Deposition of James Aikens describing threats by inabitants of Georgia against Federal Indians agents their employ

Document Information
Date August 31, 1793
Author Name James Aiken (primary)
Recipient Name James Seagrove
Summary James Aiken, working for James Seagrove, Creek Indian Agent, describes traveling with goods and baggage of Seagrove along with a free negro named Frederick Chaves. In Washington County Georgia, Aiken and Chaves were confronted by inhabitants and threatened with death because of their service under Seagrove. A Reverend Hutchinson intervened and saved the men's lives. Aiken notes that the people are violently opposed to everything like peace between the country and the Indians and notes that Seagrove is in danger of his life as he travels through the country.
Document Format Copy of document
Source Collection: National Archives and Records Administration: 3d Cong, House, Sec War Confidential Rep, RG233

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