Letter from Governor of Georgia Edward Telfair to Major Henry Gaither regarding use of militia in response to recent outrages by whites and Indians

Document Information
Date March 4, 1793
Author Name Governor Edward Telfair (primary) Location: State House, Augusta
Recipient Name Henry Gaither (primary)
Summary From Georgia State House 4 August, 1793. Governor Telfair cites recent outrages by whites and Indians as requiring a request for protection by available militia. Telfair inquires to Major Gaither on the status, location and numbers of militia forces. Requests that ten foot militia under command of a sergeant be stationed at Norris Station, Bush's Station, Hillhouse's Iron Works, and at a station between Fort Matthews and Greensborough as a temporary measure until further communication from President of United States [Washington], which Telfair expects shortly
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