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  • Extract Regarding Artillery 1796 Author: George Washington Recipient: James McHenry Summary: Suggests submitting an extract from Chapin's letter regarding movement to the British side of Niagara to Fenno's paper for inclusion, provided that the information is authentic
  • Soldiers and Officers Paid with Money Due Deserters 1796 Author: Jonathan Robeson Recipient: William Simmons Summary: Enclosed muster roll. Martin deserted, his pay was used to pay two other soldiers for expenses related to travel to George Town and "the Federal City" in pursuit of Martin and other deserters (listed).
  • MIscellaneous Papers Relative to Fraudulent Claims Against the United States 1796 Author: Christian Hubbert Recipient: [not available] Summary: Cover page of large file of documents stating that various Justices of the Peace in New York, New Jersey, and Delaware had their signatures/seals/certificate of power of attorney forged.
  • Officers appointed to build and equip frigates 1796 Author: War Department Recipient: [not available] Summary: List of officers appointed by the War Department to build and equip frigates at New York, Norfolk, and Portsmouth.
  • Description of British gun ship 1796 Author: War Department Recipient: [not available] Summary: Describes a British gun ship.
  • Concerning fortifications and the defense of harbors 1796 Author: James McHenry Recipient: [not available] Summary: McHenry reports on the state of fortifications in the United States and the sum expended on them since 1794. Suggests that Americans are uneasy about maintaining a large military establishment, but insists that fortifications are absolutely essential to the defense of the United States.
  • Contemporary Copy of Letter, Frederick Folger to James McHenry 1796 Author: Frederick Folger Recipient: James McHenry Summary: Congratulations on appointment as Secretary of War. Pledges his full support.
  • Estimate of Quartermaster Expenditures for 1796 1796 Author: [not available] Recipient: [not available] Summary: Estimate for expenditures in the Quartermaster's department at Pittsburgh during third quarter for 1796.
  • Account of goods delivered to Cherokee Chiefs 1796 Author: David Henley Recipient: William Simmons Summary: Forwards account of goods as the yearly stipends delivered to Cherokee Chiefs 1795-1796.
  • Suggestion to Establish Navy Yard 1796 Author: James McHenry Recipient: Alexander Hamilton Summary: "At this time, McHenry 'suggested to Hamilton the establishment of a permanent navy yard, and enclosed a draft of his departmental report in which he tried not to censure his predecessors.'"