King) for the Delawares.
On the Seventeenth of February 1795. A party of the Wayandots of Sandusky [arrived[ at Greeneville, and on the 19th delivered the following Speech,
We are here now assembled this day, which the great [missing text] above has appointed for us all, a Day to do good works.
We now wipe the tears from your Eyes and open [missing text] Ears that you may hear and see clear to what we shall presently say (Three Strings White Wampum)
We in the next place clear your throats and set your hearts to its proper position, that you may be enabled to speak clear and from a heart that is not in the least disarranged, that we may believe in you (Three Strings White Wampum)
You see now that we have wiped the Tears from your eyes, opened your Ears, cleared your throat and set your hearts at rights. Now we shall speak in the name of the Shawanoes, Miamies, [undecipherable], as well as well as for ourselves. You will remember that from the first & last Speeches you [undecipherable] you have expressed your selves openly from your hearts. the [?] of haveing a lasting peace with us brown skin people, upon the truest principals of equity and justice, which we now believe you sincerely from our hearts. You have also offered protection to us and that you will defend us from our Enemies, if we would make peace with the fifteen United fires. Be strong Brothers and do not deceive us as our father has done - be you assured that this breach of faith will make an impression on them so long as they are a Nation - and we shall never forget them. Brothers - All the Speeches you sent us we have communicated to our Brothers the Shawanoes, Miamies and Delawares (our Nephews which you will now see by the [Extracts?] now have taken word for word - and their answer to us; how much they were pleased with our [contact?] and it is to be hoped that them and us will be as one man.
As you mentioned to us by your last speech that we ought to come and meet together with our Brothers the other Nations of Indians, to appoint the time of holding a General treaty with you but I see none as yet; however we have ^[insert]heard[/insert] reports that they was here and gone home - You will please to tell us what they have said to you.
(Signed) Jno Williams Agent For the Sachems, Chiefs & Warriors