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  • Delivery of clothing to New York January 1, 1801 Author: Samuel Hodgdon Recipient: John Harris Summary: Samuel Hodgdon, Commissary of Military Stores, requests that John Harris, Public Storekeeper, deliver to the order of the quarter master general for transportation to New York to Col. Ebenezer Stevens, Agent of the War Department in New York, the following articles of clothing, for the use of Capt. Irwine's Company of artillery. Includes hats, privates' coats, woolen overalls, and musicians'...
  • Payment for services January 1, 1801 Author: Samuel Dexter Recipient: John Harris Summary: Payment to Harris and clerk for salary and services rendered in Indian Department.
  • Account with Dennis McBee January 1, 1801 Author: [not available] Recipient: [not available] Summary: Document encloses two receipts, one for hay, supper, and oats which totals 6-6, the other for dinner and oats at 4-0. A final account dated January 1 states that McBee has been paid in full the amount owed. These are part of Brigadier General Wilkinson's travel expenses from December 1800.
  • Receipt for Warrant for Fabrication and Delivery of Cannon January 2, 1801 Author: Samuel Meredith Recipient: [not available] Summary: Meredith received $10,000 to be transmitted to Henry Foxall of Philadelphia on account of delivery of cannon for use of United States.
  • Simmons Informing Gilmor of the Examination of his Accounts for the Fortifications of Baltimore January 2, 1801 Author: William Simmons Recipient: Robert Gilmor Summary: Simmons received Gilmor's letter of December 31st 1800 (the previous day) which contained a bundle of accounts for the fortifications of Baltimore. The postscript informs Gilmor that the Secretary of War issued a warrant asking the Treasurer to remit Gilmor $4216.04.
  • Simmons Confirms Receipt of Hodgdon's Letter of December 29th January 2, 1801 Author: William Simmons Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Simmons received Hodgdon's letter of December 29th with the accompanying accounts. The account of disbursements Hodgdon mentions will lay over until those for the last quarter are received.
  • Circumventing Quartermaster General to Pay for Necessary Work January 2, 1801 Author: Samuel Hodgdon Recipient: Israel Whelen Summary: Refers to an enclosed set of instructions which details works to be performed for the public service. Hodgdon appears to be saying that normal procedure would dictate submitting the proposed work to the Quartermaster General's agent for payment, but that he knows this would result in delay or denial of the proposal. Further, he says that appropriations for such things are only made in...
  • Letter Citation January 2, 1801 Author: Samuel Hodgdon Recipient: Isaac Craig Summary: Cited in Craig to Hodgdon, 01/16/1801
  • Mr. Foxall's contract January 2, 1801 Author: Purveyor's Office Recipient: Samuel Dexter Summary: Received Mr. Foxall's contract; will deliver accordingly.
  • Outfitting Cannons, Lost Election January 2, 1801 Author: Isaac Craig Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Cannons were received a while ago, General directed they be mounted on carriages immediately. Received notification that the "good old man" has lost the election.