Keeping the Horses Well

Document Information
Date February 2, 1792
Author Name John Smith (primary) Location: Columbia
Recipient Name Samuel Hodgdon (primary) Location: Fort Washington
Summary Smith announces that he has purchased the blades of five acres which when added to what he has at home will, with corn, keep Hodgdon's horses well. The stable will be satisfactory for the prime horses and Smith would like to be furnished with a horse for his own use. The horses should be sent immediately and the pack horses will be provided for as well. He has nothing to say about prices but hopes that he will be adequately rewarded for his service. Does Hodgdon want the corn transported to Fort Washington. Smith also has a neighbor who wants to get into the business.
Document Format Autograph Letter Signed
Source Collection: National Archives and Records Administration: Post Revolutionary War Papers, RG94

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