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Articles for a 44-Gun Frigate

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CollectionHistorical Society Of Pennsylvania: Uselma Clarke Smith Coll. #1378D view image
Document Information
Date June 19, 1794
Author Name Joshua Humphreys (primary) Location: Philadelphia
Recipient Name Unknown Recipient (primary)
Summary Document reporting on the dimensions of materials for a 44-gun frigate, and fittings and stores for same. Joshua Humphreys is a reputed shipbuilder.
Document Format Contemporaneous or Certified Copy (made for information of action)
Document Notes Joshua Humphries drafted the first portion of this report (Dimensions and sizes of Materials for building a Frigate of 44 Guns) and Barry, Dale and Truxton appear to have appended a list of materials and articles required by such a ship (Indent for the Materials for a 44 Gun Frigate).
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Related Persons/Groups Henry Knox; Joshua Humphreys; Thomas Truxton; John Barry; Dale;
Related Places Philadelphia; ;
Keywords gun deck; rabbit; stern; post; keel; beam; ship; shale; wing transom; top side; plankshare; covering boards; hold; tops; gun deck; floor; room; space; keel; white oak; kelson; bolts; masts; stem; apron; stern; crocked headed rudder; transom; night heads; knightheads; bow; fulhooks; futlocks; bilge; inside work; lower deck clamps; pillars; stantions; upper deck; breast hooks; live oak; riders; beams; lodging knees; dagger knees; mast castings; upper beam; lower deck; Orlope decks; planks; quarter deck; clamps; carlings; mast combings; stemson; seat transom; cable belts; trenails; limber streaks; bilge streaks; running ceilings planks; lower deck clamps; steps of masts; pillars or stantions; breast hooks of live oak; transom riders; diagonal riders; lower deck beams; lodging knees; dagger knees; lower deck transom knees; carlings; lodges; mast carlings; gun deck carlings; spur beam; solid waterways; lower deck plank; orlope deck; spirlelings; gun deck clamps; standard knees; hanging knees; parlings; plank; clamps; mast; counter timbers; cable belts; catsheads; materials; articles; powder; shot; pump blocks; provisions; expedition; keel; beam; hold; jib boom; fore top mast; fore top gallant mast; fore yard; fore top sail yard; fore royal yard; main yard; main top sail yard; main top gallant yard; royal yard; main top mast; main top gallant mast; cross jack yard; misen top sail yard; misen top gallant yard; gaff; misen top mast; misen top gallant mast; studding sail boons & yards; oak fishes; boats; long boat; oars; spare oars; boathook staffs; anchors; wrought iron; iron stocked; grapnels; kentledge; lightning conductor; medicine; medicine chest; instruments; cables; standing & running rigging; gang of main & fore shrouds; main and fore stays; main spring stays; misen shrouds; main stay; spring stay; lower sheets; buoy ropes; spar rigging; sails; awnings; swabs; stoppers; wadding; nets; wads; gaskets; canvass; double twilled hammocks; sewing & whipping twine; marlin; houseline; deep sea lines; hand lines; sail needles; helm lines; colours; United States ensign and pendants; broad pendant; barges ensign and jack; English ensign and jack; French ensign and jack; Spanish ensign and jack; Dutch ensign and jack; Dutch ensign and jack; Portaguise ensign and jack; Swedish ensign and jack; Danish ensign and jack; Algerine ensign and jack; Moorish ensign and jack; signal flags and pendants; spare bunting of different colours; red and green baise; galley furniture; wrought iron hearth; water casks; coopers stores; Harney's tubs; steep tubs; buckets; pails; pump hand; water tubs; house tubs; buoys; funnels; stationary; books for clerks; ink; sealing wax; paper; quills; sheathing; cooper; bolts; nails; pintels; tar; guns of 24 pounds; carriages; Tompkins Beds; quoins; relieving tackels; breeching, sponges, ramrods; copper ladles; handspikes; [cartridge] cartridge boxes; powder horns; belts; prickers; lynch stocks; guns of 12 pounds; match stuff; sheet lead; battle lanterns; port fires; false fires; priming tubes; barrels cannon powder; barrels musket powder; barrels pistol powder; round 24 pound shot; double head and chain; round 10 pound shot; grape shot; cannisters of shot; flannel for cannon cartridges; quires of paper for cannon cartridges; muskets; bayonets; pistols; boarding pikes; cutlasses; flints; musket & pistol cartridge paper; scrapers; worms; sheepskin for sponges; musket and pistol balls; pouch barrels; arms chests; cooper measures; blunderbusses; howetzers; swivels; shot for blunderbusses; boarding axes with horns; magazine lanterns; cabbin furniture; dripping pan; cask screws; nutmeg grater; break basket; tea kettle; chamber pots; wash hand basins; butter boats; salts; tin funnels; Black Jack; tin pudding pans; candle boxes; wick; stove; decanters; wine glasses; tumblers; plate blankets; looking glass; mahogany dining table; small tables; Windsor chairs; arm chairs; curtains; coffee pot; chocolate pot; iron laddles; linen cloths for tables; cabbin bell; patent lamps; brushes; mops; scrubbing brushes; stew and sauce pans; iron pots; frying pan; grid iron; spit; chafing dish; table cloths; carving knives and forks; table knives; forks; silver table spoons; tea spoons; soup ladles tareen [tureen] large; small tareens; dishes; flat and soup plates; castors; tea tray; china or tea equipage; tin boxes for pepper, flour; collender; candle sticks; candle boxes; cheese toaster; paints; red paint; white paint; black paint; yellow paint; paint oil; bright varnish; black varnish; spirits turpentine; charts; complete set of charts for Europe Asia & America; ship chancellory; azimuth compass; brass compass; wooden compass; handing compass; spy glasses; night glass; glasses of two hours; glasses of half hour; half minute glasses; quarter minute glasses; tin lanterns; top lantern; filtering stone & tar; tinder boxes; steels; steel yards; marlin spikes; needle horns; deep sea leads; store chest; tar; pitch; turpentine; hand leads; pad locks; top chains; boat chain; painter chains; copper pumps; cooper pots; chaldron of coals; fire wood; candles; spermacite; fish hooks; clamps; brooms; bowls; platters; cans; hooks; thimbles; staples; rigging hides; speaking trumpets; rat traps; paint & tar brushes; sea lines; fishing lines; humbro lines; log book paper; pump leather; ocrum for stores; blocks; pumps; dead eyes; common brass chambered pumps; lead pump for the head; chain pumps; fire engine; common handspikes; stern ladders; stay sail; tools; carpenter's and caulker's tools; ship joiner; cooper; armourer; pitch pots; tin ladles; loggerheads; ballast shovels; scrapers; sheets of copper; jack screws; nails; spikes; pump tacks.;
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