Meeting at Trenton

Document Information
Date September 21, 1799
Author Name John Adams (primary) Location: Quincy
Recipient Name Heads of the Departments (primary)
Summary "I pray you to write me no letters to reach Quincy or Boston after the 29th. On next Monday, sen'night, I shall set out for Trenton and reach it at latest by the 15th of October. I also request that you would write to the Attorney General and the American commissioners to meet us all at Trenton at as early a day after the 15th as you shall judge proper. I also desire that all this may be kept as secret as possible, that my journey may meet as little interruption as possible. I shall come alone. Mrs. Adams will follow me soon enough to go with me to Philadelphia."
Document Format Printed transcription/modern copy of letter
Source Collection: Printed Version only

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