Letter from Timothy Bernard to Major Gaither regarding Major James Seagrove's demands in aftemath of violations

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Date April 20, 1793
Author Name Timothy Barnard [Bernard] (primary) Location: Flint River
Recipient Name Henry Gaither (primary)
Summary Three parts out of four of the Creek Nation are in favor of peace. At Cupetah talks, concluded to give satisfaction to Major Seagrove's demands. Mr John Galphin largely responsible of the incident at Traders Hill. Upper Creeks asking for more time from Major Seagrove, as his demands fixed a time too short. Buzzard Roost people report that Cowetas doing mischief. Concern that the white men will punish the innocent with the guilty. Mr Willbanks has been run out of the nation; is headed to to the Cherokees and on to Detroit. During these times, the young are bound to cause trouble, such as stealing horses. Bernard says he has done all he can to open the eyes of the short-sighted wretches, but thinks it might be in vain; despite all the leniency shown by President of United States, General Washington. About 2000 are going out against the Chickasaw. Hears that that are behind forts at Chickasaw Bluff on the brink of Mississippi.
Document Format Copy of document
Source Collection: National Archives and Records Administration: 3d Cong, House, Sec War Confidential Rep, RG233

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