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Situation Report on Foreign Diplomacy and Orders for Wayne in Ohio Country

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Document Information
Date March 31, 1794
Author Name Henry Knox (primary) Location: War Department
Recipient Name Anthony Wayne (primary)
Summary In a long and wide-ranging letter, Knox touches on a number of important subjects including the necessity of preventing American settlers from intruding on Spanish territory and the the prospect of war with England due to their blatant interference with American commerce on the high seas.
Document Format Recipient's Letterbook Copy
Document Notes Spans Images 256-269 of this collection.
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Related Persons/Groups xxx Anthony Wayne xxxxx; xxx Henry xxxx Knox xxxxx; President of the United States; General Officers; Kentucky Volunteers; the hostile Indians; militia of Major General Scott's Corps; deserters; representatives of Kentucky; Mr. Love of Kentucky; Mr. Swan; mounted volunteers; William Morton; the accountant; Contractors; Col. Samuel Smith; Cavalry; Senate; Major Mills; Council of the Six Nations Lord Dorchester; Canada Indians; Shawanese; Miamis, Delawares; Wyandots; Citizens; Colonel Pickering; mounted militia; lawless people residing on the waters of the Ohio; Great Britain; Congress; British ministry; Quartermaster General, Hospital, or Ordinance Departments; Brig. Genl. Posey; Lieutenant Campbell Smith;
Related Places War Department; the Ohio; Greeneville; Kentucky; Fort Washington; White River; field of battle of the 4th of November 1791; Buffalo Creek; Auglaize; the Wabash; Kentucky; Fort Massac; dominions of Spain; Fort Washington; Fort Steuben; France; West Indies; Pittsburgh;
Keywords Interruption of the communication; winter; further advance of the Legion; auxillary; desertion; military crime; fiercest punishment; pay; criminality; political considerations; forfeiture; musters; certain monies; the Kentucky paper; ample supplies of provisions; abundant supply on hand; promotion of officers; the office of Adjustant and Inspector; Lord Dorchester's speech to the Canada Indians; peace; treaty; Commissioner; treachery; posts at the Miami villages; retrograde movement; hostile inroads into the dominions of Spain; strong redoubt and blockhouse; Proclamation of the President of the United States; every peaceable effort; vexations and spoilations of our commerce by Great Britain; ships of war; neutral vessals carrying supplies; war with Great Britain; sea coast; embargo; compensation and satisfaction; damages and injuries we have sustained; supplies; pay of the Army; approbation of the President of the United States; judicious military formation and discipline of the troops; fortified camps; abundant supplies of provisions; success will be certain; most bloody conflict and victory; full intelligence of the number, supplies and movements of your enemy; subsistence for the officers;
Key Phrases may see the perfect propriety of abstaining from every step or measure which could by possibility be construed into an aggression on your part against either Spain or England--

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