Regarding the Teaching of Artillery & Engineering Principles at West Point

Document Information
Date October 8, 1796
Author Name James McHenry (primary) Location: War Office
Recipient Name George Washington (primary)
Summary Refers to incident at West Point which resulted in a court of inquiry for the commandant and the resignation of a subordinate officer; McHenry notes the trouble to which he has gone to conciliate the various parties. Apparently matters involves the suitability of the commandant to instruct other officers in gunnery and fortification, and whether this should even be a requirement of the office. Discusses pros and cons of plan for training companies of artillerists and engineers there, then sending these companies out to their parent regiments to train the rest. Lays out proposal for the augmentation of garrisons, the precise training of officers and instructors, and the dissemination of their knowledge to the greater body of the troops.
Document Format Letterbook Copy
Source Collection: Massachusetts Historical Society: John Adams Papers

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